Has your British Airways Executive Club status been upgraded or extended today?

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As promised last week, British Airways has processed (or is at least in the middle of processing) the final batch of status upgrades and extensions today.

British Airways implemented status extensions for the majority of British Airways Executive Club members last week.

However, there were two scenarios under which you wouldn’t have been done before today.

My british airways executive account status has not been extended

If your Executive Club year-end was 8th May or 8th June:

If you have an expiry date of 8th May or 8th June, your status had not yet changed.

There is a reason for this.  If you had an 8th May or 8th June expiry date, your membership card was still valid and ran until 30th June or 31st July respectively.

This appeared to confuse the BA IT system.  However, the extensions were done today as promised.  Here is my wife’s account:

British Airways status extension

To be honest, I thought that her extension would not be done until the end of July 2021, but it has been done today.

My british airways executive account status has not been extended

If your status was due to be upgraded with reduced tier points:

British Airways has applied the new, lower, tier point thresholds today.  As a reminder, these are:

Bronze status – 225 tier points (was 300 points) 

Silver status – 450 tier points (was 600 tier points)

Gold status – 1,125 tier points (was 1,500 tier points)

If you qualify by segments flown, these targets have also been reduced by 25%.

If you have reached this number of points, check your British Airways account.  It should have been upgraded.

You should also see that the number of points you need for promotion is reduced.  Here is my Mum’s account, showing that she can be Bronze for 225 tier points rather than the usual 300:

British Airways status extension

Hopefully everyone who was due an extension or promotion has now received it.

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  1. Hamza says:

    Mine is still showing Bronze on the phone app. When I check on the web, it still shows Bronze but further down it says you have achieved Silver. My phone app also shows 3/4 flights done although I have actually taken 8/50 so I am assuming by the end of the day it will settle down.

    • Give it a few days to let BA’s IT catch up!

      • Stuart says:

        My year end is March 2021. I have flown one round trip F class to the US so only 2 of the 4 flights needed.
        My account still shows my year end as March 2021 and reduced points of 1,1125 needed to maintain Gold.
        Will this change to give me an extra year, or is it waiting for me to fly another 2 segments? or do I miss out?

        • your year end will remain March 2021 – what does it say in your account about your “card expiry date” – should be 2022…

  2. Geoff says:

    Rob, do we expect upgrades to GGL as well at a reduced threshold?

  3. HPN-HRL says:

    My Card expiry date was moved to 31 July 2022 sometime earlier today.

    Details: TP collection date ended 09 June 2020, I had retained Gold by mid-August 2019 and earned the 2500TP GUF2 in early May of this year.

  4. Maria says:

    My expiry date is 8th July 2020 and still hasn’t been extended. I’m 20 Tier points away from retaining Silver so hopefully, fingers crossed, they’ll extent in the next couple of days!

  5. Ben Goulding-Huckle says:

    Mine says “Silver achieved” but still showing Bronze membership.

    • Mawalt says:

      My wife’s Gold card, originally expiring Jul 2021 has been extended to Jul 2022, so good news, assuming the First Wing will re-open…

  6. Shaheer Hafeez says:

    My year end still shows as March 2021 although card expiry date is April 2022. I can see the requirement to retain silver is down to 450 tier points but does that mean I’ll be downgraded to Bronze if I don’t hit the 450 tier points by March 2021?

    • No. You are Silver until April 2022. You don’t need to collect any tier points until 9th March 2021.

  7. Yagamimo says:

    Does anyone know why the 8 April people weren’t extended, given the FCO Travel Advice came in during March?

  8. Simon Spanswick says:

    Despite the best efforts of the HfP team to explain how this extension works and reading the extensive Flyertalk thread, I’m still confused by some (many?) people having been given 2022 dates.

    I am Gold with September year end and achieved 1235 points by the end of February. My account now shows that I’ve retained Gold and my card is now valid until October 2021.

    Yet others talk of 2022 dates, including those whose year ends in June and July. What am I missing? Are the 2022 dates only for those achieving a new higher tier? If so that rewards success and loyalty nicely. For those maintaining a tier, there seems to be a less generous outcome.

    A simple explanation from someone who has worked out this system would be greatly appreciated!

    • Sarah says:

      I’m in pretty much the same position with Sept year end, I’m on over 1,300 TP and it shows that I’ve retained Gold with my card expiry date Oct 2021. I’ve been told by BA that even if I got the full 1,500 before Sept my card still wouldn’t be extended to 2022. Really annoying to see those being upgraded from Silver to Gold getting exactly that.

      • Sarah.

        Agreed, although we are in the ‘Silver’ boat with 500TPs and year end of October, no extra year to 2022 for us either.

    • Here is the answer in one line – you got a one year extension to whatever your card expiry date was showing on 1st July.

      Yours showed Oct 20, so now it shows Oct 21. Those who went up a tier recently got ‘current year plus following year’ so they already had a card year ending in 21, so it now shows 22.

      • Rob.

        Or you could say I got the re-qualification at the reduced TP threshold and no extension, but not both unlike those who will get an upgrade to status will get?

        • ‘Here is the answer in one line – you got a one year extension to whatever your card expiry date was showing on 1st July.’

          And I think you mean 1st June?

  9. My Tier point collection year ends on November 8th, and so far I’ve amassed 915 Tier Points in the current collection year. Does this mean I have Silver until December 2022? Further, if I manage to get the remaining 215 points for the reduced Gold threshold, would that mean gold until December 2022 aswell, or only 2021 (ie no extension)?

  10. Rainer says:

    Got one question. My tier point collection period will end on May 8, 2021. Card valid until 30 June 2022. To retain silver I need 450. However, I am hardly flying with BA this collection period. Does that mean I will be relegated? What is the consequence of this?

    • No, your status is valid until 30th June 2022 (thanks to the status extension). You need to pick up the TPs between May 2021 and May 2022.

  11. Ben Kaye says:

    So to check, I am gold (have been for many years), tier point year ends Oct 8 and I have 880 tier points. I need to earn 245 tier points by Oct 8, 2021 to extend my status through to Oct 8, 2022?

    • If your TP year ends in October then your balance will reset this October and you will lose those 880 TPs, so no – you would need 1125 by October 2021

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