Good new American Express cashback deals for Christmas shopping: TFL, Harrods, John Lewis, Fenwick etc …. plus Accor

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American Express has launched a number of new cashback deals to help cut the cost of your Christmas shopping.

These are a very generous group of offers.  However, if my own family cards are anything to go by, it seems that they are not appearing to everyone.

This is what I had across my cards:

Transport for London – 10% off contactless travel 

The offer runs to 31st December.  It does not include Heathrow Express or Heathrow Connect / TFL Rail when paid via contactless payment.

John Lewis – £10 cashback when you spend £50

Expires 29th December. Waitrose shoppers may want to buy a £50 John Lewis gift card instore which can then be used in a Waitrose.  Excludes John Lewis Opticians.

American Express Harrods cashback deal

Harrods – £30 cashback when you spend £100 (expires 24th December)

Debenhams – £10 cashback when you spend £50 (expires 31st December, so it can be used during the sale too)

Fenwick and Bentalls – £5 cashback when you spend £20 (expires 24th December)

If you’re a big fan of tuna baguettes, Upper Crust also offered me £2 back when I spend £5 before Christmas Eve!

And …..

Pullman Berlin cashback deal

There is also a new Accor hotels deal available.

It is offering £50 cashback when you spend £350 at selected luxury hotels in Europe before 28th February.

It is very select group of hotels included.  The only countries covered are the UK, Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

If you were planning to stay at a Sofitel, Pullman or MGallery then your luck may be in.  Sofitel Heathrow and Pullman London (Kings Cross) are excluded, however.

Pullman Berlin, which I reviewed earlier this year (our Pullman Berlin review is here and see the photo above) and liked a lot, IS included.

Remember that Amex charges a 3% FX fee when you use your card abroad so, if you have a card from another provider with 0% FX fees, remember to factor in the FX fee when working out how much you will save.

The rules do not say if cumulative spend counts.  It usually does with American Express hotel promotions, but until we get feedback from other readers you shouldn’t rely on it.

The Accor website is here if you want to scope out your options.  If you don’t want to earn Le Club AccorHotels points, you can take Avios directly instead.  Credit to Iberia Plus and not British Airways Executive Club as the rate is twice as high – you can use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move them across to BA afterwards.

PS.  If you missed it, take a look at our recent article on the top 10 reasons to apply for the free (in year 1) American Express Preferred Rewards Gold credit card.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. I have none of them

  2. I wonder how they choose people for these offers ? I get most of my avios points by using my Amex in John Lewis … but no offer for me ☹️

    • The Streets says:

      My guess is that there isn’t any science to it.. just random selections

    • Shoestring says:

      Some offers are definitely targeted at non users – with the Morrisons offer, first you might get 5%, 7% or 10% depending on whether you ever shopped / recently at M with your Amex. If you ignore the 5%, next time you’ll probably get 10%. This is also exactly how it works with the Halifax cashyback offers (and presumably all LBG) – just ignore the 5% @ Co-Op and next time the offer appears you can get 10% (=council tax).

      • Yes, l ignored the 5%, 7% off in Morrisons, now got the 10%. Also I ignored the silly spend £75 get 4% off Waitrose deal, but now got the £10 off £50 JL on 2 cards, but it is only one credit per card. Better than nothing. So yes, l think it is targeted on spend pattern.

        • I took advantage of the 4% off at Waitrose offer. It was for every shop until.tomorrow, not just a one-off. So not a bad deal, not brilliant i agree but better than nothing. That’s probably why I have been ignored in the latest round.

          • We had a spend 30 get 5% off on one card, so used that a few times, now l remember. But nice to get the 10% off card now.
            Wondering if l can order the GCs on JL online? As l can’t bear the thoughts of going into Kingston this time of year, my nearest JL store. And, we can’t buy them at Waitrose, which is a pain.

          • Harry T says:

            @Polly attempting to buy JL gift cards online takes you to a website that is distinct from the, so my gut feeling is it wouldn’t work, as wouldn’t be charging your card, presumably.

        • RussellH says:

          I have used every Morrisons offer I got – and having started with 10% off any number of transactions of any value I have since gone from 5% off £30 and 7% off £30 back to where I started at 10% off any transaction.
          It would be nice if it went up to 12.5% next time, but will probably go back to just 5% off £30.
          Be nice too if it worked at the petrol station, instead of having to buy vouchers at the till first.

      • Or for those of us who have both BoS and Halifax (BoS white label) current accounts, we alternate which account we use the offers on each month to get a continuous 10%.

        But probably the most important bit of all, which is frequently missed on here, is to *STACK*.

        If you collect Virgin Miles, it’s absolutely crazy not to load your BA Amex card into their InStore offers at WAP. Usually 4-5 Virgin miles for every £1 spent.

