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easyJet to restart flights from 15th June

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easyJet has announced that it will restart flights from 21 European airports on 15th June.

Flights will operate from the following UK airports:

  • London Gatwick
  • Bristol
  • Birmingham
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Inverness
  • Belfast
  • Isle of Man

easyjet restart flights 15th June

Luton, interestingly, is not included despite the large easyJet operation there.

Other airports which will see the reintroduction of orange tailfins are:

  • France – Nice, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon, Lille
  • Switzerland – Geneva
  • Portugal – Lisbon, Porto
  • Spain – Barcelona

Initially, the majority of flights will be on domestic routesLondon Gatwick to Nice is the only international route I can find from the UK.

There will be no buy-on-board food service on these flights, and customers (and cabin crew) will be required to wear face masks.

Tickets are now bookable on the easyJet website.


It is worth pondering the extent to which the airlines are planning a face-off with the UK Government over foreign travel this Summer.

Greece has already stated that it will welcome UK tourists from 1st July, with hotels and beaches fully open.  (Greece has had very few deaths from coronavirus – under 175 so far.)

Germany, Austria and some adjacent countries will reopen their borders from 15th June.  In London, which had zero new coronavirus cases on Monday (albeit with some data not reported), the Metropolitan Police has stated that it will refuse to enforce the Government quarantine rules.

Are we going to see the airlines putting flights on sale, and advertising them openly, whilst the Government attempts to enforce 14-days quarantine without police help?  For most people working from home, ‘quarantine’ is no different to their daily routine anyway.  Let’s see how the flight schedules start to develop for July.

Comments (88)

  • Oh! Matron! says:

    It’s too soon 🙁 Way too soon.

    • Rhys says:

      15th June is almost 4 weeks away!

      • Oh! Matron! says:

        You’re right. People are going to miraculously stop dying in the next 4 weeks. My bad.

        • Yuff says:

          They already are!

        • Rob says:

          Even ignoring Monday, which could be a statistical fluke, identified infections in the whole of London and Eastern England (15 million people) are running at 20 per day. That’s not 20 going into hospital – that is 20 people tested and found to be infected. Statistically none of those 20 will die.

          • Oh! Matron! says:

            Monday’s are always an anomaly, due to the lack of reporting at the weekends, which tends to lead to higher figures

            Yes, we are seeing a reduction of both cases and deaths, which is great. My point was, though, that in 4 weeks, are people expecting this to have completely disappeared?

          • The Lord says:

            No but we cant expect the country and economy to be on pause until cases are at zero or a a vaccine is found. The risk of catching covid has fallen dramatically and the chances of hospitalisation or death are so low. Like any risk that cannot be fully eliminated we have to learn to live with it and adapt.

          • J says:

            If they thought it would completely disappear, they wouldn’t be asking passengers to wear masks.

          • Lady London says:

            The mask thing is about falsely reassuring the public and helping people feel they are doing something. nonprofessional ones dont protect the wearer at all and max 5% protection to others against infection by the mask wearer

          • J says:

            @Lady London: Yeah, I reckon you’re right there. I was just feeling flippant about the suggestion that nothing could progress until the virus had been eradicated 🙂

          • TGLoyalty says:

            It will never be eradicated. The governments are trying to manage the spread until there are treatments and or vaccinations.

            Roll on June 15th

          • Callum says:

            Lady London – I would LOVE to see where your evidence for “non professional” (whatever that means?) masks being useless and only preventing 5% of transmissions comes from.

            Would I be correct in assuming you’ve just made it up loosely based on random soundbites you’ve heard over the last few weeks but don’t remember well enough to cite?

            It’s certainly not what a myriad of infectious disease experts believe, but what would they know?

            (In the interests of fairness, I’ll point out that experts aren’t infallible and if you can back up your claims then maybe you actually do know better than them!)

          • Lady London says:

            @Callum ‘nonprofessional’ is my shorthand way of saying ‘not N95 and not N100’ nor any other standard applying to masks issued for professional use to nurses, doctors and others witg a professional requirement for protection.

            The 5% protection for others from homemade or disposable or other nonprofessional masks if you wear one, and no protection from them for you, has been in more consumer information sources than i can count. I mentioned it to my doctor and she agreed. 5% would be at the conservative end but no source I saw went above quoting a 5-15% range.

            I first saw it in a newsletter from another country’s equivalent of Which? Across sources in 4 countries, including the UK, that I’ve seen, 5% appears safe to say. So far it sounds like it would be unwise to count on more.

            Why do men seem to think 1 foot is 1 metre? And why do women seem to think their own homemade cloth mask makes them safe so tbey literally dont care how close they come to you in the supermarket pushing past you to grab things? No idea but how little protection is really offered by non-professional masks is known to many who read the same stuff as me, but apparently still not to enough people that think it really protects them.

          • TGLoyalty says:

            @Callum agree with LL everything I’ve read says simple homemade face coverings like bandanas/t-shirts etc stop 5%-15% of the particles leaving your mouth. You can get up to about 40% if you start putting in coffee filters and use heavier duty cloths but breathing starts to become an issue.

