Good news if you lost American Express cashback because the merchant used a payment aggregator

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Regular readers may remember the strange case of the recent American Express cashback offer with watch manufacturer Bremont.

Many cardholders were given a very attractive offer of £400 cashback on a £500+ purchase if they used their American Express card.  Given the price of Bremont watches, this was not as generous as it sounds but that is beside the point ….

Readers who took up the offer at Bremont stores in London had no problems.  The cashback appeared quickly as promised.  However, readers who ordered online did NOT get their money.

This is because Bremont was processing online orders via a third party payment aggregator.  The ‘merchant’, as far as Amex was concerned, was the payment aggregator, not Bremont.

Purchases handled by payment aggregators such as iZettle and Stripe are blocked from Amex cashback transactions, because the Amex IT system does not know who the underlying merchant is.  The rules of the cashback deals always contain this line:

“Offer does not apply to spend on other Cards you might hold and is not valid for transactions made using Payment Aggregators.”

However, American Express had specifically said on their website that purchases on the Bremont website WOULD qualify.

These two statements were contradictory but – as the customer had no way, at all, of knowing in advance that Bremont used a payment aggregator – the latter claim, that purchases via the Bremont website DID count, would clearly seem the overriding one.

Bremont American Express cashback problems

This problem has now reared its head again.

A reader got in touch to say that he had been targetted with an American Express cashback offer of 15% back at mattress retailer Brook & Wild.  You may have this deal yourself as it is still active.

You can guess what happened …..

The reader made a sizeable purchase with Brook & Wild …

… after reading on the ‘Offers’ page of the Amex website that website purchases counted for cashback ….

… which was processed by Brook & Wild using the Stripe payment processing system …

… which is what appears on the reader’s Amex statement …

… and so American Express has not paid the 15% cashback

Brooke and Wild American Express cashback issues

American Express suggested that the reader contact Brook & Wild and ask them to refund the original payment and process the transaction again directly.  However, Brook & Wilde responded by saying that Stripe is their ONLY online payment processing method.  This means that this American Express cashback offer is totally unusable, according to the rules.

But there is some good news ….

I raised this issue with American Express this week.  This is that they told me:

“I …. can confirm that we always honour all cashback offers. When payments are made through an aggregator, the cashback takes a little longer to process. We’re currently processing the Bremont ‘spend £500, get £400’ cashback transactions for purchases that were made via an aggregator.

With regard to Brook and Wild, again, these payments were made via an aggregator, so will take longer to process. But again, Cardmembers can expect their cashback to appear within the 90 day period outlined in the T&Cs.”

The Bremont offer is actually now over the 90 day period outlined in the T&C’s (it ended on 16th June so all cashback should have been credited by mid September) but I will give American Express the benefit of the doubt for now.

The good news is that we have it in writing that Amex is ignoring the part of its rules which involve payment aggregators, at least on the merchant side (I still think they would refuse to pay up if you used PayPal to order, linked to your Amex).

The bad news is that you may well have to wait the full 90 days from the end of the offer – which could be five months or more from when you made your purchase – to get your cashback.  But it will come ….

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on the top 10 reasons why I think you should get an American Express Preferred Rewards Gold credit card.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. In the case of brook and wild afaik it’s online only, so all payments are going to be made online and therefore through Stripe

  2. I raised this issue at the Centurion 20th Birthday Party 2 weeks ago, and they said just call and it will get sorted, but they also said they would try and review so its more seem less.

  3. Bremont – overpriced watches with off the shelf movements dubiously claimed as in-house, that loses 50% off its retail price as soon as you walk out the door….i think i’ll pass

    • Don’t all watches lose 50%? VAT is 20% (not paid on 2nd hand goods)

      • Certain Patek, AP or Rolex models trade 2nd hand above retail by over 30% easily.

        Bremont is one of the worst brands for value retention if thats important to you, 50% is conservative.
        If you really want a Bremont…better off going to authorised resellers like goldsmiths / ernest jones rather than boutiques…where you are likely to get at least 20-25% discount off RRP.

        • Czechoslovakia says:

          NOT Ernest Jones, please! Bought 5 watches in their sale. Four turned up used, marked, and bits of packaging or warranty cards missing. Except one, which had the warranty card stamped by an EJ branch 2 years prior. Had to do a chargeback on 1 which went “missing” during their returns process. One of the watches was covered in dried on sweat, and none had their tags. The fifth got “lost” by their courier, DX. Goldsmith’s are great though…

        • If you know which Rolex to buy, stainless steel sport model, they have tended to rise in value.
          The one my wife gave me for a big birthday 3 years ago has tripled in value, although it took a long time to search one out. If you know what you are looking for it’s quite easy to increase the value.

      • Mr(s) Entitled says:

        Had my Rolex for 10yrs. Worth at least the same now, if not more than when I bought it. Sadly, when I bought it smart phones weren’t as prevalent making the watch somewhat redundant now.

        Now cars… There is a way to lose money quickly.

      • Charlieface says:

        What’s wrong with a Casio or Sekonda? Sorry excuse my ignorance/unfashionableness

    • Agree with the watches. I bought two wallets, two ties, and a little bracelet for gifts, think total came to £530, but paid £130 with the cash back. I was going to return them if I didn’t get the cash back, so called complained, and got my £400 a month or two ago…

  4. OT – ruse to get exit row seats on BA on the at-airport check on screens didn’t work this morning. Did OLCI yesterday, and when I put my passport into the machine it just spat out my boarding pass before I got a chance to do anything. Is there a work-around?

