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Last day for Hilton’s UK, Europe and Middle East flash weekend sale

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Hilton is running a flash sale on rooms in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.  The sale home page is here.

We never got around to covering this last week, amongst all the coverage of the new British Airways Club Suite and the changes to American Express sign-up bonuses.  Apologies.  However, you still have today to book.

Here are the terms:

book by Monday 25th March

stay on any weekend until 8th September 2019 (Fri/Sat/Sun nights except in the Middle East)

all bookings are pre-paid and non-refundable

some hotels may have midweek dates available at sale prices

Hilton flash sale

The discount is up to 25% off Best Available Rate.  Because these rates are non-refundable, you should really compare them with the standard Advanced Purchase Rate.  As this is usually just 10% or so below Best Available Rate, the sale should still offer a saving.

Remember that Hilton Honors is offering 2,000 bonus points per stay, which I value at £6-£7, until 5th May.  Full details of that offer, and the registration link (you MUST register before your stay), are in this HFP article.

The home page for the Hilton flash sale is here.

PS. Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which earn Hilton Honors points.  That page is regularly updated with the latest special offers and will still be accurate even if you are reading this article months after publication.

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Hilton India and SEA sale
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BA sale
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  1. Re the Group On offer, link connects to a page showing all sold out – or is that just me?


    • Matthew says:

      Same here, says not available.

    • They usually sell out quick and I think current version is a couple of days old already. Or possibly down to Rob cutting and pasting old stories 🙂

      • This is actually the old version which sold out but which was ‘restocked’ (URL says ‘Avios 22’ still) which was an excuse not to add more 2k packs.

  2. Yep all sold out for me to

  3. Spurs Debs says:

    Completely O/T

    I’m planning on using my 241 voucher on trip to Japan. My choice of airports is HND or NRT
    I’m staying in Tokyo for couple of nights and will end my trip in Yokohama.

    Is one airport preferabl to the other ? I know HND is closer to city but is there a reason I should choose NRT better planes or lounges?

    I think I’ve read every article on 241 and every comment, even taking screen shots of info I think might be useful in booking my tickets. So thanks to everyone for your help.

    • Princess says:

      When we went to Japan I chose to arrive in haneda because the connection to get to the hotel was super easy (2 babies with us, so I was trying to minimise transfer)
      From Hanes to Tokyo is only few pounds with pubblicato transfer (really good) while from Narita is almost £50 return for the train
      Unfortunately no lounge in Haneda with priority pass
      Enjoy! Japan is amazing

      • Spurs Debs says:

        Thanks Princess all info greatfully received!

      • +1 for HND.

        Anybody here got experience of car hire in Japan, generally recommended or not?

        • Depends on where you need to get to. The rail network is so good, it makes driving unnecessary. Plus, motorway tolls are expensive (with relatively low speed limits) and the sat nav will only be in Japanese. Granted, when you pick it up you can get the rental station to program it for you but after that, good luck! Unless you want that genuine Tokyo Gran Turismo experience or fancy a Touge race, it’s probably not necessary. If you do rent, you definitely need an International Driving Permit.

        • laineyling says:

          We hired a car (from Nikko) to allow us to drive through to Kanazawa via a few of the mountain and valley towns/villages. Car hire was fine, and sat nav uses telephone numbers to select destination.
          While we could have done it by public transport having the freedom to choose what times to leave etc made the trip much more pleasant as we avoided crowds and didn’t feel rushed to get to stations/bus stops etc.
          That said this was a second trip to Japan where we went to less touristy/less accessible places (as opposed to Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto).

        • Thanks to both, this is helpful, I’ll explore further.

      • Sayonara says:

        Two babies to Japan??!

        NRT much better planes usually Dreamliner 789 v 777 to HND

        NRT is easy enough but takes more time to transfer to central Tokyo – doesn’t cost £50 rtn either, trust me (if you do your homework)

        Princess is right about one thing though, Japan is amazing, enjoy!

    • Reasons why some people prefer NRT include the timings of the flights (middle of the day rather than early morning) and the fact that NRT uses a more modern 789 instead of a 777.

    • You might not have a choice because it will depend on which flight has seats available.

      Haneda is a nice airport but it would mean a very early start from Yokohama to get the morning flight. HND does have an airport hotel. Very small rooms but attached to the terminal.

      • Spurs Debs says:

        Of course it all depends on what’s availble, that’s why I’m doing research to weigh it all up if I do have a choice.
        I had already looked at flight times and decided the NRT flight timings back would suit us better. Think the newer planes might sway me, I’ve saved my points for years for my bucket list trip I’d like to get the best out of using them if possible.

    • We used HND on the way in and NRT on the way out largely as availability in Buis was really limited using the 241 ticket. My observations is HRT is very easy and close and NRT is a lot further away and a more limited service.However getting around the Japanese railway system is incredibly easy and very cheap using the Japanese tourist pass. We did three weeks in spring and it is the most gobsmacking, clean, polite ,safe, wacky and amazing country I have ever visited and I hope you were bowled over as we were.