        If you collect Cash, you’re being a bit silly if you don’t load your Visa & Mastercards into your Corporate Perks InStore offers and get between 5 & 10% at Morrisons & WAP.

        They don’t even have to be your cards… If your gin soaked maiden aunt “doesn’t do the internet or points”, but is down spending your inheritance in Waitrose every morning, at the very least take the 5% turn on it! (Do ask for her permission first).

        • Corporate perks instore? Tell us more…..

        • Candice says:

          What is WAP please?

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            @Candice – Waitrose & Partners
            4-5 VA miles only on spends over £70, otherwise 1 x VA miles spend in-store.
            Corporate Perks InStore offers – sounds like an employment scheme, not everyone will have?
            You would be silly not to, blah, blah, blah… 😂

          • Yes Waitrose & Partners, although apparently they don’t like being called WAP for some reason.

            It is a Corporate thing, but if you work for a large firm, it’s unlikely that you won’t have Brinc, NextJump or similar running a scheme.

            The Virgin InStore scheme is targeted and can vary weekly. “Secret Squirrel” only gets 4 miles per £1 on spend over £70. I get 5 miles per £1 spent over £20, and 1 mile per £1 under that.

    • Joan, they don’t need to encourage you, you are already a buyer.. whereas we usually buy our JL GCs in Morrison’s with the 10% off offers. Thus, we have been offered the JL on 2 cards out of 5. And bear in mind it’s one credit per card only, so not that amazing either.

      • Ah Polly yes I guess so . That’s why I always get offers I don’t want ! 🤣

        • Looks like it is one offer per person on the JL one. They seem to be doing that more often now, it is rare they just bulk load all the offers onto every card now (unless they are rubbush). Someones the good offers are on two of my cards each but rarely more than that.

          Gone are the days of PO or Superdrug being loaded to every card.

    • Surely that’s the point. John Lewis, go to American Express and say “we want to offer £10 off a £50 spend in our stores but we don’t want anyone who’s used their card in our stores in the last 3 months”. Otherwise they’d just be giving money away for free. I’d hazard a guess that the more specific the targeting is, the more AMEX charge the merchant to run the offer.

      The TFL offer is on all my cards except for the one I use daily (one card doesn’t even have contactless).

      • Jill (Kinkell) says:

        Agree. Harrods is at the other end of the country from me, JL is 120 miles away. Granted,we have a Debenhams in Inverness, but haven’t shopped there for a while. TfL……er No!

        • It’s not that long ago that there was a branch of Harrods just up the road from you. They also deliver around the world.

          Interestingly, just looking at the dates, you can have a day return from Inverness to London on Thursday 12th December for £33 return. Out EZY 06:40 and back 18:55.

          That’s half the price of the return 06:50 to the Capital (Edinburgh) on the train and you definitely wouldn’t have to stand all the way either.

          • Andrew, that’s a hoot..great suggestion.

            There, Jill that’s your Xmas shopping day sorted for you in London…shop TIL you drop, literally, and then head on home, using all the offers….

          • Jill ( Kinkell) says:

            Harrods at Falls of Shin was destroyed by fire several years ago. Site rebuilt ( fab designed building in shape of a salmon) and taken over by Kyle Community Trust.
            Am heading to London next weekend….to see new grandchild, won’t look good if I head off to the shops! Offers saved anyway….just in case I have time to browse on-line. I do love a good browse in JL in Glasgow or London, and a ‘tourist’ wander in Harrods–no shop quite like it. We are starved up here in Inverness.

  3. Secret Squirrel says:

    Anyone here done the Aerclub Groupon deal at the weekend?
    People last week stated avios available in 24 hours, mines been 48 hours already and nothing?

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Panic over, all credited so just waiting still on IB Avios credit & T C B 25% bonus payouts…

  4. Has anyone received an Avios payout from the site that cant be named recently with their 25% bonus ? Over 2 weeks now and cant get any answers from them.

    • I’ve been waiting a week for payout. Payout date is showing as 06 December.

      • Where can you see this info? I can see that my Payable amount has reduced to nil, but I can’t see any details of the transaction I made last Tuesday. I got the e-mail confirmation straight afterwards too.

        • Don’t worry – I’ve found it now. Mine also says “by 6 Dec”.

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            A few of us on here have been waiting over 2 weeks now for the avios payouts. CS stated to me it would be resolved this week.

          • I am waiting on 2 payouts but their site says it’s a known issue and they are dealing with it. Will maybe wait till after 6/12 and make contact with them.

    • I have 3 that have been sent, one nearly 4 weeks ago and one showing payout by 29 Nov which also hasn’t happened yet. Very odd.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        15/11/19 seems to be the date redemption problems started, no credits here since that date.