            While they reduce the particles leaving your mouth and nose they can’t stop you getting it as your eyes are uncovered.

            This isn’t about science it’s about making people “feel” better.

          • Lady London says:

            @Callum this is the kind of stuff that’s about in consumerland 60millions-mag dot com, select 25th March issue for example. On this particular site there’s other articles on how to make masks, and a really good other one on behaviour to ensure hygiene when you:re wearing a mask. Like wash your hands before you put one in on, don’t be touch it whike be wearing it even if it scratches or itches, change it after 4 hours if you can, when taking it off putnit into a sealed bag straight away and dispose (if disposable) or temperature requirements and duration of wash to clean it (if cloth).

            One of the articles does mention various studies but they’re quite old. This is consumer source so secondary research at best but relatively independent and questioning. The article Rob posted a link to nearly 3 weeks ago was a much better level but the website I gave as above is like Which? with a bit of MSE tossed in.

        • Heathrow Flyer says:

          What a load of codswallop Oh! Matron!

          You can’t completely eliminate the risk. At what point do you suggest we re-open international links? When there is no economy left?

          There are many more metrics to consider – not just the infection rate and number of deaths.

      • Spaghetti Town says:

        I think that is a good timeline for a gradual ramp up of flights.

    • Charlieface says:

      As they say in the USA, colour war is over, everyone back to work. It’s all finished, stop gawping.

      • mvcvz says:

        Who has ever said that in the US? Where? When?

        • Charlieface says:

          I meant it’s an expression they use when the fun is all over. Covid is finished in the UK, everyone stop fretting and go back to work/leisure/crime

  • Mike says:

    I had a flight from Zurich->Berlin return June 12-14. Not going given the current situation. EasyJet is offering a voucher/changing flight. I just want my money back. Logging into EasyJet Manage My Booking there is no option for a refund and been on hold for over an hour on multiple calls. Any suggestions how to pursue a refund?

    Will the EU refund policy protect me here even though the flight originated in Switzerland? FWIW these were two separate tickets, so one ticket Zurich to Berlin and another separate ticket Berlin to Zurich.

    • Rhys says:

      Try writing to [email protected]
      following these instructions:
      Subject Line : Booking Reference/Departure Date/EN

      • Mike says:

        thanks what is the legal obligation for EasyJet?

        • Rhys says:

          The same as for any other European airline from a European departure: they are legally required to process a refund or rebook (your choice) if they cancel a flight.

        • Lady London says:

          For the avoidance of doubt if the flight runs but you dont fly on it Easyjet standard terms means you cannot get a refund you can only change the flight. For which they normally charge eye-watering change fees (either overt, or fees hidden in a different pricelist for your replacement flight that they use instead of the internet price when you phone in).

          What they wont always tell you is if you just cancel or miss the flight, UK law (not sure if EU or just UK) entitles you to the ‘tax’ portion of the flight to be refunded. You have to ask for it. Easyjet doea not do it automatically.

          in your case the taxes from CH are extremely low so if the flight’s not cancelled yet, personally I’d move it now as some current temporary concessions may not last as long as you might need them to.

  • Anna says:

    The Met have not said they will “refuse” to enforce quarantine. The commissioner has said that she has other priorities and that there are other officials who can do it. If they are specifically instructed to do it by the Home Office, they are not going to have much choice, especially if individual chief officers want their QPMs and knighthoods.

    • Harry T says:

      I think they will drop the 14 day quarantine anyway.

      • The Lord says:

        Agreed, don’t see the point any more. The most popular destinations to/from the UK are ahead of us and are further along in their reopening.

        • Harry T says:

          I’m more likely to get covid in the North East of England than anywhere in Europe at present. I’d have to travel to South America or parts of the US to find somewhere with less control of covid. If I go to Germany and return to the UK, I’m more likely to spread covid to Germany than bring it from Italy to the UK.

          • Rob says:

            But, with 17% of Londoners having antibodies, it is also approaching herd immunity.

          • Lady London says:

            17 % ? That’s good news. How long does immunity last?

            If we get this right then soon London’s tourist marketing will be able to say “Come to London and boost your immunity”.

        • Callum says:

          I feel like I’ve said this a million times on this site….


          An infectious person is an infectious person. Remember back when there was one single person on the whole planet who had it? Now way over 5 million do. It makes PERFECT sense to quarantine arrivals from countries with a lower infection rate.

        • Harry T says:

          It might make sense if we didn’t have such a high rate of community transmission and prevalence anyway. It’s like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted and impregnated every horse in the village.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          While it continues spreading around the UK … you are cutting off your nose to spite your face.

          If we have close to zero cases then I agree time to quarantine everyone (except it won’t be everyone because some travellers are required so it will eventually creep back in again)

    • J says:

      It’s pretty much a waste of police time unless they are given any legal powers to enforce, which it doesn’t seem will happen. Statutory Instruments 350 and 500 apply to very few of the breaches of government guidlines.

      • Anna says:

        And if there are no enforcement powers it will be a complete waste of time anyway!

