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You can now link your Nectar and Avios accounts – this is what you need to do

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The Sainsbury’s and British Airways partnership is now up and running.

You can read our coverage of the Nectar and Avios partnership launch here. Our guide to earning Nectar points is here and our guide to spending Nectar points is here.

How can I transfer points between Avios and Nectar?

The website to link your Nectar and British Airways Executive Club accounts is now live.

On you should go to this page.

The screenshots below are from the Nectar site.

How do you earn your 500 bonus Avios and double Nectar points?

This is how the offer works.

You will receive 500 bonus Avios when you transfer 1,600 Nectar points into 1,000 Avios between 25th January and 14th February.

Once you have done this, you also qualify to receive double Nectar base points on all of your Sainsbury’s shopping up to 19th April.

For absolute clarity, you will NOT receive double Nectar base points on your shopping until you have made a transfer from Nectar into Avios.

Note that:

  • the 1,600 Nectar points must be transferred into your Avios account in one go
  • transfers of less than 1,600 Nectar points into Avios will NOT qualify you to earn double points on your Sainsbury’s shopping
  • you do not receive the bonus if you transfer 1,000 Avios into 1,600 Nectar points and then reverse the transaction
  • the 500 bonus Avios may take 28 days to arrive

Linking your accounts is very easy

Click on this page of the British Airways site.

Once you have provided logged in to both accounts, you’re done. It is very easy.

You will see both your balances together:

Once linked, you can make a transfer.

The minimum transfer out of Avios is 250 Avios, which converts to 400 Nectar points. Transfers must be in chunks of 250 Avios.

The minimum transfer out of Nectar is 400 Nectar points, which converts to 250 Avios. Transfers must be in chunks of 400 Nectar points.

Transfers are instantaneous, which is good news.

Do both accounts need to be in my name?


You can link accounts in different surnames together.

I tried linking my Avios account to a Nectar account in a different name to mine and it worked fine.

This would represent a way of transferring Avios for free between two people by linking and unlinking different Nectar accounts – but be careful.

However, you cannot link and unlink an Avios or Nectar account more than four times in a calendar year. Once you have done this, you cannot link the Nectar card back to ANY Avios account, even one to which it has been previously linked. There is a risk that you end up with a Nectar account which cannot be linked to an Avios account again until 1st January 2022.

Auto-conversion is also possible

You can arrange a weekly conversion of your Avios to Nectar points or Nectar points to Avios.

Once activated:

…… a transfer will take place weekly as long as your Avios balance is above 250 or your Nectar balance is above 400. You can choose which direction to auto-convert.

The ‘cap’ figures shown above – 40,000 Nectar points or 25,000 Avios – are the maximum that can be auto-converted per quarter.

There is a cap on what you can transfer

At no point during the launch of this partnership were we told that there was a cap on the number of points you can transfer. It wasn’t in any of the press information and it wasn’t discussed with me verbally.

There is a cap, however. That said, it is not a huge one.

You are restricted to converting a maximum of 80,000 Nectar points or 50,000 Avios per month via manual conversions.

This is not, I admit, a huge restriction although it will disappoint those who immediately planned to turn 1 million unspendable Avios into eBay, Argos or Sainsbury’s credit.

It appears that the 50,000 Avios per month cap on manual conversions is separate to the 25,000 Avios per QUARTER cap on auto-conversion transfers. This means that the average monthly cap out of Avios is actually 58,333 Avios.

As we are close to the end of the month, anyone looking to move as many Avios as possible should ensure that they use up their January allowance ASAP. You will then be able to move a further 50,000 Avios on 1st February.

If you are part of a British Airways Household Account, you can only transfer your own personal Avios. Other members of your Household Account will need to set up their own Nectar accounts.

To find out more

Go to here and link your accounts. You can make your first transfer immediately and the points will go across instantly.

Comments (234)

  • BP says:

    The 50,000 cap seems to be per Nectar account. So you COULD create multiple Nectar accounts to take advantage of multiple 50k Avios transfers per month to convert to a voucher of your choice…..

    Subject to the limit of you can only link and unlink your Nectar account with Avios 4 times in one year.

  • Gail Oswald says:

    Can I link more than one Nectar account to my Avios account?

  • Ian M says:

    The 50,000 monthly cap is disappointing!

    • Mike says:

      Ian – I agree I have just worked out I have the equivalent of £12,891 Sainsbury value in my Nectar stash – which i was hoping to convert £5000 today ! now I will have to do £400 a month for a few years

      • Peter K says:

        Actually, just over one year. 400 x 12 = £4800.
        So just in time to be able to fly again the way things are going.

  • ChrisC says:

    Just done the conversion,

    Very easy. There is a banner in the nectar app and that takes you to BA where you log in and that’s it – no entering your name etc

    Chose transfer then they send a text with a validation code, you can chose to do a one off or auto convert. I chose one off.

    Et voila all done

    In my Nectar activity is appears as

    “British Airways. -1600

    In my BA account there is a line in transactions –

    “Avios – Nectar – conversion credit

    0 Tier Points 1000 avios”

    This is so easy to do no one should be having any difficulties doing it,

    • ChrisC says:

      You also get 3 emails

      1 from BA saying accounts are linked and can unkink at anytime
      1 from Nectar saying the same
      1 from Nectar confirming the transfer viz –

      Dear Mr x

      Great news, you’ve successfully converted Nectar points to Avios. You can convert up to a maximum of 80,000 Nectar points per month.

      You converted 1,600 Nectar points and your new Nectar balance is now: Xxxx

      If you did not request this, please get in touch with us via our website

    • lumma says:

      Should it not be 1,500 Avios?

  • Tom says:

    Whoops, I was a bit too keen and I transferred some (1,600) Nectar into Avios last night.

    I still have enough Nectar points to do another transfer today to Avios of the same amount, presumably this would meet the T&C’s for the bonus (if the transaction on the 24th didn’t?)

    • AJA says:

      I would try it. Just remember you can’t transfer the other way until after the promotional period is over or you will definitely not get the bonus Avios. You would simply tie up an extra 1600 nectar points for 28 days.

  • Craig says:

    Just transferred, a couple of glitches using the app so took 2 goes. Transfer completed an hour before Sainsbury’s billed today’s delivery. 750 points, 810 if double base points work.

  • Crafty says:

    Linking doesn’t work for me. From BA side, doesn’t accept my (correct) Nectar password. From Nectar side, says “Hold on!” and implies I need to “unlink” first; when I say to do so, an error occurs.

    Anyone else?

  • Crafty says:

    Are we SURE that if I send 1,600 Nectar to BA today (for 500 bonus Avios), I’ll have to wait 28 days to send a large number of Avios to Nectar, if I don’t mean to untrigger the bonus? Seems like doing in the “right” order is not contrary to Rob’s noted offer terms, and the T&C’s in the app are all generic to the partnership rather than specific to the offer?

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