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Virgin Atlantic cuts redemption prices and scraps change fees at Virgin Flying Club

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Virgin Atlantic has announced a few key changes to Virgin Flying Club redemptions tonight as it attempts to put bums on seats during the coronavirus crisis.

Change 1

First, redemptions made between 18.15 tonight (Friday 6th March) and the end of March will NOT incur change fees.  This allows you to change the date of your redemption, subject to seats being available, for free.

Standard cancellation charges will still apply, as per any usual Flying Club redemption, should you want to cancel your ticket entirely and get all your miles and taxes back.

Virgin Atlantic coronavirus changes to reward flights

Change 2

Three routes have seen their mileage requirements cut.  These discounts are already live and are valid for bookings until 20th March.

Heathrow to Washington Dulles

Economy tickets, for travel in April and May, reduced by 5,000 miles

The new price is 15,000 miles on standard dates and 35,000 miles on peak dates

Heathrow to Boston

Premium tickets, for travel in April and May, reduced by 10,000 miles

The new price is 25,000 miles on standard dates and 45,000 miles on peak dates

Heathrow to Boston

Upper Class tickets, for travel in April, reduced by 15,000 miles

The new price is 80,000 miles on standard dates and 100,000 miles on peak dates

This seems a bit half-hearted, but if you were planning to visit these cities anyway then a discount is a discount.  Whether cash prices have gone down by more than the value of the mileage discount is another question …..

Virgin Flying Club redemption changes coronavirus

Change 3

Virgin Atlantic has opened up availability sharply on many key routes.  As it happens, British Airways has done the same this afternoon.

There is a SeatSpy search box to your in the right hand sidebar if you are reading this on desktop, or under under this article on the mobile site.

This availability has not been opened up across the board.  I can’t see much improvement on tourist routes such as Barbados, for example, from either British Airways or Virgin Atlantic.

However, if you don’t have anything booked for Easter then now is a VERY good time to start looking.  The Virgin Flying Club home page is here.

PS. Here is a tip. Do NOT pay for excess baggage or, on BA, seat reservations.  This money is not refundable if you voluntarily cancel later.

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How to earn Virgin Points from UK credit cards (June 2024)

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Comments (79)

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  • Mikeact says:

    Any news re BA Awards in respect of changes, cancellations etc ?

    • Rob says:


      • Jim says:

        Hi Rob, I’ve noted a few queries such as this; are you making enquires, via your contacts, in this respect? Rgds

        • Rob says:

          I spent all morning working with the Financial Times for a piece on this. BA has no policy and has more to worry about at the moment. If you’re not flying you won’t be needing that status in a hurry anyway.

          • John says:

            I have a Lloyds Upgrade Voucher due to expire in the summer – I would be very interested to learn whether BA will be willing to extend it in the circumstance – and also whether changes/cancellations will be free (not £35 etc) as they suggest cash fares are. Thanks

          • Lady London says:

            @John a comment yesterday that apparently BA is not waiving fees on award changes / refunds.

  • AndyGWP says:

    What’s the quickest (immediate?), cheapest way to get 13k Virgin Flying club miles

    Is it directly from Virgin (for £195)?

    (I have no Membership Rewards to use either)

    • Will says:

      £20.8 of clubcard vouchers?

      Not instant but usually very quick

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Amex MR immediate but maybe dependant if you have set up transfer details prior to redemption.

      • ChrisC says:


        “I have no Membership Rewards to use either”

        The only instant way is to buy them

        If boking by phone the agent will wait whilst you buy them. If on line the last time I looked it allowed you to buy miles during the booking process.

        • Shoestring says:

          well I never knew that! moment

          [Want to treat someone?
          You don’t have to be the one flying to benefit from our Miles Plus Money discounts. You can also use your miles towards somebody else’s flight, or to reduce the cost of a family ticket.]

  • Erico1875 says:

    WTF !!!
    for the last 7 weeks Ive been searching availability to get back from India end if Easter hols, 18/19 April. Econ Cash OWs were around £600pp. Not a reward seat from any city . On Sunday, I ended up booking from Kuwait as that was the only reward availability available ME and Asia and cash tickets from Goa to Kuwait with OMan Air.
    Now as of today, BA have dumped half a plane load of reward flights those dates out of Bengaluru

  • Nige says:

    Eagerly awaiting two upperclass seats to open up for the return of my vegas trip in August. Currently in PE on the way back, chances of that happening??? Slim to none Me thinks.

    • Mark says:

      You don’t state you ideal return date or qty required, but I have just checked and their is availability back from Vegas.

      Hope you get in quick!

  • manoj brahmbhatt says:

    Qatar have announced that they will either let you rebook at no cost (other than fare difference) or give a travel voucher for the fare cost, to be used within the next 12 months, for all CL flights booked up until the end of June.


  • Freddy says:

    Must try harder

  • Richard says:

    OT, but virus refund related. We have a Mediterranean Disney cruise booked in May. They have just emailed to offer full refund in Disney cruise credit to be used up to 15 months from original sail date. And that option remains open until 1 day before original cruise date. I’m impressed with that, but the cynic in me says this will reduce any cash compo if they cancel later (3 ports are in Italy).

    Flights are RFS and pre cruise hotel is points so we have an option until 1 day before to see what changes.