        • Spaghetti Town says:

          Most people travelling in won’t be looking into the regulations and will assume it is law. Not all won’t, but the majority will likely follow the guidelines.

          • memesweeper says:

            Absolutely correct. Most people will not break the law even if unenforced or just easily breached with a high probability of success (or at least, not a diesease control law, and not just to go on holiday).

            In my street the ‘what will the neighbours think’ factor would also need to be taken into account.

        • abc says:

          It won’t. If 90%/60%/40% of people follow it, it will have 90%/60%/40% of the effect, as the UK is not going to eliminate the disease completely (in contrast to, say, New Zealand, where already one infected person coming in undetected would be disastrous). Even just having it as recommendation would prevent a lot of people from travelling and a lot others, in particular those that can work from home anyway, to actually stay at home for two weeks after a trip.

    • Ian says:

      I don’t think they have. What they have said is that enforcing quarantine is not workable. The Police cannot refuse to enforce the law of the land, they just have to make practical decisions about how they prioritise their roles with limited resources.

    • Matt B says:

      The Home Office cannot direct the police to do anything. The Police are Crown Servents, and unlike other countries cannot be give directions by politicians.

      • mark2 says:

        What about Police and Crime Commissioners?

        • Spaghetti Town says:

          doesn’t the queen have to approve the appointment of those or something?

          • Anna says:

            No, they are voted in by the approximately 10-20% of the voting public who could actually give a monkeys about them.

        • Ian says:

          What about them? They can only set policy, not direct the Police to do anything other than enforce the laws enacted by Parliament.

          • Anna says:

            They can remove chief constables in certain circumstances (I’ve only ever heard of it happening once). They are a complete waste of money.

      • Anna says:

        Of course they can; they issue the guidance on all police conduct. If legislation exists, and the police refuse to enforce it, they can be sanctioned, from the top down, they are not autonomous entities. Failure to enforce the law can constitute neglect of duty. And believe me, chief officers very often do what politicians tell them with a view to future honours and lucrative post-retirement careers (though no-one actually takes any notice of PCCs if they can possibly get away with it).

  • Anna says:

    MAN isn’t mentioned in the list, yet Easyjet are selling flights to and from there in July/August.

  • Julian says:

    Easyjet originally quoted that if my flight was cancelled I can change it to “any flight across our network.”
    After my flight my cancelled they adjusted the terms and conditions to “Within Europe”
    Is that legal? Can they adjust the terms of sale after sale is complete?

    • Harry T says:

      I was under the impression it had always been Europe that was covered under the change offer. I changed my Italy flights for May 2020 to flights to Prague for Easter 2021, and was fairly pleased with that.

    • Lady London says:

      no they cant, legally. i hope you deliberately book one of their few destinations on the African continent and demand they provide what they promised originally and dont let them force you into any solution you dont want.

      • memesweeper says:

        I recommend Jordan 🙂

      • Genghis says:

        I don’t fully understand OP’s circumstances but it’s invitation to treat vs offer. OP would need to provide more details of exactly what happened for the (barrack-room) lawyers to opine.

        • Lady London says:

          it was in their published info and was a major reason I decided not to refund a number of EZ flights that got cancelled. there are very few places I want to go with easyjet mostly I would do only routes from 2 London airports ro 2 other destinations.

          I dont need any more flights to those but rathee than take the cash refund I waa entitled to off Easyjet I was going to use 2-4 cancellations to try out @memesweeper’s destination which I normally wouldnt invest in. Thinking may not be my cup of tea but I’ll give it a go and also help out Easyjet’s cashflow at this difficult time by foregoing a refund.

          So I dont know if giving up my refund value on the basis of the flexibility to include, say, @memesweeper’s destination on my existing booking counts as consideration in order to make what you are terming an invitation to treat, into getting me the destination their published offer that I have effectively accepted not to refund my flight, but if I cant rely on what Easyjet offered and I have accepted then I will claim £2-3,000 back from them now and might even consider going back to British Airways for my boring destinations and Ryanair for more interesting ones.

    • Callum says:

      Did you book your flight before or after they announced this? If before, given its a completely voluntary move by easyJet, I don’t see you getting anywhere.

      Harry T – there is still a page on their website saying any flight across their entire network. The link from the homepage does specify Europe only though.

  • Save East Coast Rewards says:

    Just got this email from BA:
    We’re very sorry to let you know that your BA7301 flight to Milan Linate [from LCY] on Monday, 08 June 2020 has been cancelled. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

    So it looks like while EZY are opening up their June schedules BA are still pruning theirs

    • The Lord says:

      Could just be a LCY thing, not heard anything about flights resuming there. Would imagine not likely for a while as no demand from City/CW and so much excess capacity at LHR. Makes sense for BA to consolidate for now.

  • Ian M says:

    This is good to see. Hopefully other airlines will follow suit!

    • Neil says:

      Jet2 are resuming all their flights on 17th June according to their only announcement on the subject.

  • Michael C says:

    IOM Government announced they would re-assess border situation on 15 June: fits in exactly with this, though seems v early for me.

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