  5. Can the tfl contactless offer be used to top up Oyster cards? Assuming I use contactless to make that payment?

    • It hasn’t worked that way in previous years. It’s only applied to tap in/tap outs.

      • RussellH says:

        Which makes the Amex offer useless if you have a railcard linked to your Oystercard.

        • Railcard discount only applies to offpeak travel, so if you’re clever about it you could benefit from both.

          • Shoestring says:

            16-17YO Railcard applies to all journeys incl season tickets

            might not apply to many here but worth knowing, saving me a fortune (kids) 🙂

          • Also doesn’t apply to bus travels.

  6. Seems I have all the offers – strangely as I have been using the card more frequently over the past few weeks.

  7. Anyone know of any store that sells Apple Store gift cards (not app store/itunes ones)

    Can’t seem to find any location apart from Apple store themselves.

    • I don’t think so

      I am struggling to find John Lewis and amazon cards at Morrison’s? All cleaned out or taken off shelves?

      • The Morrisson’s superstore in Reading had plenty of both this past weekend. JL’s on the main gift card rack and Amazon’s near the self checkouts.
        Thanks for everyone that helped me take advantage of the offer 🙂 But a bunch of gift card and filled up my car with 10% discount using the paper voucher 🙂

        • And hope you benefitted from last weekend promo, spend 60 and get a10p off litre of petrol voucher, expires Sunday 8th December tho. To stack with your paper vouchers, so effectively 20% off that fill.

          • RussellH says:

            Got the 10p off voucher, but tank only has space for about 25l (over half full).

          • But you do not get the 10p voucher if you have purchased mostly gift cards – needs to have other shopping for the £60.

            We have spent over £1,000 on Amazon vouchers so far 🙂

            Can’t say I have a need for JL as never go in there, no store near us.

          • I didn’t get to have the 10p off fuel, because as @Lee said, the £60 to trigger the voucher can’t be gift cards, and altought I had some groceries they were like £40.

          • Suddenly l didn’t need the very expensive bag of dog food that took me over the £60 sale..oh dear, had to return it.

          • @Polly, good point, didn’t cross my mind. 🙂 I’ll remember that the next time my Tesco has a 10p fuel offer (Morrisson’s is not very practical for me, I wish it was because the fuel was by itself 5p cheaper than at Sainsburys/Tesco around here).

          • Lady London says:

            Did you also lose a dog after the Mr. T. promotion a while back Polly? IIRC Shoestring used the phrase ‘mass pet death’ after reports that year. At least your dog only lost its appetite!

          • Hey Lady London,

            That made me laugh out loud this morning….loved the comment about mass pet exits, v funny.
            Sadly lost our beautiful white lab last may after 15 yrs, but she still needs the odd very very expensive bag of food..amazing dog really!

      • It seems to differ store to store, my local Morrsions had plenty of the lower denominations (£15/£20) for Amazon but were cleared out of £50 cards and they didn’t get restocked. No other cards seem to get targetted in my area, but that’s likely because we’re quite far from a Waitrose.

        I thought I was being clever yesterday buying an Argos GC and then going straight over the road to Argos to spend it. Turns out Argos cards can be up to 48 hours before they get activated so I couldn’t use it for that transaction.

    • Lady London says:

      Used to see them all the time in Tesco hypermarkets everywhere. But it’s so long since I set foot in a Tesco, I’m not sure they would still be there. There were typically loads at the cash tills as well as on the gift card wall.

    • Charlieface says:

      I think Harrods has an Apple concession, so you could use that Amex offer

  8. Benilyn says:

    OT: Guys I need some help. Signed up to Barclays Premier (for the 25k Avios) and now someone has managed to intercept my PIN but not my first debit card, but some how managed to order a replacement debit card and intercept that too. They went on to withdraw from ATMs and use at shops. I got all my money back…. but I need to know how they did it. Barclays fraud team said they will just refund me, and won’t share any further details about the investigation.

    1) First agent said they said someone ordered a replacement debit card it via mobile/online banking. I am signed up to mobile banking but I think it is one device per account allowed so would be surprised if it is that?? I have never logged into online banking. Second agent I spoke to would not confirm how card was ordered, but said my online banking has never been accessed. Which means…. someone did it on the phone or in-branch? I never got a text about the replace
    2) How was the card intercepted? Google says postman or at sorting office…
    3) Can I use GDPR to get details of the investigation?
    4) Getting CCTV from the shops would be tough right without police doing it? Should I report to police?

    I am really paranoid right now…

    • This is extremely frustrating, however if the bank has absorbed any losses it is technically the victim and not you, so you have very little chance of being given any details of an investigation. As long as you’re not being held responsible for it, it’s probably not worth losing any sleep over.

    • My mate had a card stolen by a temporary postman once. He was caught on CCTV using it.

