New BA Amex offer – get 3,000 bonus Avios for £300 of British Airways spend on your card

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A good new offer should be showing on your British Airways or British Airways Premium Plus American Express card.

If you spend £300 or more at between registration and 16th February, you will receive 3,000 bonus Avios.

For clarity, this bonus comes from American Express, not British Airways.  The bonus Avios will be added to the ‘pending Avios’ showing on your online American Express statement and will be transferred over as part of the monthly sweep into your British Airways Executive Club account.

1000 Avios with £100 British Airways American Express spending

The offer is limited to the first 50,000 people to register.  This is quite a large number, clearly, but there are a lot of cards out there and I imagine BA or Amex will do an email over the next few days.  I recommend you register now, just in case.

I don’t know if the offer itself is targeted or if all BA Amex cardholders have it.

You need to visit the American Express website here, log in and navigate to the statement page for your British Airways American Express card.  The promotion should show under the ‘Offers’ tab at the bottom of the screeen.  It should also be possible to register via the ‘Offers’ section of the American Express app.

1000 Avios with £100 British Airways American Express spending

Here is the small print – don’t get caught out:

Your transaction needs to be made at  There is no mention of transactions booked via the call centre counting.

You can only earn the bonus once although supplementary cards would be OK if the deal appeared on the ‘Offers’ page for that card.

Your qualifying spend needs to be in Pounds.  If you book a flight which starts outside the UK, it is likely that it will not be priced in Sterling and so will not qualify for the bonus.

Your payment must be made directly with your American Express card.  You cannot use an aggregator such as PayPal, which recharges a transaction to your BA Amex.  You CAN use Apple Pay or similar.

Whilst not mentioned in the small print, historically this has been a cumulative offer so the £300 does not need to be spent in a single transaction.  This makes sense, because if you buy multiple tickets from British Airways in one booking, each person is charged individually to your American Express statement.

For clarity, if you buy Avios via this page of, it will NOT trigger the bonus.  ‘Buy Avios’ transactions are handled by an intermediary called, and it is that appears on your credit card statement.

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  1. OT – I booked a BA holiday flight plus car package (which I’ll be paying off with this offer) I have no desire to actually pick up the car now at any point of the holiday, so am I OK to just do nothing or should I let BA know?

    I won’t be able to pick it up drive round the clock and drop it off on arrival as I plan to have a few drinks in F to celebrate my 40th.

  2. Colin JE says:

    Aaargh, just spent 400 quid on Sunday with BA for some tickets in April for EDI to BRU with car hire. Had we seen this even yesterday I would have cancelled and rebooked. (Not a criticism Rob). One of those instances where it pays not to think too far ahead perhaps.

    • Charlieface says:

      Pays to look at the comments, it was there…

    • You can also read other UK blogs that published it earlier. The best thing you can do, every day, open your browser and check what’s new. The same again in the evenings. This way you remain updated 100%.

  3. O/T and with apologies: How predictable are the Eurostar sales?

    January’s sale covered tickets STP to Paris, 21 January to 1 April 2020. I’m looking to travel mid July (in six months) and can’t decide whether to take some decidedly average prices now – or wait for a sale period to get them at £29.

  4. Re cash advance fees on revolut. If revolut reverse the transaction and send it back to virgin money- would virgin remove their cash advance fee?

    • My experience of retrospectively reversing transactions on Curve is that the cash advance fee is not automatically removed but interest payments are. Presumably if you contacted Virgin they should remove it.

      • Correct – by default the fee (and the report to the credit reference agencies) remains – but there’s no harm in asking Virgin if they are willing to remove those.

  5. faulty85 says:

    O/T sorry no bits! I wondered if anyone one could confirm. I read in a previous article retailers fees are capped at 0.3% for the BA Amex premium. Is this still the case? I am having a disagreement with a business who are trying to claim they are going to have to pay 4% fees.

    • The interchange fee is capped at 0.3%. This is the fee charged by Amex to the card payment provider. The fee charged by the card payment provider to the business can (and will) be higher. Especially as the provider may not differentiate between co-brand Amex and Amex Amex cards (which have no fee), it is easily believable the payment provider is charging 4% to the business for taking Amex.

