Get triple Accor points on your next hotel stay

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Accor (Novotel, Mercure, Ibis, Sofitel etc) has launched a new promotion offering TRIPLE base points on your next stay.

You need to register via this page of the Accor website.  Once you’ve done that, you will earn triple base points on your next booking.  This is a one-off deal so you may want to time your registration if you have both cheap and expensive stays planned.

Take careful note of the dates:

Triple Accor points

You MUST register before booking via the link you will find here 

You book between 23rd June and 31st July

You stay between 15th July and 15th September (no minimum stay requirement)

Your booking can be in any country but this offer is only valid for residents of selected countries – the UK is included, but many other places are not

There is no minmum stay requirement – even 1 night stays are OK

You can find out more details and register here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. OT: 2-4-1 queries

    1. In his 17 March article Rob wrote “You cannot turn an existing Avios redemption into a 2-4-1 redemption with half of the Avios returned to you.” – does this mean we can no longer book two award seats online for the return flight using avios at 1am T-355d and then call BA later the same day to ask them to apply the vouchers and refund half the avios/adjust fees? A bit confused about this because I thought that was exactly what people do provided they have sufficient avios to book two seats when the return dates became available.

    2. Can I fly out if one UK airport and return to another?

    3. Can I still use the option of taking a stopover in London for a few days between the domestic and long haul sectors?

    • pauldb says:

      1. Yes you can. Rob is talking about not being able to turn a complete, regular booking into a 241. The option you mention is a narrow exception; the more basic option is to call at 1am to add the inbound so it is only ever priced at half-avios. If you do the “online (2x) then call” option, be aware the 2 bookings remain separate and the charges are different: don’t do it this way if going to the Americas as you’ll pay £100s more.
      2. Yes
      3. Yes (as long as LH outbound is before voucher expiry).

      • Thanks Pauldb, I’m part way through my first ever 2-4-1 redemption, somewhat regretting what my aviis balance might currently be had I used them in the past. A no brainer now given changes at amex and Tesco.

        • Harry T says:

          I guess the problem is generating enough Avios for long haul redemptions in the post sign up bonus world, even if you’re using a 241. I’m sceptical of the 241 because I live in the North and there’s very few flights out of here on BA Metal.

          • Yes, existing avios stashes suddenly feel much more valuable. From the regions KLM is arguably a better choice than BA which is why I’d like to see it covered more on HFP. A little odd they never had a credit card before fee caps.

          • It give fabulous value if you want to go somewhere there’s no direct flight to anyway. In the case of MAN, that includes Miami, Boston, Washington DC, LA and numerous other US and Caribbean destinations.

          • I’m surprised you don’t have IAD from MAN, we even have that at EDI although it’s UA seasonal.

          • Harry T says:

            @Anna, you mean if you’d have to pay for a connecting flight anyway if you were using cash for tickets to somewhere where there’s no direct flights?

            Btw I think it was you who recommended checking out regional seasonal BA flights from Edinburgh and Manchester? If so, thank you – I’ve booked Avios flights directly from Edinburgh to Florence for my OH and I for next May.

            @BJ, yes, I just used some Amex points for a Flying Blue redemption flight. I’ve just got the Virgin card, partially because I’m excited about the prospect of using Virgin miles to fly on KLM and AF from my local airport (Newcastle). We are not well served by BA.

  2. Accor promp: Unfortunately your status does not qualify you for this offer.

  3. It’s getting almost impossible to access either of the two lounges at Edinburgh using a lounge card, based on my experience at least (and I’ve been 20-30 times).

    Another lounge might help to ease the congestion, particularly if it accepts priority pass etc.

    It’s one of the main reasons that I’m about to close off my Amex/Priority Pass.

    • Stu_N says:

      Seriously? How unfortunate. I’ve never had a problem on a similar number of visits at all times of day. I sometimes pre-book No.1 lounge if I’m flying in the evening to get Fast Track (often end up cutting it a bit fine leaving work) but otherwise I’ve always got into either No.1 or Aspire.

    • Agreed, nothing worse than an overcrowded lounge so the more the merrier. Glad it’s Aspire too, I like it best at breakfast time and No.1 rest of the day. BA lounge worst of the lot.

    • Stuart says:

      I have also never been able to access a lounge in Edinburgh – but my only data points have been Sunday afternoons

    • Fraser says:

      I’ve only had that issue once in hundreds of visits. At least you have the choice of two lounges, plus BA if applicable.

