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More British Airways routes getting the new Club Suite business class

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After yesterday’s news that Philadelphia and Washington DC were getting the A350 and Dallas and Seattle getting the 787-10 both with Club Suite, it looks like British Airways has now fully rostered the A350 fleet for the Summer schedule.

In April, this means we will see the A350 on:

Bangalore (BA119/BA118)

Dubai (BA109/BA108)

Austin (BA191/BA190)

…. as well as the previously announced Philadelphia (BA67/BA66) and Washington DC (BA293/BA292).

British Airways A350 Club Suite

From June Tel Aviv will see the return of the A350 (BA167/BA166), whilst Tokyo will see it come July (BA5/BA4). Boston will get it in August (BA203/BA202).

Toronto is notably missing. Whilst Toronto was one of the first destinations to get the A350 it looks like it will no longer serve on that route. This list looks exhaustive, given the limited number of deliveries that British Airways will be taking from Airbus.  I wouldn’t expect any more routes to get the A350 until later in 2020.

There are no additional routes for the 787-10 yet.  Atlanta, Dallas and Seattle have already been announced.

If you are not familiar with Club Suite it is the new British Airways business class seat. This article explains Club Suite in detail including where you can fly it.

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Comments (221)

  • Daniel says:

    OT – Shop Small.

    To confirm, I have 2 Amex cards myself and a supplementary card.
    If I go into qualifying merchant A and spend £10+ in three separate transactions with those respective cards then I should expect three statement credits of £5 is that right?

    Shop small ends on the 22nd, – if I spend on the 22nd but the transaction don’t get processed until 2 days later, will I still get the credit?

    • Rooster says:

      Yes you will. The transactions get processed the same day but might not post for a few days which is fine, you should usually get an email straight away however I haven’t received an email for some and neither the credit yet but its still within 5 days so will wait.

      • Lady London says:

        You might want to go easy on the multiple transactions same merchant. About 5 days ago here there was discussion that apparently doing this was more likely to be picked up by Amex this year. It sounded like retailers have been “advised” by Amex too. Someone who really went to town last year and previously apparently got their Amex card cancelled on them for it.

        • Lady London says:

          *that’s multiple transactions same merchant at the same time, same card. If different cards (even main card and its supp) I am sure you will be ok.

          • jc says:

            What’s the point? Isn’t it one £5 per merchant per card?

          • Shoestring says:

            eg splitting a £40 joint of beef into 4x £10 (on 4 Amex cards) to get 4x £5 back as statement credits

            Amex see it as gaming the promotion & it’s enough to get your cards withdrawn, there’s presumably some considerable leeway before that happens (ie serial splitters only need worry)

          • jc says:

            @Shoestring yes that makes sense. Whereas splitting on the same card is fruitless

  • Donald says:

    OT _ Has anyone traveled recently to AUH or DXB?
    Is there a free SIM which can be availed and (hopefully) be topped up for more data etc.?

    • Sk123 says:

      I traveled to DXB a few weeks ago and was given the free SIM card by the immigration officer. I didn’t pay much attention as it said 3 free minutes but the article you sent means it offers more re data top up.

  • Benilyn says:

    Just got a Monese, free one but on Premium for 1 month free. Anything interesting for MS here? I guess it’s just too up at PayPoint or Post Office right via Amex / pts cc? What are the limits people test here?

  • Sk123 says:

    OT: Upgraded my Green Amex to Platinum 2 days ago. I am traveling in 7 days so need it pretty quickly. How long does it take from experience? Shall I just add the supplementary now as otherwise I was hoping to add it once my platinum card arrived for the 5k bonus. Online, it is still showing the Green card. We are a family of 4 so would like to have the supplementary for lounges etc. I know I have left it late. fo

    • Keith says:

      This happened to me. Assuming the lounges you will be using are Priority Pass rather than Delta type lounges where you show your platinum card, just call Amex. They can give you your Priority Pass number and activation code so you can download the app and get into the lounges. When you try to add the Priority, if it gives you the option to add a Platinum then that should be fine.

  • Michael Blume says:

    Got the club suite by dumb luck from LHR to Madrid on Thursday. Nice surprise.

    Fair to say it was a familiarisation flight for passengers as well as crew – with so many rhomboid hatches, I spent a LOT of time trying to find an alcove that would accept my iPad before spotting that the front of the magazine holder opened.

    Oh, and my suite door rattled in its track when closed. A scrunched up napkin sorted it out.

  • Jack says:

    OT but not sure who else to ask! I have a BA flight from LHR tomorrow morning that I needed to speak to someone on the phone about quickly tonight – I don’t suppose anyone knows of a 24hr BA helpline? All of their publicised numbers seem to close at 8pm daily. Thanks in advance

    • Sam G says:

      Bit late now but for anyone else the US number is open until 11pm (4am UK time) – bizarrely staffed out of the UK for at least some of that time!

      +1-800-247-9297 – use Skype to call for free. Status holders will have their own number

  • Nic says:

    Somewhere around this time last year HfP advised us of an offer to nab 500 Shangri-La Golden Circle RPs by signing up and installing the app. If you, like me, just had them sitting in your account instead of transferring them out (you couldn’t, there’s a 2500 minimum to transfer) since then, you might find they are about to expire soon.

    However, you can still redeem them. 500 won’t get you any of the fancy electronic goods on offer, but it will get you $50 worth of dining vouchers which you can spend in one of the participating restaurants. Redemption vouchers are valid for another six months.

    Redeem here:

  • Murray says:

    Help! OT but wondering if anyone can clarify. Looking at visiting some Shop Small stores before the offer ends and know Amex has some rules since people took advantage last year, but I am a bit confused. If me and my supplementary platinum card holder both spent £10 at the same shop on our respective cards, would this be allowed or is this what Amex doesn’t want?
    Also, is it allowed to buy gift vouchers from participating shops? I know Amex doesn’t like you buying gift cards to boost earnings so want to be sure before I get some gifts for Christmas.

    • Shoestring says:

      all that is fine but try and vary your £10s by adding on another item such as stamps or anything else so that it’s not exactly £10 + £10 a minute apart