    • Shoestring says:

      cruise ships were labelled ‘human petri dishes’ (for Coronavirus) today! 🙂

      don’t let that deter you from a great holiday

      • Richard says:

        Hahaha, I’m hoping if we still go in May then it will be nice and quiet!

        • Fenny says:

          And you’ll probably get an extra 2 weeks at home when you come back!

          I want to know whether I can self-isolate on my allotment. I rarely see anyone up there and never get closer than about 20ft when I do.

        • Spursdebs says:

          I’ve got a cruise to Norway in May to replace the cruise around Japan that got cancelled. I just hope this one isn’t cancelled. As for self isolating I’m stuck indoors all the time any way makes no difference to me.

  • Odin says:

    Have a word shoestring! “This is war’: Doctor leading search for coronavirus vaccine says it’s the most frightening disease he’s ever encountered as second British victim is confirmed and number of UK cases rises to 164”

    • Shoestring says:

      yesterday a 75YO woman and now an 88YO man

      why is 2 deaths so far any more frightening than the many thousands who die every year (in UK) from sepsis, influenza, pneumonia etc?

      these weak, old people don’t live forever and something will come along to carry them off, if it’s not one of the common 3 I mentioned it might be coronavirus, infection after falls etc

      • Spursdebs says:

        I’m in a high risk group and I agree with you Harry. I don’t understand the panic especially amongst young, fit and healthy people.

        • Callum says:

          And what panic are you referring to exactly? I’ve not seen a single person panic…

          Unless you’re defining panic as a general preference not to catch a highly contagious virus that has killed 3,500 and counting?

          • Spursdebs says:

            You’ve not met my sister in law then.

          • Shoestring says:

            Or my wife. She’s otherwise brainy but hopeless in the face of health matters, she was terrible about going to Thailand during SARS 🙂

            Now she’s flying home every other weekend to see her mum in hospital and panicking at both the idea of getting Coronavirus at the airport etc or abroad – *AND* panicking at the idea of not flying and not seeing her mum. It’s a right laugh at home.

            Yesterday I sat her down to listen to the UK’s most eminent expert on Coronavirus rationally assessing the (fairly minimal for most of us) risks – go to 02:10 – and she did calm down, worth a listen if you are starting to worry unduly

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            You’ve not seen the empty toilet roll shelves in my local Morrison’s then, that’s panic people!

      • Doug M says:

        Indeed. How many deaths will result from the upcoming Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Roll wars.

        • Spursdebs says:

          I suppose if it means more people are washing their hands and not being such dirty sods it will be something I guess!

          • Secret Squirrel says:

            The latest KFC advert on TV is very controversial. 😁 Centres around people licking their fingers with enjoyment, I wonder how many people wash their hands before eating, after handling filthy bank notes, hands on counters etc.

          • Spursdebs says:

            People in general are slobs, my days are spent in disposable gloves cleaning up something unpleasant I’m always washing something my house always smells of bleach or disinfectant. Always amazes me the amount of Drs who don’t wash their hands before touching you.

          • Lady London says:

            +1 on dirty docs. At least in UK.

            So @Shoestring you seem to be saying coronavirus carrying off the old and weak is kind of a “nature’s market correction” ?

          • Shoestring says:

            I’m not saying that – there was a Scottish MP who said that yesterday and was roundly condemned – a Scotch one if I remember correctly

          • Shoestring says:

            Former Scottish government worker claims a coronavirus pandemic ‘would be quite useful’ in killing off NHS bed blockers in the wake of the first UK death
            Professor June Andrews admitted to MSPs that her comments sounded ‘horrific’
            But insisted they were an honest assessment of consequences of a pandemic
            She blamed politicians for not properly funding hospitals with higher tax rates

          • Lady London says:

            Nearly as not-a-good-thing-to-say-although-perfectly-correct as Edwina Currie’s comment about salmonella being endemic in UK chicken farms that got her sacked.

          • Shoestring says:

            yep it’s in that ‘I might think that as it’s the rational response but not good to say it’ area

      • M S says:

        I don’t think you or many others are aware how serious this is. Petals you don’t have friends in Asia, Italy or Iran. Or perhaps you don’t have relatives and friends who are vulnerable. But an epidemic which overwhelms the NHS will affect more than just them.

        • M S says:


        • Spursdebs says:

          Just told you I’m high risk, I’m more scared of catching a common cold, but I’m a stoic woman who deals with life’s dramas as they happen, and I’ve got more than my share of those on a daily basis. Some people are scared of their own shadows.

          • M S says:

            I wasn’t referring to you. I just don’t think people should be selfish or complacent about this situation.

          • Spursdebs says:

            You expect to much from people. If you think those that are already selfish and self absorbed are going to be less during a virus outbreak you are going to be disappointed.

        • Lady London says:

          * Exactly.

      • M S says:

        Like I said…

        If people can’t be altruistic, perhaps they can be careful for their own sake.

      • Ming the Merciless says:

        Twice as deadly as Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool.

      • Mikeact says:

        Any chance you might know a way of telling me when I’m likely to pop off ? I remember looking at the ‘Death Clock’ app years ago when they were in their infancy……and I’m still here.
        Somebody told me that for every hour you run, adds half hour to your life…but, work that one out.

    • Don says:

      Could you reference the Doctor please? I’d like to read this comments

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