    • Stop being Paranoid about it.

      Be sensible about it. The criminal has rights under GDPR too, as do the people around them in the bank and shops – you’ve got little or no chance of seeing who they are unless it does end up in court. They defrauded the bank, not you.

      You might be able to do a SAR though and get all audio recordings to telephone banking. If it was done that way, Barclays might miss out filtering out the fraudulent call.

      Key thing to do is to check your credit report to make sure there is no unusual activity with new borrowings. If your home is unencumbered, make sure you’ve registered for the Land Registry fraud warning system.

      If you have a lodger or house share, do check your cheque books for missing leafs towards the back. Maybe take the opportunity to shred the cheque books if you never use them anyway.

      Sometimes it’s just a simple “fishing” trip. If you live in an apartment, it’s not *that* hard to get a master key that opens all the mail boxes. Likewise easy enough to stick a device through a letter box to grab the mail that’s lying behind it – or just pull back post that’s not properly put through. Some silly people actually have near ground level letter boxes that people can put their hand through!

    • Lady London says:

      I think it must be the season. When professional mail interceptors and pickpockets come out approaching Christmas.

      For the first time ever, 2 Asda phonecards were intercepter from m’y address. Never had any problems with cards or expensive items being interceptés in many, many years. The thieves obviously thought the cards inside were crédit cards not worthless SIM cards. And probably not long in England as they just chose thé mail with a card in it. If the thieves had been here longer they would know Asda does not send out bank or credit cards so not worth nicking.

  9. Harry T says:

    OT, no bits:
    I’m trying to get Avios flights from Melbourne to Sydney after the F1 race on 15th March 2020. Latest Avios flights I can get are 18.30. Race this year finished at 18.10, so this isn’t ideal.

    Avios is 12,000 and £39 for two people. Lowest [email protected] prices are currently about £240 for two people.

    Does anyone have experience booking these Avios redemptions? Are Avios flights likely to open up later or should I pull the trigger and pay the expensive cash prices now before they get worse?

    • Should probably ask in an aussie forum

    • Lady London says:

      Grab it now, remember Avios booking can be refunded with relatively little loss. That amount looks about right and due F1 cash every thing May soar again. Close-in booking costs seem excessively higher for cash flights as a rule too.

      Btw Hertz over thé years used to have thé odd mastercard promo giving one way free within same country. Not sûre if it would work across States, in your case NSW and Victoria but could be worth periodically phoning and asking an agent (,promo not seen online,). The other place such deals might be promoted is as part of deals on offer to AA or RAC members in UK. So perhaps the Australian equivalent. Your UK membership of the AA would get you guest membership of several foreign equivalents for these purposes. So do you know anyone in Oz who can keep an eye out for you Harry T,? Meanwhile you could grab the Avios booking as a backstop.

      • Harry T says:

        Thanks, I grabbed a speculative Avios booking just before they all disappeared. Only problem is I might miss part of the race because the latest they had was 18.30! Still better than paying cash fares. Hopefully later evening flights may open up.

        Thank you, I shall look into Hertz.

        • I…

          It isn’t better than paying cash at all, is it? Surely? Missing part of the race you’re going to see for the difference between 12k avios and £120 a head?

          • Lady London says:

            @Chrisasaurus when Harry T landed his flights in the recent QF promo he didn’t know they coincided with the F1. So probs not going to be disappointed and good chance its on TV in lounge at airport.

          • @LL

            Understand now, thank you – missed the context somewhat

    • 12k Avios plus £39 is £159 at 1p per Avios

      So you would choose to miss part of – indeed the climax of – the race for £40.50 each?

      I mean I’m not a fan either but it sounds a little like you might not be all that bothered about going?

      • Harry T says:

        @Chris – it’s a good point. As Lady London astutely observes this was an unexpected benefit of our Golden Ticket fares. We do want to see the whole race if we can. I’m more wondering if it’s likely that some more redemptions seats will open up if people cancel nearer the time, or whether we should lock in cash prices now. I’ve not been to a Grand Prix before or redeemed Avios in Australia so I’m a bit unsure what the best strategy is.

    • Nick Burch says:

      Sleeper train leaves Melbourne at 19:50, take the train? Details from the Man in Seat 61 at

  10. I’ve had the Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Harrods offer multiple times. Only used the card at Harrods when I’ve had the offer.

    The one thing I’ve experienced is that previously these offers would often overlap with sales periods which resulted in massive savings. However, the last few offers I’ve had with departmental stores/fashion outlets expire just before the sales start. For e.g. The most recent HN offer (£30 off £100) expired a day before their ‘up to 40%’ sale.

  11. Could I ask how long people are waiting for the Esso £5 to be credited?

    I’m getting a faint whiff of rat…

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