Old Tesco Clubcard bonus points deals which are still running

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

There is a tendency, both on Head for Points and elsewhere, to focus on the new Tesco Clubcard ‘deal of the day’ whilst forgetting older deals which still work.  That is why I run quite a few ‘last chance’ posts, to remind people of deals which are finally about to go away.

The Tesco promotions below all earn bonus Clubcard points.  I have discussed them all on the blog over the last few months, but you may well have missed them at the time or didn’t find the offer suitable at that point.  There is still time to jump in.


25 points for reviewing the service at your local store.  blog post here.

25 points for promising to recycle your Coke bottles! blog post here.

Earn points completing Shopper Thoughts surveys.  blog post here.

1,000 points for getting the Tesco Clubcard Credit Card (you can claim the points even if you already have the card, as long as you applied after 1st January 2013!).  blog post here.

100 points for giving Tesco Bank your insurance renewal dates.  blog post here.

Tesco Online Photo Centre – 150 Clubcard points for joining.  blog post here.

Earn points when you take gas and electricity from e.on.  blog post here.

150 Clubcard points when you spend £50 on gift cards instore.  blog post here.

Earn points by recycling ink cartridges.  blog post here.

If I have missed anything else (apart from any short-term Tesco Direct deals or codes), please post below.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (www.shopperpoints.co.uk), which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

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50% bonus on Priority Club points purchases for 10 days
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  1. Ray Hennessy says:

    I am a casual collector of points. I spend maybe £50 a week in Tescos and I use my BA Amex(the free one). I also use this for any online purchases.
    Would I be better off applying for the Tesco CC ?

    • Mr Bridge says:

      well £50 pw is £2600 per year.
      If you spend £50 pw on petrol thats another £2600
      then if you use tesco , and use shops like next, cineworld or b+q, you should buy the gift cards from tesco for bonus ccps.

      Then work out what you spend online.
      if your close to £10k, switch to the paid ba amex for your free companion vboucher, of course assuming that you collect enough avios for a long haul flight.

    • Polly says:

      You should def have the tesco credit card for non amex spend too, plus use it as your clubcard for petrol as it gives you more ccpts, plus pre pay all your utilities in advance at pay point using your amex you need to find out who takes your amex locally. But only bother if you are aiming for the 241 BA fee card voucher and a big avios total. It takes time and effort to plan towards that target as mr bridge says.

      • There is a post about earning Avios with petrol tomorrow!

        • Derek says:

          Can you do a post on earning avios via (pre)payment household bills?

          Pay point and amex in the
          comment above sounds interesting

        • The problem is that Paypoint tills are not meant to accept credit cards, and I imagine they will lose money on the transaction if they do so. You need to find a shop with a dim assistant, basically. Co-Op did seem to let you do it officially but they have recently stopped (not suprisingly).

        • Tom H says:

          They haven’t all stopped, I think it depends on the individual co-op, I used my AA Amex at one today to pay council tax and gas bill.

        • Polly says:

          Agree, def takes a phd to work it out! Well done, still laughing!

    • As Mr Bridge says the free BA Amex is only worth it if you spend around £5k a year, otherwise the increased Avios rate and 2-4-1 on the paid BA Amex is more valuable.

      What do you use at places which don’t take Amex? Tesco is a good card to use there.

      If you buy petrol from Tesco you can pay with the BA Amex but swipe the Tesco CC and get 4 CC points per £5, plus 1 Avios per £

      • Ray Hennessy says:

        My spend is only approx £5-6k a year,so the paid Amex is out for me. I do not pay for fuel ( I have a company vehicle with a Shell card,so earn a few points there).
        Neither Mrs Razorbite or myself are big followers of fashion so no big spending at Next or anywhere like that.
        We rent, not own so no big spending at the likes of B&Q either :).
        If somewhere does not take Amex, I use an Amazon MC. , but since I started to use Amex, I find it hard to reach any target with the MC.
        Given that the earn on a Tesco CC is 5 point per £4 spend, then £7.99 spend on the Amex gives me 7 points but only 5 points on the Tesco CC, then maybe I should get the Tesco CC to replace the Amazon CC, but continue to use the Amex at Tescos.
        Also all my utilities/phone/Sky etc are on DD.
        Thanks for taking the time to reply:)