    • 1nfrequent says:

      Although HND is closer and an easier transfer into the city, to be honest NRT is not too much of a butt hurt to get to and there is a coach service that you can pre-book to get to most big chain hotels (, which is very efficient. I’d focus on whatever airport is available and plan from there.


    • RUBEN MENEZES says:

      I’ve also just booked my flight on BA to Tokyo. The flight will be operated by JAL. However I’m unable to book my seats on either the JAL or BA site. I’m a Silver member. Anyone has any idea if its possible?

  4. Can you fly from City on the London/Middle East routing via Switzerland and/or Germany (assuming availability)

    I live within 15 mins of City, so avoiding the journey to Heathrow massively offsets the flight change – which means this could become an attractive option.

    Has anyone done it?

    Many thanks!

    • bsuije says:

      I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do that, but it’s unlikely to be innovative BA, if that’s what you had in mind. I don’t know for certain, but suspect that even if you book a BA flight e.g. Frankfurt to Dubai (if that is indeed a possibility), BA would bring you back to LHR first. If you book with Swiss / Lufthansa instead, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to book an LCY to e.g. Dubai via Switzerland or Germany…

  5. OT: Couple of questions re vouchers.

    If I book a flight using either the Lloyds voucher or the 121 and then cancel before the voucher expiry date do I get my voucher back?

    On the Lloyds voucher, have I read the Ts and Cs correctly. I think they say that if it is an RFS I still need to pay the increased in taxes etc, but that implies for long haul I don’t. Is that correct?

    Finally, on the Lloyds Voucher for a new booking I have to telephone. What hours is the call centre open? It doesn’t feel like this would work for a midnight booking on a popular route!

    • 121? 🙂
      Whatever you do, do not cancel the booking after using the Lloyds voucher, yojuwill not get the voucher back. They will let you change a flight though, provided it is within the same zone and cabin, and within the ticket validity of the original booking. Must be done by phone. It is only the avios that are affected by the voucher, you will pay the tax and fees appropriate to the cabin you actually fly in. Cannot recall opening hours, but yes, you are limitted by them.

      • BrianDT says:

        Where do I find the Zone chart please ?

      • We recently had to cancel our flight that we’d used an upgrade voucher on and they gave us the Avios back, taxes (Minus fee) and the voucher with another 12 months on it. We did cancel due to a miscarriage and doctors not allowing us to fly until we had been seen at the hospital for a scan, which they couldn’t see us until after our flight so had no choice but to cancel it. Maybe it was just due to the circumstances but now we have 2 upgrade vouchers and a 2-4-1 to use without the potentially to earn enough Avios points 🙁

        • Nice to hear you a sympathetic and understanding response. Policy is not to refund the voucher under normal cancellation circumstances although tax, fees and avios are refunded minus £35.

    • 1. You get the 2 4 1 back, but I think with the Lloyds you can change the flight but if you cancel you lose it.
      2. Not sure what you mean here. You pay the RFS fee on short haul and the usual taxes on long haul.
      3. Rob said recently that all telephone bookings go through BA now (even if you call the avios number). I think the UK call centre opens at 7.30 a.m. I don’t know if you can make bookings with the Lloyds voucher outside office hours.

      • There is some dispute over 3) – it seems a few Avios people are still there.

        • I just called the Avios number and spoke to someone there. They had used my newest voucher first rather than the older one. Just called them as it was expiring on Sunday and they have swapped them over, so I have the October 19 expiry now. Very nice and helpful staff. Even got cut off and she called me back.

        • No dispute, there are.

        • Lady London says:

          Avios told me soon after the upcoming démise of Avios as was announced that the people were going to be running the avios side of things for BA.

      • Thanks, that’s clear!

        I haven’t made a booking yet, just trying to understand the risk if I am not 100% sure of my plans. In reality I have 3 Lloyd’s vouchers which I suspect I won’t use as think I will use 241 instead so it probably wouldn’t matter if I did lose it!

  6. It’s still the old Groupon promo (if you check the link, it ends at 22… Which is old).
    On top, Groupon offers have become intermittent. They’re not always available. Usually during office times, they are not available. During the evening’s and night and weekends, the promo is on.

  7. Mikeact says:

    Still excellent value but Singapore’s UK..Middle East run will now be 58k Business return from mid April.

  8. O/T: I completed my Hilton status Match this month and according to the app have Diamond for the rest of this year, and have to hit 23 nights to retain it in 2020. Is that correct? I thought I would still have diamond to March 2020 at least…

    • TGLoyalty says:

      You have it until March 2020 for sure as Hilton status lasts until end of March.

      But it’s telling you you need 23 more nights because it still thinks you need to re-qualify for this year as status matches are outside the normal process.

    • Go by your email confirmation, Hilton app and IT is all over the place at the moment.

    • You should have Diamond status till March 2021. That’s what I was told for my own challenge.

      • Thanks all! I did email Diamond desk who informed me I had not met my status challenge, when I had as an email confirmed it for me! I’ll give them a call to check

  9. IT: Anybody else missing all their bookings on their online BAEC account pages? Do I need to add them again manually or will they reappear by themselves?