      £5 reservation for No.1 might be advisable at very busy times eg Monday early am or (Scottish) school holidays.

      • Shoestring says:

        there are people who don’t / won’t do that on principle (£5 reservation) – they paid their £450/ £575 for Plat and insist on getting a free lounge pass…I never understood that logic, once you realise the new reality (=crowded lounges & refusal to enter being common), a mere £5 gets you in, = alternatively 1 pint of Guinness in the pub & no food & nowhere to sit in peace & no newspapers etc

        • Stu_N says:

          I’m generally trying lounges at EDI midweek early morning or early evening. There have been reports of No.1 refusing PP entry in the evening due to block booking by Emirates but last time (around 1800 on a Tuesday in early June) they didn’t even ask for my pre-booking.

          Security is often a zoo now we are in holiday season so the guarantee of lounge space plus fast-track is worth it for me – as Shoestring says, £5 won’t get you much in the terminal if you can’t get into a lounge. I can usually pick up a worthwhile magazine at No.1 that offsets the entry fee as well – GQ, Sunday Times Travel mag and Top Gear have been acquired recently.

          Better lounge provision is always welcome, as is choice so very definitely a good thing.

          • It’s only been the last few times that I’ve seen them both closed to lounge cards, but since No.1 has shifted (and it was a decent lounge before IMO) they seem to have changed their policy (and all the staff…).

  4. Nick Jablonski says:

    Hi Rob, this is a great offer, although the timing of it is a little strange, as Greater Anglia, the parent company of Stansted Express, are scrapping First Class on ALL their trains (apart from the London to Norwich route) sometime in January 2020. So the Stansted Express will become Standard Class only.

    The rolling stock is still Class 379s, which have a very comfortable 2 + 1 seating configuration in First Class. The new rolling stock which will progressively replace the 379s will, of course, be Standard Class only.

    • Genghis says:

      But will First seats remain? I often sit in the declassified F seats on my commute.

  5. When trying to register for the Accor triple points offer, I receive the message:

    “Unfortunately your status does not qualify you for this offer.”

    Are there restrictions?

    • I think it’s related to log in problems with Accor this morning.

      I got the same message, refreshed the page and tried again and it said I was registered for the offer on the second try.

  6. Chris says:

    OT: I’ve just got an email from Singapore airlines telling me ~11,000 of my miles will be expiring soon. With no trips coming up (or holiday available at work), what’s the best way to make use of these? Converting to GC points and then using for a food & drink voucher at the Shard?

  7. Gavin says:

    Off topic – 1000 LNER points posted for my Edinburgh – Haymarket journey taken last week

  8. Shoestring says:

    Win free Accorpoints (=Avios) with a new competition here (hat tip Delbert). Win up to 2000 points, the more windows you put the lights out, the more points you win – up to 2000. It’s a game of chance/ instant win – your score doesn’t figure in this apart from winning more points. 8 cities to visit, 8 chances to win up to 2000 points – 80 winners per day. Plus each entry gets you an entry into the 200,000 points grand draw (5 winners).

    Top tip #1 – use a tablet as you can cover tiles faster ([email protected]) . Score to beat – I got 1200 last night. Top tip #2 – use a teenager if you have one in the house (htSS). Convert instantly to IB Avios if you get auto conversion option going.

    • So did you win anything with your post10pm effort? I saw this morning that David posted he thinks it is just a lottery so you get your points score if you win that.

      • Shoestring says:

        That’s what I just wrote 🙂 – it’s instant win/ lose, not highest score wins.

        Nothing yet. Pinning my hopes on 200,000 Avios.

    • Mike Bickle says:

      Sorry a technical error has occurred……..

  9. Fraser says:

    Accor offer: “Unfortunately your status does not qualify you for this offer.” (My status is Platinum)
    This after I tried to update my email to match my Air France email, and “this service is temporarily unavailable.”

    Anyone know a good IT person Accor could hire?!

  10. Like another reader yesterday I have an email from Hilton offering double points if you buy up to 80,000, which is a bit cheeky given that they have just doubled the award prices on some of their hotels!

    • With those recent hikes I think the best use of Hilton points is now low season getaways or to make flexible bookings for less certain stays. Otherwise best just pay cash and earn points, double/triple dipping in usual ways.

    • fivebobbill says:

      Must have missed that post, however I got this offer myself yesterday, think it works out at about .04p per point if you take the max 80,000 + 80,000

  11. Andy S says:

    First Class is being removed from Stansted Express in January 2220 and all greater anglia services except Norwich to London intercity services.

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