      • Typo – Amex Amex cards have no fee cap

      • faulty85 says:

        I’m totally confused by it all. Thanks for the comments though.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Interchange fees are only a small part of the fee that businesses (merchants) are charged for their card terminals. The merchants are charged processing fee’s by their own bank plus terminal fees, risk adjustments etc

          The 0.3% interchange fee is the amount the card issuer can charge the merchants bank account for making the transaction.

          The larger the business the closer they get to to the card interchange fee but I doubt any are actually just paying the 0.3%.

        • Peter K says:

          Maybe view it a bit like phone line rental fees for your broadband.
          BT can charge a certain fee per month to internet providers (let’s say £14.99 a month). The internet providers may well charge more than that per month to the consumer (eg EE may charge £17.99 a month, Post Office internet may charge £18.99 a month).

          Likewise, the card issuer (Amex here) may only be able to charge 0.3% for co-brand cards, but the payment processor may charge more.

          Amex cards that are not linked to another brand (eg the Amex gold card) are not included in the interchange cap.

  6. OT – Business Gold. Can anyone confirm is there is an unofficial bonus for adding the first supplementary cardholder to a Gold business card, as there is with the Gold personal? I’m guessing probably not, but helpful to know. Thanks.

    • Roberto says:

      3000MR for each and every card.

      • Only for the first 5 supplementary cards. Up until 13th January you could’ve added and earned 3,000 each card up to 99 supplementary cards.

  7. Chelseafi says:

    O/T Priority Pass lounges in T3 on a Thursday in Feb around 3pm how busy do they get from experience? My son who has PP and 3 mates travelling, so £40 charge for the 4 is that correct too? Thanks

  8. Benilyn says:

    OT: Just got a message from our fave CC top up app telling me using them for points / cash advance is against the rules and if I keep doing it they will close account.

    • memesweeper says:

      Would that be R*****t or M****e?

    • Just use Curve for cash withdrawals then? At least until they decide otherwise!

    • Me2….. Hey ho…

      • Got the same Monday, when I got in touch wrt virgin top-up cash advance fee in turned out my account was locked even though original message only threatened a suspension if I continued. (I hadn’t). Took a while on chat to get it unlocked. Much discussion on where the funds had been transferred and why

  9. Scottydoggiom says:

    Ive read about people ‘self referring’ Amex cards to get the bonus
    To do this, do you need to use different person email addresses to get it to work ?
    Im thinking of referring from Amex Platinum to BAPP , for context

  10. OT: is Hilton barclaycard still ok with Revolut? I have used the card but can’t see charge. Wonder if it will come with statement
    Also has anyone actually used virgin this week with no charge?

    • to answer my own question: transaction of 16/01-no fee but fee from that of 19/01. Strangely they have same MCC code of 7851. no idea why one attracted a fee and the other didnt

      • Are you sure 7851 isn’t the last few digits of your Revoult card? I can’t find an MCC of 7851

        • definately not my cc/revolut digits. Thats what surprised me as people have been saying different mcc.
          Revolut*7851*, Revolut.Com
          2000.00 POUND STERLING GREAT BRITAIN Visa Card

          My Revolut card ends with **97

          • TGLoyalty says:

            That isn’t the MCC is it thought that was just a reference.

            Mine always says Revolut*8944* on my Lloyd’s and Revolut*3674* on my Hilton.

            Neither are my Revolut card or account numbers but do seem to be the same reference on those two cards perhaps a number Revolut knows the issuer by?

          • The number after “Revolut” in the merchant name is an arbitrary ID that Revolut assigns. It is not the MCC.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Charges being applied today from what I’ve read on HH Barclaycard.

  11. Martin C says:

    Hi, has this offer of 3,000 avios expired already as I can’t see it when logging into my Amex account?

    • ThinkSquare says:

      It appears from previous comments that not everybody got the offer

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      No, finishes in mid Feb. Did you save the offer to your account as I think the max limit has been used already.

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