        • Lakin says:

          The 5 points per £4 includes the normal clubcard points. Excluding that, it is roughly 0.6 avios/£ on Tesco vs 1 avios/£ on BA.
          In your example: A £7.99 on Tesco Credit would earn 1 CC point (2.4 avios), and on the BA it would be 7 avios. To be fair, that is a worst case for Tesco.
          In both cases, if that transaction was at Tesco you would earn an additional 7 CC points (16.8 avios)
          Personally I would go with the Tesco over the Amazon, but in terms of value back they are similar (depending on how many pence you value an avios, of course). You should at least get it for a while for the bonus 🙂

          Also as already noted, I don’t think the BA Plus is worth it if you spend less than £10k. At that point you would be getting 5,000 extra avios which i don’t think is worth the £150 fee.

  2. Mr Bridge says:

    i joined shopper thoughts when raffles first posted,, but have never had a survey

    • Lady London says:

      same here. never heard anything from shopperthoughts after I signed up

  3. Squillion says:

    Some quite good points deals on tyres http://www.tesco-tyres.com/ – Blackcircles is not (yet?) owned by Tesco but they are working in close partnership http://www.bodyshopmag.com/news-tescos-joins-forces-with-blackcirclescom.aspx

    • Squillion says:

      I ran a quick price comparison of Blackcircles vs some other well-known online tyre dealers. All very hit and miss for my tyre 265/70/R16 – sometimes the BC price was competitive, sometimes not.

      But I note from the FAQ: Do Blackcircles.com Price Match?

      A: We are constantly checking our competitors prices in order to make sure we offer our customers competitive prices. On occasion though, we acknowledge that one of the thousands of tyre retailers in the country may have a price cheaper than we list online. If you would like us to consider matching the price then give us a call or fill in our enquiry form at http://www.blackcircles.com/price-check , and we will see what we can do. When comparing prices we will seek to validate the prices quoted and compare both price and the service provided.

      I think they would be likely to match any price you found online AND give you the Tesco points on top. Perhaps somebody buying tyres anyway could report back.

  4. Squillion says:

    Not forgetting the Michelin deal http://www.blackcircles.com/michelin/clubcardpoints – up to 3000 bonus CC points.

  5. Squillion says:

    O/T but can’t think where else to put it 😉

    Looks like I have just upgraded my Virgin FC membership from red to silver for free

  6. Squillion says:

    Maybe they’ll sweeten it?

    BTW Raffles – did you ever work out a cunning way to move Virgin Airmiles into Avios? Got nearly 100K sitting there waiting to be turned into European flights, Virgin routes which don’t exist at the moment, been waiting nearly 15 years so far and just hoping it won’t take another 15.

    • Can’t be done, unless you do a trade with a BA flyer who wants 100k for a VS redemption and book you 100k of BA flights from his/her account over time, as you want them.

      You could turn them into 200,000 Hilton points. That is not a bad deal, despite the devaluation, especially if you use ‘cash and points’ (where it is available). Could get £1,000 of value via Hilton if used wisely. Conrad New York, for a weekend in late July, whilst not the best example is $314 per night inc tax or 28k Hilton + $140 (so $6.20 per 1k points) or 70k per night outright ($4.48 per 1k).

  7. Squillion says:

    Thanks. I think I’ll wait a few more years!

  8. What's the Point says:

    If anyone is struggling with a last minute father’s day gift, I picked one of these Asus MeMo Pads up yesterday (using one of the many Tesco £20 off £100 electronic vouchers I have accumulated from buying Visa/3V gift cards!)


    As a nice touch, you also get a bonus 1,000 CC points.
    First impressions, its a pretty decent Android tablet.

  9. Ray Hennessy says:

    One other question. You get the extra point (5 for £4) when using the Tesco CC at Tesco stores, does this include Tesco Direct ?

  10. Yes, this is correct. Only Hilton, they told me they want to potentially get Priority Club as well in future.