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Earn some cheap Avios with Tesco’s new ‘pre-order’ deals

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Tesco Direct has been very active over the last few months at offering very large piles of Clubcard points (so very large piles of Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles!) when you pre-order CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray disks.

Whilst I was away last week, a new range of offers has become available – and some look very interesting.  Availability moves from day to day, so keep an eye out on the relevant pages of the Tesco Direct website.

Video Game pre-orders

Click here for the link to all pre-order gaming deals.

You will receive 500 Clubcard points when you pre-order (almost) any game.  The cheapest is currently £15 – although there was a £6 game available for a few hours whilst Head for Points was down earlier in the week!


The offer of 100 Clubcard points for spending over £6 on music is still running.

There is also a specific offer on ‘Now 84’ which offers an extra 200 points when you pre-order it for £11.  This should double-up with the offer above.  That would be 300 points (820 Avios) for £11, less whatever you can sell it for!

Now 84

Film and TV pre-orders

Click here for the link to all DVD pre-order deals.

You can earn 150 Clubcard points when you pre-order certain DVD’s and 250 points for certain Blu-Ray disks.  The cheapest DVD is currently £5 (Hansel & Gretel), the cheapest Blu-Ray is £16.  Hansel & Gretel gets you 360 Avios for £5, less whatever you can resell the DVD for.


Whilst this offer is not on the website, you can get 500 Clubcard points for pre-ordering the new Dan Brown book, Inferno (see here) and using code TD-RNMW at the check-out.  You should actually order 2 copies, as book orders over £15 qualify for free postage!

Dan Brown is the best deal of the bunch, netting you 2,400 Avios – even without a conversion bonus – for £18.  You may even find someone to buy the books off you!


There is also a generic discount code, openly advertised on Tesco Direct, for £10 off a £75 order – TDX-4WK7.   This should work nicely with the products above if you can put together a big enough basket.  Be careful of breaking Tesco’s rules on bulk-buying and restrain yourself to 2 or 3 of any particular item.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (31)

  • Andy S says:

    Thank you Raffles, as always some very good avios earning tips.

  • Simon says:

    Got myself 2 of the Dan Brown books but went for 5 of the £6 games. The points for both have appeared on my clubcard statement so hopefully I haven’t broken any of the Tesco bulk-buying rules. If I put anymore than 5 of the games in my basket and tried to check-out I got a bulk buy error so I thought anymore than 5 items would be what Tesco considered bulk.

    I think the TDX-4WK7 code excludes games.

    For the first time yesterday I clicked the Entertainment & Books tab on the Tesco Direct website and saw a handy scrolling advertisement of all the current offers.

    • Rob says:

      The points for the games I pre-ordered on Tuesday are showing on my CC account this morning, even though the games won’t come until mid-March. All very efficient!

      • Simon says:

        The monetary amounts next to my points aren’t quite reflective of what I spent!

        Some of the games aren’t due out until September or later this year, potentially you could pre-order the games, get the points & convert them in the next statement and then cancel the orders for a refund. Not a route I’d want to go down, if you were happy to sever all ties with Tesco or were using the Avios to leave the country it might be an option!

      • Gill says:

        How does 2 books get 2400 points?
        It looks like 2018 points

  • James says:

    Easiest Avios i’ve earned. 2 x Dan Brown as gifts and Now 84 for the car. 3220 Avios. Thanks Raffles

  • Pierre says:

    I’m new in the clubcard game, so I have trouble working out how many Avios per clubcard point, as I couldn’t find any information on the Tsco website.
    If i’m right, the Dan Brown deal would yield 1018 clubcard points (2*500 +2*9). How does that translate into Avios?

    • Rob says:

      Multiple by 2.4, so 1,018 CC points for 2 books is 2,443 Avios. If you save your vouchers until the next Tesco to Avios conversion bonus, you could get 30%-40% more.

      • Pierre says:

        Thanks Raffles!
        And in addition to that, paying with a BA PP adds 27 Avios to this, which potentially adds it up to 2470 Avios, nice!

  • JH says:

    I don’t think the offer for 500 Clubcard points for the Darren Brown book is available anymore….

    • Rob says:

      Works fine for me, once the code has been inputted (you must copy and paste the code):

      Basket total £9.00
      Clubcard points 9
      Extra Clubcard points 500
      Total Clubcard points 509

  • trickster says:

    I’d actually like the Dan Brown book, but I’d prefer an digital copy. Shame they don’t sell one that’s compatible with the Kindle. May have to go for a hard copy then.

  • Simon says:

    Have you got a post lined up about the Tesco bank deals? 300 Tesct points for giving your renewal dates is some nice free Avios but the 3,500 points for life insurance caught my eye, I’ve taken out a £5 a month policy using code LIFE50PTSP1, I should get the points in 3 months according to the T&Cs. Tesco points seem to be in plentiful supply at the moment!

    • Rob says:

      Yes, posts on both of those will appear over the next 2-3 days. I am really squeezed at the moment by my ‘promise’ to stick to 3 posts per day maximum, because quite a backlog built up both whilst I was in the US and whilst the blog was down. I have posts already written up to March 9th, worryingly, although there are gaps to slide in breaking news!

      • Alan says:

        Why don’t you just give yourself some leeway to go over the three posts for a week or two whilst clearing the backlog? I and I’m sure most readers wouldn’t mind at all! 🙂

        • Rob says:

          It annoys the 700+ email subscribers who get their inbox flooded! I also try to spread out similar posts, ie multiple Tesco per day. (In a quiet period, todays Tesco post would have been strung out over 4 separate posts!)

          • Alan says:

            Fair enough, but given the number of emails I get a day I wouldn’t consider 4-5 anything even close to flooding! (of course I’ve got it set so I get an email whenever a comment is posted here so I’m probably not the best of examples!!)

  • Scott Nelson says:

    thanks Raffles. I took advantage of everything in this post.