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Noise-free thread for technical issues following our relaunch

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This is a noise-free thread for any technical issues or urgent problems with the new site design.

If you find any broken links, corrupt images or rendering issues, please comment here with the device and browser you are using so we can identify it as quickly as possible.

Please leave any general comments and feedback about the redesign on this article here. Thank you.

Comments (93)

  • Char Char says:

    “Save my name” isn’t work for me in chrome or safari

  • Scott says:

    Hi Rob, on Safari on iPhone reading the BAEC Premier article, pushing back to me right out the site rather than one level back to the home page. Hope that helps.

  • Kevin says:

    Apple News App on iOS is no longer getting any articles. The last article was the one titled “ IMPORTANT: Head for Points site downtime during Tuesday”
    Since then nothing.

    • Rob says:

      Thanks. Hadn’t spotted this. Will fix ASAP.

      • Kevin says:

        Hi Rob
        Just to let you know. It seems to be working a bit better. Of today’s five articles two are showing in IOS news.
        But three are missing which is a real pain

    • Rhys says:

      Will take a look, thanks!

  • AndyGWP says:

    Not sure if this is mentioned, but the new “reply” link in comments is very sensitive (presumably now it’s no longer a button performing a post back)

    Means I keep accidentally pressing it as I scroll thru comment

    Admittedly, this may well be user specific (or will affect a limited set of users), but frustrating none the less so mentioning it 👍🏻

    Otherwise, i know it’s had some criticism but I like the revamp – good work (Only used on mobile so far)

  • tony says:

    Using Chrome, if you click directly onto the “comments” link, it sends you to the top of the article. Likewise, when you try to navigate to another page of comments, it again sends you to the top of the article.

    • Rhys says:

      Yep, we’re working on a solution

    • Rob says:

      None of this was an issue during development. If you know what Cloudflare is, the addition of this when the site went live – and the way it caches certain bits of javascript – appears to be the problem.

      • MD says:

        Glad to hear you’re working on a solution. Having to scroll back down to the comments each time is rather annoying. As is the hypersensitive Reply button which ANDYGWP already mentioned.

  • Colin JE says:

    I realise that this may disappear into the ether.
    1. I just tried to contribute some answers on a thread. My second answer just disappeared when I submitted it. Tried it again and same issue, despite refreshing the page. Have you introduced some torrent blocking scheme to prevent anyone posting more than once within a set time?
    2. I tried to find this post in your monthly index but the index only covers July and before. I had to trawl through my emails to find it. How do we find posts from this month?
    3. On the plus side, well done at fixing the Save my name feature. This seems to work now on Chrome.

    • Rhys says:

      1. It looks like you used some trigger words which put your comments into moderation
      2. Just scroll back far enough on the homepage or use the search function!

      • Colin JE says:

        1. Thanks Rhys. Hmm, can’t think what the trigger word was. It was extremely clean! Just wish I’d kept a copy of my reply.
        2. I hadn’t seen the Older link, thanks. I’d tried search but couldn’t find the article (On TAP status match). Now it does. Good stuff if you’ve fixed search. If not, my bad, for not spotting it.

  • babyg_wc says:

    The site (comments) is almost impossible to read/use on Android mobile, constantly scrolling to find where I was in the comments, usability have really take a nose dive

  • Reney says:

    I have not read this chain, so perhaps these issues has been raised. On my laptop (Chrome):
    1. when I reply to a comment, after pressing submit it takes me all the way back to the top of the page i.e. I lose my reading place.
    2 when I click next page on the comments, it takes me to the next place and all the way to the top of the article, not the top of the comments.

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