Has your British Airways Executive Club status been upgraded or extended today?

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As promised last week, British Airways has processed (or is at least in the middle of processing) the final batch of status upgrades and extensions today.

British Airways implemented status extensions for the majority of British Airways Executive Club members last week.

However, there were two scenarios under which you wouldn’t have been done before today.

My british airways executive account status has not been extended

If your Executive Club year-end was 8th May or 8th June:

If you have an expiry date of 8th May or 8th June, your status had not yet changed.

There is a reason for this.  If you had an 8th May or 8th June expiry date, your membership card was still valid and ran until 30th June or 31st July respectively.

This appeared to confuse the BA IT system.  However, the extensions were done today as promised.  Here is my wife’s account:

British Airways status extension

To be honest, I thought that her extension would not be done until the end of July 2021, but it has been done today.

My british airways executive account status has not been extended

If your status was due to be upgraded with reduced tier points:

British Airways has applied the new, lower, tier point thresholds today.  As a reminder, these are:

Bronze status – 225 tier points (was 300 points) 

Silver status – 450 tier points (was 600 tier points)

Gold status – 1,125 tier points (was 1,500 tier points)

If you qualify by segments flown, these targets have also been reduced by 25%.

If you have reached this number of points, check your British Airways account.  It should have been upgraded.

You should also see that the number of points you need for promotion is reduced.  Here is my Mum’s account, showing that she can be Bronze for 225 tier points rather than the usual 300:

British Airways status extension

Hopefully everyone who was due an extension or promotion has now received it.

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  1. My (December year end) status year is still unextended. Looks like another example of marketing promising more than IT can deliver. (Not only a BA failing, that one.)

  2. Yes, my status year end date has now been extended from 31 July 2021 until 2022.

  3. James says:

    My status has been extended until 30 June 2022.
    This worked out well for me as I qualified for Gold back in 18/19. It would have expired in May 2020, except for the new parent status hold that I used last year. This new extension takes it out another year… 3 years for the points of 1. Although… perhaps not that useful given I’m not flying much anymore anyway 🙂

  4. Wilson says:

    Same here it has been extended 2022.

    Other question, I have now two accounts since my company created a new one. Can I merge them and will the one with higher status be the one that is valid? How to do it?

    • BA takes this sort of thing very seriously and there is a risk that they close both. If you can avoid letting them know (and that means keeping your passport data and card data out of one the accounts, and using different email addresses) it’s easier. Otherwise approach them, explain honestly and hope for the best.

      • Wilson says:

        Thank you both…. will do as you say.

        Just had seen the follwoing and thoughts it’s not that a big deal.

        QUOTE//Combining (or merging) duplicate Executive Club accounts
        Answer Id 1051 Updated 20/04/2017 05.37 PM (BST)
        I seem have two Executive Club accounts – can I merge them into one?
        If you’ve got two Executive Club accounts in your name it’s easy for us to merge them into one – the Avios from one account will be transferred across to the other, and then the empty account will be closed. The remaining account number will then be your permanent membership number to use in the future.

        To merge two accounts into one, please contact your nearest Executive Club Service Centre.

        Please note: You can only merge two accounts if they are both in the same name. If members of the same family wish to ‘merge’ their accounts, they should consider opening a Household Account//UNQUOTE

    • How long have you had the second account? You can terminate your membership by sending a letter to BAEC and cutting up a physical card in half but by doing so you lose any Avios and lifetime TP accrued.. Also if you have a BA Amex card which earns Avios credited to that account you may have that account suspended as well You cannot merge two accounts into one. I would stop using the newer account immediately.

    • 3.5. Applicants accepted as Members will be given a Membership Number and may be provided with a Card. A Member may not have multiple Memberships. Each Member must maintain only one account. If a Member violates this rule, all Memberships (other than the first Membership approved by British Airways) will be cancelled, as will any Avios points contained in the cancelled accounts.

  5. onlysuites says:

    Mine is saying Silver achieved but still reflecting Gold.

  6. fivebobbill says:

    Rob/Anyone please.
    The wife and I are both BA Blue, always have been, both our accounts year end is Oct 2020, we currently have Zero tier points, with a new counter target of 225 points for Bronze.
    We are looking at doing Singapore in Qatar Business from Stockholm in February which I think gives us 560 tier points each.
    We will have done the 2 qualifying BA flights by then, so does this mean we will become Silver?
    And if so, until when?
    Sorry if a stupid question, I only ask as we would only do the Qatar flights if the Silver works in our favour.

    • You actually need 4 BA flights for Silver, 2 for Bronze,

      But assuming you can get the 4, then yes, and until November 30th 2022, as you will have ( should have) just been extended until Nov 2021 at Blue ( upgrade is rest of current year plus one year, normal rules).

      • fivebobbill says:

        Thanks for this Alan, yes sorry 4 flights.
        We are flying with BA Belfast – Heathrow – Dubai before the end of the year, all on one booking reference, but 4 flights obviously. Can I assume this fulfils the 4 flights requirement?