    • Shoestring says:

      drat – the workaround is just going to the check in agent and asking for an exit row seat, obvs some queuing involved

      did you by chance print or save the pdf of your BP when you checked in online? that crystallises your seat

      • will have to resort to queuing!

        i hadn’t printed or downloaded. same thing happened on two different PNRs, so I think this is a change in the system…

  5. O/T I had my yesterday flight 1200 flight from Faro to GTW cancelled due to the pilots strike. I was able to be rebooked later on for a different flight with BA on the same day but at 1930. Can I claim compensation for food and travel for the extra time delayed btw 1200 – 1930?

    • Shoestring says:

      yes on the food & drink (£25 per person, per meal, no booze)

      travel? why are there extra travel costs?

      • Sorry I meant onward to travel to the airport I.e train and taxi. 14 days notice was given but I’m not claiming for the flight just the incidentals. Probably won’t make a difference now as I’ve stupidly misplaced the receipts. Are bank statements acceptable as proof or has to be receipts?


        • Shoestring says:

          was it a different airport? in which case you can get your extra travel costs refunded under duty of care

          they’ll probably say receipts only but you’d probably win if you could still provide good proof of expenditure ie bank statement with date & place

          • Original inbound was from Faro to Gatwick 1200 which was cancelled. I then called up after the strike was called off and got it reinstated for Faro to LHR at 1930 as the Faro to Gatwick was not available at the time I called up to get it reinstated.

          • Shoestring says:

            different London airports is one area where BA can play tricky as they try to treat LHR, City and Gatwick as ‘London’ airports & initially often say you are responsible for your own transport if they switch airports on you (particularly ridiculous if you have a parked car waiting to get picked up!)

            regardless, they always cave if you insist, they want you to take public transport which is why they apply a £50 limit on taxis, lack of receipt a problem, though

          • Lady London says:

            BA has to cave on the transport. It’s written in EU261.

    • No, not if it was cancelled 14+ days ago and the rebook was 19.30.

      If your flight was only cancelled yesterday then you are due compensation.

      • Shoestring says:

        there’s no 14 day rule for duty of care

      • Lady London says:

        Has there been definitive info on whether a flight cancelled or landing delayed over 3 hours, not notified min. 14 days ahead, IS eligible for compensation part of EU261?

        My feeling is that this pilots strike ase would not end up as ‘within BA’s control’. So duty of care yes, but is anyone sure compo also applies on this one?

        • Shoestring says:

          re: possible not-14-days’ notice, cancelled flight compo due to pilots’ strike – it hasn’t been tested or reported back on over at FT

          I also think it fails & not worth pursuing – one for Bott & Co

  6. Nathaniel says:

    Anyone know how to redeem the one “properly?”

    My FT account is linked to Google account, so payment options shown was just whatever was in my Google Pay wallet (I didn’t see anywhere to punch in card details directly).. So I picked an Amex with the £25 back from £30 spend. Think it has appeared as a pending transaction with the name “Google Services”

  7. If you get one! I haven’t got one from yesterday. Had spend 30 get 10 bk.
    Also never get them anymore fm Morrisons, but they do track.

  8. Virgin clubhouse to open at Manchester airport

    • Lady London says:

      If that investment was approved, does it mean Delta is going to fly a lot more out of there soon?

  9. OT – Natwest Rewards CC – does this work OK with Curve for “Business Services” transactions, or do NatWest treat this as a cash advance?

  10. OT, apologies if this has been asked many times and that it’s in the wrong place….
    I have an amex gold just coming to the end of it’s first year, hubby can’t re-apply til late next year. We used to churn the golds every year 🙁 Which card should I apply for next ? looking for a free card/avios earning … thank you for any help.

    • BAPP if you’ve not had a BA card for 2 years?

      • had a BA card sitting dormant until a couple of months ago unfortunately, guess I may have to stick with the Tesco CC ?

    • You can try HSBC premier credit card if you are eligible (need a HSBC Premier current account first), earning rate 0.5 avios per £1 on the free credit card, double that on paid one.

      • Did your hubby have a BA card. If not suggest BA PP card for him (must be the paid for card).

        I am +1 for HSBC world elite if you meet the requirements. Opening a HSBC premier current account seems like a pain but I think it is worth it. I like it because it has a pretty good earning rate and importantly seems to work really well with Curve and Revolut. For me that means
        – Points where amex is not taken and I need a MasterCard
        – Points where they only accept a debit card
        – Excellent value for paying tax bills
        – As some people have suggested it is good to use ‘alongside’ an Amex card. I suspect some people disapprove of that use.

        Does anyone else know good alternatives to Revolut or Curve which match well with HSBC premier CCs. (as hitting the annual limits soon)

        • I did not think there was an annual Revolut top up limit. There are limits if you link a new card, but over time with a top up history, the amount increases and is only limited to the credit limit of your credit card. There are daily limits on transfers out to bank accounts though.

        • With you all the way there with that advice, on every point.
          Hope people catch our drift. Very useful for paying bills.
          We will upgrade again bk to elite once my last year of Plat is complete next year. And buy an excess car hire policy each. Shame really, but just cannot justify that increased fee.

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