    • Andrew-A says:

      Sorry posted before I saw this.
      Yes I am, since yesterday, and they wouldn’t add manually.
      I still have them on the app though although haven’t logged off and on.

    • Mine and my OH’s all missing from the desktop site, though still showing on the app. I’m assuming it’s a technical glitch if it’s affecting multiple accounts, and hopefully not BA targeting people who used a different Amex to pay the taxes on their 2 4 1 redemptions!

      • Rang them up to say this on Saturday, safe to say the staff had no idea of the issue

  10. Andrew-A says:

    Is anyone having problems with BA Exec club today? My upcoming bookings have disappeared and so has my OH’s.

    • RussellH says:

      Yes and no. No problems choosing seats for this time next week, but I have just had to enter my passport details for the third time. Plus home page says I need to enter the data, while Manage my booking says all adta entered…

  11. Curve sueing Amex –

    I can’t read the full article as I don’t have a sub. Anyone care to copy and paste?

    • Thomas Howard says:

      Given many of us will be cancelling our Amex cards over the next few months will anyone even care if they win? Over the next few years its likely the new Lloyds Mastercard (or similar) will become the default BA card, I think Rob hinted Creation will launch a Marriott card, and all but the Amex MR cards will be phased out across the EU. Virgin are upping their game with the newish card and AF-KLM integration. I think Amex is going to be a lot less interesting in future.

      I’m probably wrong but it looks to me like its yesterdays fight.

      • Agreed – with the sign up bonuses going there would be fewer opportunities to use Curve with Amex function anyway.

      • For some of us ongoing spend will outweigh the sign-up bonuses and so will continue to hold an Amex of some description, but time will tell with the launch/announcement of new cards over the coming months.

        • Julian says:

          If anyone seriously follows Rob’s extremely provocative suggestion to not hold any of the relevant Amex cards for two years at a time Amex is potentially going to lose a lot of cardholder business and be rather unhappy with Rob about doing so?

          For instance they might then change their signup bonus rules on members introducing new Amex cardholders in order to limit the number of such people another member may introduce………

        • I don’t really think it takes an article from Rob for a lot of people (not everyone by any means) to realise that they would be better off ditching AMEX cards for 2 years. I pretty much worked that out within 30 seconds of reading the initial article – and I know that I am bo no means the sharpest tool in the HfP user box.

        • @Julian, unless I am mistaken, he didn’t actually suggest it, he merely posed and explored the question.

      • There’s too much knee jerk reaction to amex changes and too much expectation on VS-AF/KLM IMO. Patience is needed in developing new strategies around these.

        • Peter 64K says:

          I agree. The measure twice cut once proverb applies here. When I sat down and thought about things I revised my initial plan.

    • Julian says:

      Speaking of Curve is anyone else aware of or have they applied for a ticket to attend their upcoming event on Monday April 8th in Bloomsbury, London entitled “Curve Talks: Our Vision, and a Sneak Peak” Its also conveniently occurring at a car and congestion charge friendly 6.30pm in the evening.

      I already have my ticket so the rest of you are welcome to apply for one.


      • Saw that, tempted to pop along and hear all about their plans. I’m in two minds whether to cancel totally or not. I use it only to switch between IHG and Virgin. CBA with the recycling element.

    • In the article the CEO of Curve suggests that the initial break with Amex at the start was because they were having to pay high fees to Amex so shut it down.

      Is that true, or a bit of an inaccuracy from Curve?

      • Julian says:

        The whole Amex business model of them offering more rewards to their members is based on charging merchants substantially more than Visa or Mastercard for the privilege.

        So if Amex accepts Curve from merchants who do not take Amex directly they are only earning pennies rather than pounds per transaction. Also Curve’s alleged business model is that you use Curve for all your card transactions, due to its receipt scanning facilities etc, which would be very dangerous indeed for Amex if it came to pass in terms of their currently direct Amex card transactions (i.e. not through Curve).

        If Amex use was only permitted at merchants that didn’t take Amex directly then it would be less dangerous for Amex but I don’t think there’s any way Amex can enforce that and some customers might still use their Curve Mastercard for all transactions including the ones that Amex used to earn lots of commission on.

        Even for Mastercard or Visa they would be losing money if transactions are made through a Curve Debit card at a maximum 0.2% rather than on a credit card at 0.3% interchange fees.

        • I can see that problem, but I remember Amex dropping Curve initially, not the other way round. The Telegraph article linked above has the CEO suggesting it was the other way around.

        • Julian says:

          No doubt Amex dropped Curve initially for precisely the same reason as the second time round.

          Namely huge value transactions paying HMRC bilsl and the like that their systems regarded as a “security risk” and for which they earned only 0.2% commission.

          But it would be interesting to go and ask Curve’s CEO directly in person at their up coming Community event in Central London at 6.30pm on Monday April 8th.

        • I’m glad you said alleged, because Curve really doesn’t have a real business model. This is why talk sometime ago they started talking about becoming a financial market place – like that isn’t already a crowded market! The Curve card is a dead end. Anyway, with Amex pulling the plug on churning and Apple disrupting the card market, things are changing and the Curve card doesn’t have a place in that new world imo.

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