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500 Clubcard points (1,200 Avios) when you buy 2 HP ink cartridges from Tesco

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Judging by a couple of emails I received on Monday, Tesco has brought back its occasional offer on HP printer ink cartridges.  This time, though, it is only available in-store – and that means, mainly, larger Tesco Extra stores.

The deal is simple.  You will receive 500 bonus Tesco Clubcard points when you buy two HP printer ink cartridges.  These seem to be around £8 at the moment.

HP 364

So, lets run some maths.

You buy 2 of the HP364 cartridges for £16

You earn 516 Clubcard points, which gets you 1,238 Avios

This works out at 1.29p per Avios

This is not the cheapest deal ever, of course.  However, you still have the cartridges!

Let’s assume that you manage to sell the HP364′s on ebay for £3.50 each, net of all costs, which is probably over-cautious.  Your total cost will have been £9 for 1,238 Avios, which takes you down to 0.73p each.  

Note that these cartridges are quite fat and so postage costs are higher than usual, although if you do ‘buy it now’ and say you have six for sale, many customers will buy two or three at once.

Alternatively, you could send them to Tesco Recycling!  This is a lower return but is less hassle.  I believe that they accept new cartridges, and you will receive 50 Clubcard points on the HP364 cartridges as you can see from the list on their site.  That takes your total haul from the 2 cartridges to 616 points, or 1,478 Avios points for £16.  Not fantastic, but you don’t have the trouble of ebaying them and it is far cheaper than buying Avios from BA.

If you have a Tesco ‘conditional spend’ voucher (eg £5 off £50) then this deal becomes even more attractive.

I don’t know the closing date at present.  Note that most stores do NOT have the yellow labels on the shelf advertising this offer, although evidence so far shows that they go through the tills OK with the bonus points.

Love Clubcard, don’t collect Avios?  You should be reading our sister site, Shopper Points (, which covers the latest Clubcard and Nectar offers without any distracting frequent flyer talk!  Why not check it out now?

Comments (66)

  • squills says:

    I bought a printer that takes 364s this week precisely because of low re-sale value.

    The carts were effectively nearly free @ 750 points last time. Still got a stash left with long use by dates.

    Printing for free brings a smile to the face whereas selling them for low prices to ungrateful Ebay scamsters was painful 😉

  • claireyerramasu says:

    thanks very much!

  • thomas says:

    Has anyone else noticed anything strange with Tesco Clubcard on Awards Wallet, with current points not showing ?

    • Stephen says:


      • thomas says:

        And now, strangely, the end date for this payment run has changed from the 25th Jan to the 23rd, tomorrow !

    • Rob says:

      Yes, same has happened for Amex if you have multiple cards

      • thomas says:

        Yes, Amex comes and goes… Obviously much better when all are listed.

      • Bialynia says:

        It’s not just Tesco and Amex, it’s no longer displaying the 3 vouchers I have with redspottedhanky which it used to display until yesterday. I guess that rather than it being a temporary glitch, they’re trying to make the free version of Awardwallet as unappealing to users as possible so they upgrade to the paid for version.

        • Bialynia says:

          I guess this is the case after all as I just decided to upgrade to Awardwallet Plus ($5 for 6 months if you want Plus without the pointless OneCard which makes it $10 every 6 months). $5 was only £3.12 at Paypal’s exchange rate so 52p a month I can live with, and magically all my details have reappeared including Tesco balances and Redspottedhanky vouchers, etc.

        • Rob says:

          Wasn’t that, I have the paid version and that went funny as well.

          If you use the AW app then DEFINITELY upgrade. The app checks all your accounts at the same time if you are premium, all 45 of mine are done in about 30 seconds.

          • Bialynia says:

            Have yours returned to normal as well now then? Because mine wasn’t showing the Tesco or the 3 separate RSH vouchers I have, the instant I paid the $5 they reappeared.

            Yes, the premium version is definitely worth it when using the app, otherwise when it checks them one by one by the time it’s done you probably have no power left in your phone battery.

          • Rob says:

            Yes, it came back yesterday afternoon. It is possible that it ‘forgot’ I was premium for a day or so.

            It was a major pain, because my Amex and Tesco balances are the two that change most frequently.

    • Simon says:

      Yes same issue with Tesco and Amex on mine….annoying!

  • Keith says:

    Question from a beginner: do schemes like these really pay off? I mean is it really cheaper than simply buying the flight, especially considering all the hassle/time involved in buying lots of cartridges you don’t need and then reselling them on eBay?

    • Annecy says:

      Really; I feel same too..

    • Rob says:

      From scratch, no, but as a quick way to top up what you have in advance of a redemption it is ok.

      • Annecy says:

        Are you trying to say don’t jump into point system. It’s not all that worth the time you spent on it.

        • Rob says:

          I wouldn’t try to earn 100,000 Avios for a business class flight to California PURELY from Tesco, no.

          However, it clearly IS worth getting 3-4 free credit cards and earning 100,000 miles that way! And if you find yourself a few thousand Avios short, doing a Tesco deal like this is cheaper than buying the Avios directly.

          • Mark says:

            Going back a few years we used to do exactly that, taking advantage of extra Clubcard point offers wher-ever possible, alongside the BAPP Amex to net enough to do an annual trip in Club World. There used to be more big ‘points bonanza’ type offers and with lower taxes and fees I used to value BA miles/avios much higher at around 1.67p each (valuing transatlantic J return at around £1000 all in), meaning it was worth buying into more of the offers.

            These days we gain a lot more through Amex, the big turning point being when they started to offer MR->BA conversions. However there have been some very worthwhile Tesco promotions recently and I estimate that in the last six months I have spent around £150 to collect the equivalent of around 50,000 avios in Tesco points. That is primarily through ink cartridge purchase/resell and recycling, the purchase/resell and preordering of video games as well as a few 3V cards along the way.

            It doesn’t include what we’ve earnt on things we would have bought anyway, such as 1000 points / 2400 avios on the occasional wine order.

            So yes, well worth it, if you view it as a bit of a hobby and don’t mind spending the time in it….

  • Jason says:

    Popped to my local store tonight no offer on hp cartridges ??

  • Andy says:

    When I sold these last time they went large letter (it was the 310’s that needed to go small parcel)and you can fit 3 into one jiffy bag, so potentially 50p for sending multiple cartridges if they go second class large letter.

    • Mark says:

      Only by removing them from the boxes or taking a chance. If I recall correctly the boxes themselves were on the limit, before being placed in any packaging.

      If you take a chance you’re at significant risk of having to reimburse the purchaser for excess postage plus the handling fee and/or negative feedback.

  • Rich says:

    On a slightly different note, does anyone know if “change from rewards” points added during a quarter count towards the 30000 points per quarter limit?

  • Rich says:

    One point to note for anyone looking to buy the 364’s is that they were £8.50 in the store I went to today.

    • Seems as though the black ones were £8.50 and the magenta/cyan/yellow 364s were £8 (I guess to reflect the larger capacity of the black cartridges?). Sadly, the photo 364 cartridges were not shown as being part of the points deal.