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Best Western offering free breakfast and get a Best Western status match

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Best Western has brought back its popular ‘Breakfast On Us’ promotion at its 250 independently owned and run hotels in the UK.

You need to book by 23rd June for stays until the end of 2022.

You can find full details on the Best Western UK website here.

Best Western partners with both Avios and Virgin Points. You can either earn a flat 500 Avios points per stay OR collect Best Western Rewards points as usual and then convert them into Avios as a lump sum. 

If Avios is not your preferred scheme, Best Western is also a Virgin Atlantic partner.  You earn 500 Virgin Points per stay.

You can learn more about earning Avios, Virgin Points or other miles from Best Western hotel stays in this article.

Best Western Rewards will match your existing hotel or Virgin Atlantic status

We haven’t looked at Best Western in detail for a while, so it’s worth noting that Best Western has a generous status match policy.  If you have status with any other hotel chain, it will be matched.

The form you need to send them can be found on the Best Western website here (PDF).

You can also match Virgin Flying Club status.  A Virgin Silver will receive Best Western Platinum whilst a Virgin Gold receives Best Western Diamond.  Full details are on the Virgin Atlantic website here.

Hotel offers update – September 2023:

Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Want to buy hotel points?

  • Hilton Honors is offering a 100% bonus when you buy points by 19th September. Click here.
  • World of Hyatt is offering a 25% discount, equivalent to a 33% bonus, when you buy points by 10th October. Click here.

Comments (52)

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  • Bob Clarke says:

    There is no ‘waitlist’ option on Eventbrite site 🙁

    • Olly says:

      Yep, I was also hoping to add my name for the new date as I couldn’t make the original one but no dice

    • ChrisC says:

      As Rob wrote in the article

      “The waiting list is currently closed …”

      • Rob says:

        I just added that bit in, to be fair!

        You could have joined the waitlist until the day last week when we officially clicked the ‘postponed’ button on Eventbrite. Those who read the forums already knew about the new date.

        If the waitlist doesn’t take up the tickets that are released then we will re-open Eventbrite briefly.

  • davef says:

    Matched IHG Platinum to BW Diamond a couple of months ago. Was very efficient, done in a couple of days
    Got nothing from the 3 BWs I stayed at in the US apart from a bottle of water at one, and the extra points due for status.

  • davef says:

    correction, matched to top tier, diamond select

    • Josh says:

      I also have Diamond. But I rarely stay at best westerns as Almost zero benefits

      • davef says:

        The places I went to, BW was either the only hotel in town, or the best/cleanest/safest or most reasonably priced option.

        Not my 1st choice, my last resort 🙂

  • Mouse says:

    Letter before action. Under the lesser-known EU621, I demand my right to a party at a date convenient to me. Please immediately provide Glastonbury tickets otherwise I will MCOL you.

    • ChrisC says:

      I’m sure Rob would refund your HfP 2022 subscription as compo and provide you with enough Virgin points to get a Greggs sausage roll in lieu of the misses party catering,

  • Gordon says:

    Damn, I will be back in Blighty on the 6th July as well….

  • Ad says:

    Hi Rob. Would really like to attend the re-scheduled fete but I can’t see a waitlist option on the eventbrite site. Will you be opening it up again?

    • Rob says:

      We will if the existing waitlist doesn’t buy the tickets that are returned.

  • HW says:

    I’m so disappointed that HfP is allowing Barclaycard to sponsor this after the shocking service they have offered many readers with their new Avios credit card which clearly isn’t ready. No ability to use 3DSecure for online purchases, no Apple Pay, app does not work (error 02) and customer service call centre which is only open 9-5 and has a long queue. Just not good enough.

    • Rob says:

      Apple Pay works fine, has done for a month.

      Come along and the head of Barclaycard himself will be there to take your questions.

      • BlueThroughCrimp says:

        I can’t make this one, but I’d like to thank Barclaycard for bringing out the card.
        I’ve never had an issue once I’ve had it, got the bonus without a problem, and even better, it’s made Amex turn the 2-4-1 in to a 1-4-0.5 which is a great deal for the single traveller.

        Can you pass on my thanks instead?

    • RussellH says:

      I do not have the new Avios Barclaycard, though my partner took one out after the rush, as I would rather earn Hilton points.
      My card does do 3DSecure, a choice of either an SMS or using a card reader (they issued a new card reader-compatible card in June 2019). I am pretty certain hers does too – her initial payment was an online transaction of over £4000.
      As to using a mobile phone to pay
      a) I fail to see the point in paying with an expensive great clunking battery operated machine, when the card is light, compact and convenient and does not depend on a battery being charged.
      b) I have spent far too much time in checkout queues while someone fiddles around with their pocket computer trying to find out how to pay using it.
      c) I assume Apple and Google take a cut from the various fees paid by the merchant?
      If so, that must reduce the margin for us to get points. If they do not, then presumably the merchant has to pay an extra fee, which is also bad for consumers.
      Further, I have absolutely no desire to give any money of mine to either of those companies.