        • fivebobbill says:

          Return of course …

        • The 4 flights Belfast to Dubai via LHR would have to be paid for ie not reward flights and would have to be in your new TP earning year ie after 9 Oct 2020. If so they will give you the four qualifying flights and the Qatar flights will give you the 560 TP which will be way over the requirement for Silver which is now 450TP. You could, depending on how many TP you earn on your Dubai trip be close to Silver on that trip alone. Then the Singapore flights might take you close to Gold which is 1,125 TP!

          • fivebobbill says:

            Thanks AJA, unfortunately the Dubai trip is in Y (package), but BA metal and paid for.

          • @fivebobbill, you will earn TP on the Dubai trip even in economy. If you log in to BAEC and go into MMB for the trip you should see what TP and Avios you will earn (provided you’ve entered your BAEC number into the booking). Economy lowest (Q,O,G class) will earn you 20TP and 851 Avios each way between LHR and DXB and 5TP and 125 Avios each way between BHD and LHR. So that return trip will net you 50TP and 1952 Avios meaning you only need to earn another 400TP to get Silver. The 4 flights to will count as Qualifying flights

          • fivebobbill says:

            75 TP and 3131 Avios each, so work that one out!

          • @ fivebobbill I suspect that one of your flights between LHR and BHD is actually operated by Aer Lingus.
            Avios TP Flight Airline
            500 20 BHD-LHR BA
            851 20 LHR-DXB BA
            1702 35 DXB-LHR BA
            78 0 LHR-BHD Aer Lingus
            3131 75 Total

          • fivebobbill says:

            You see I could NEVER have worked that one out!!
            One more flight required then 🙁

          • Not necessarily, as long as the Aer Lingus operated flight has a BA flight number it will count as an eligible flight.

            An eligible flight is any of the following:
            BA operated + BA flight prefix
            BA operated + other flight prefix
            Other carrier operated + BA flight prefix
            IB operated + IB flight prefix

          • fivebobbill says:

            you’re right AAJA, just checked and BOTH BHD-LHR legs are operated by Aer Lingus, Heathrow T2.
            However only one of them has an EI flight number, the other BA.
            Which is a bit of a bollox actually meaning I will indeed need another BA flight for Silver 🙁
            Also explains the odd Tier Points…

          • That is a pain as you definitely will be one flight short of the required 4. But even more of a pain is that you will also have to transfer between T2 and T5 in both directions. I’m also not sure about checked baggage going through as well. You may have to collect bags at LHR and recheck them in.

          • fivebobbill says:

            Done it many times AJA, bags will indeed check through if you’e on one booking ref. but you’re right about the hassle, security etc is a real pain! Have a bit of changeover time on the outward journey though, so I think Plaza Premium will have to get a visit for some chill time…
            Am sure I’ll squeeze another BA flight in somewhere.
            Thanks again for all the info.

    • You need 4 qualifying BA flights. Silver would run to November 2022.

      • fivebobbill says:

        Does my above scenario count as 4 qualifying flights Rob, BA Belfast – LHR – Dubai return – paid for?

        • Yes, my 4 flights this TP year were on one trip, MAN to LAS via LHR return, class does not matter.

  7. Kevin M says:

    I’m sat on 1495 points., (don’t ask why I didn’t get the extra 5 needed for Gold).
    My account: TP Expiry Date 8th July 2020, Card Expiry Date 31 August 2021. (extended). I have more than 4 flights over the past year. I am however still showing as Silver today, any idea why I have not moved up as I am way past the new Gold requirement?

    • Kevin M says:

      UPDATE: BAEC Account Page & BA App still showing Silver but the ‘Progress To Next Tier” says that I have achieved Gold!

  8. I spoke to BA agents 3 times since this was announced. I am a gold member with an 8 June expiry date and short of the reduced tier points required to renew at this level. All 3 told me that my gold status would be extended automatically, which has not happened as I did not meet the criteria.

    It’s only thanks to Head for Points that I understand how this works. Training by BA of its staff around this has obviously been pretty poor, given that 3 different operatives all gave me the incorrect answer.

  9. onlysuites says:

    Anyone had their account updated yet? Mine still Shows bronze when I have 450 to be upgraded to Silver.

    • Do you have 4 one-way cash BA flights on your account this year?

      • onlysuites says:

        Yep. It says Silver achieved but account status is still Bronze. Guess it will take some time.

    • My data point. 7 cash BA flights this collection year. On 460 Tier points.Tier point collection ends 8Sept 2020. Card expiry 31 Oct 2021. App says Bronze but further down ‘silver achieved’ but this hasn’t stuck in practical terms eg still asking me to pay for future seat reservations. Worth following up with BA now or give it longer until BA’s IT catches up ?

  10. Adam Savitz says:

    Exactly the same situation as your wife but still no update to the card expiry date – Showing 08 Jun 2021 / 31 July 2020 (have logged out and in – a few times)

  11. Mike Vince says:

    Can anyone advise. I was Silver and would have retained it had BA not cancelled a return flight to Dublin in late April, with my status year ending in May.
    So they have downgraded me yet others whose years end in June and July get an automatic extension. Can I do anything?

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