      • Andrew says:

        Apple Pay is an essential feature for a lot of people, despite your dislike!

        • yorkieflyer says:

          How can it possibly be essential?

          • Rob says:

            Not essential for me, I think I’ve used it 3 times in, what, 5 years? Those were times I accidentally walked out without my wallet.

          • Jek says:

            I think it much depends on individual usage. Apple Pay on Apple Watch is a very different experience than on an iPhone, in particular with Express Travel. I basically just walk through the TFL barriers. No worrying about taking a CC out in time.

          • CarpalTravel says:

            Definitely not essential to me. Apple is hoovering up enough of the globes money, I personally don’t feel the need to add to that when all I need to do is reach into my other pocket.

          • Rhys says:

            Essential to 77% of Gen Z!

            The nice thing about Apple Pay is that it means my phone is all I need to take to carry multiple cards and loyalty cards with me. No bulging wallet here!

    • Colin MacKinnon says:

      I get error 002 every time I open the app – but if I close it and reopen, it then works!

      Yep, the card is clunky, doesn’t work on a few companies websites for some unknown reason and the app doesn’t show me some information it’s meant to. But I’ve now got the voucher and some Avios, so I’m happy.

      Was thinking of their premier account, but going to stick with who I am with – less hassle.

      • Philondon says:

        Using a phone instead of a debit/credit card at the tube gates takes a couple of seconds longer than a debit/credit card which really irritates Londoners who use debit/credit or Oyster cards!

    • DTR says:

      Maybe I’m just one of those odd millennials but I don’t carry a wallet anymore, just an emergency backup card in case something goes wrong. My phone is invariably already in my hand , so getting through the barriers on the tube or paying for that over priced coffee is faster than ever. And I shiver to think of the days we had to enter a pin.

      • WaynedP says:

        I don’t know why folk don’t have a folded up ten or twenty pound note behind their oyster (or similar) card, just in case.

        I always do, in case I lose my wallet which also always contains at least one note or two, even if they lie untouched for months.

        On Thursday I offered to pay for the lunch of a young millennial, countering her protestations with “just pass it on when you can”, when the card readers in a central London Greggs went down over lunchtime.

        On verbally confirming that the hastily scrawled “cash only” signs applied to all tills, she was about to replace all her lunch items back on the shelves because she (like my own daughter, admittedly) no longer carries any cash and relies on the fragile invincibility of digital technology alone.

        • meta says:

          You still need to carry physical card to pay for any amount over £100 and in some countries abroad they will ask to see the physical card. Apple Pay is good if you’re out and about in your neighbourhood for smaller purchases or on a night out, but beyond that it’s useless. I was a big user when it launched, but now I found it a total faff. The worst are people fiddling with it and blocking barriers at tube stations.

          • BuildBackBetter says:

            You don’t need a physical card if you can use Apple Pay. There is no £100 restriction as it’s a secure payment method due to biometric approval

    • Evan says:

      So don’t use it then. All this anti Barclaycard business on here…. Sour grapes mainly. I’m glad HfP got a sponsor full stop. Now all those moaning that they didn’t get the card with their “six figure incomes” can take a plateful of food at barclays expense and feel better about themselves again.

  • The Savage Squirrel says:

    “Whilst we only charge £10 for the tickets, the actual cost to us is over £40 per guest.”

    This won’t be a popular suggestion :D. Given it sells out in about 18 seconds …. why not charge more? Even £20 rather than £10. Not suggesting you start charging £100s, but nothing wrong with making a return on an event when it must take a considerable amount of time and resources to organise.

    • Rob says:

      We need to sell 500 tickets, so the question is to find the clearing price. We were a bit nervy, post covid, what the appetite for this event would be like and so I (and it was me, Rhys and Sinead told me to put the price up but I overruled them!) stuck with £10 because a full house is more important than whether it makes money or loses a bit.

      What is true is that it has been £10 since 2016 and so, purely on inflation grounds, it should go up. The cost of the ‘free’ drink now swallows the full £8.33, which is all we receive after VAT.

      • Crafty says:

        The assortment of prizes alone (on this occasion, at least) would justify say £30 entry.

        • Rob says:

          To be fair, Barclays is funding all the food. If they hadn’t stepped up, we simply wouldn’t have done food (we never have before) so that element is pass through. It was never a risk that we lost £30 per person.

This article is closed to new comments. Feel free to ask your question in the HfP forums.

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