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New Amex / Foursquare deals – Tesco, Zizzi, Pizza Express, Argos, Ask, Primark!

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American Express has launched some new Foursquare deals after a long hiatus.

This promotion offers you £5 statement credit when spend £10 at Tesco.  You will also receive £10 back when you spend £30 at Pizza Express, Primark, Zizzi, Ask and Argos.

You must register your British Airways, Lloyds Avios, Starwood Preferred Guest, Gold, Platinum, bmi, American Airlines, Emirates or indeed any other American Express card with Foursquare.

Unlike recent Amex cashback deals, this one does not seem to be available via the American Express website.  You need to register with Foursquare.  If you have never done this before then the instructions are below.

Supplementary cards count as separate cards (unless the supplementary cards have the same number as the main card, which often happens with MBNA) – so you may have more qualifying Amex cards than you think.

These deals are limited to between 5,000 and 15,000 cards.  I expect this target to be hit quickly given that you can register multiple cards.

Once registered, you have until 31st July to make the required spend on the card.  One trick from last time to remember is that Argos sells a lot of gift cards for other stores – this effectively makes the ‘save £10 on £30’ available at a lot of additional retailers!

You can register all of your Amex cards as long as you create a separate Foursquare account – with a separate email address – for each one.


How to sync your Amex card to your Foursquare card

If you are new to this sort of deal, this is how you sync your Amex card to your Foursquare card:

Download the Foursquare app onto your ipad, iphone, Android device or whatever you carry!  (A wi-fi only ipad or ipod touch will also work OK)

Sign up.  Make a careful note of the email address you use.  Ignore all the screens about linking your Facebook etc accounts.

Sync your MBNA, Lloyds or Amex-issued Amex card with the Foursquare account by going to this website.  You must use the same email address as in 1.

Go back to Foursquare and search for a random Tesco, Pizza Express etc.  Most stores will show the offer – if they don’t, search for another outlet.  You need to click on the text for the offer and you will see a special box flick up. Click ‘Load to Card’ and the offer is set up directly with Amex.

Repeat for each Amex card you have, with a new Foursquare account. It would be sensible to make a note of which Amex card and email address links to each account.

There is nothing to show in the shop when you make your purchases. The shop will never even know you are taking part in the promotion.

3-4 days after the relevant shop purchase hits your credit card, a cash credit will be placed on your Amex account.  For Amex-issued Amex cards, you should also receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of making your purchase.

Comments (157)

  • SingingDwarf says:

    Having opted in for marketing guff on both my own and my wifes account, I’m a bit peeved that I have to rely on a 3rd party site to be told about this promotion.

    It’s not often I complain about NOT receiving junk mail, but why does Amex findbit necessary to make their customers login to multiple (Amex, Amex Platinum rewards and Foursquare sync) to find out about these promos!?

    • grex9101 says:

      I totally agree. I found out about the ASOS/Debenhams promotions over Christmas from HUKD, and rely on this site/creditsqueezy (which sadly, no longer seems to be updated) for the foursquare ones.
      Having signed up to ALL marketing emails from both AMEX/foursquare, you’d think that at least one of them would bother to tell me.

      Utterly infuriating.

      • Singing Dwarf says:

        Turns out Amex reads this blog – as if we didn’t already know that 😉

        This turned up in my wifes – but not my – inbox this evening after 5pm:

        “Did you know that you can connect your American Express® Card to Foursquare to unlock offers on the go?

        Use your connected Card on a single transaction at these participating stores and restaurants to discover up to £55 worth of statement credits. Don’t miss out – quantities are limited and available until 31 July 2014.”

  • SingingDwarf says:

    Out of curiosity, I wonder how many Amex cards is enough?

    I mean, could one person hold the British Airways, Lloyds Avios, Starwood Preferred Guest, Gold, Platinum, bmi, American Airlines AND Emirates cards simultaneously? Does anyone?

    An interesting poll for you Raffles!

    • Rob says:

      Probably, as you have a number of different issuers. Amex-Amex will let you have 4 cards, 2 charge and 2 credit.

  • David says:

    Hi Guys, do I need to load a card then logout then load another card and logout etc. Will it remember each card when it comes to use the offer if it is not signed in to foursquare? Thanks

  • idrive says:

    sorry, just a couple of stupid questions: for Tesco for example, minimum spend £10 get £5 back. If spent 50 today, will i get £5 in anycase? the same for Zizzi, would it be beneficial to split the bill in two (30 minimum each)? i just saw that each promo has their own limit (10k argos, 15 tesco, etc).

    • Rob says:

      Yes, if you’ve got 2 Amex cards then you should split a Zizzi bill into £30 chunks.

      Tesco – yes, limited to £5 per Amex card however much you spend.

  • idrive says:

    For your info, today i spent £50 at Tesco, i did not receive a notification from Amex but i just noticed that i received a notification on Foursquare advising I saved £5 at Tesco 4hours ago. So, just check the app once spent in store.

  • PalCsaky says:

    I spent £55 at Tesco yesterday and did not receive any in-app notification or email at all. I loaded the offer onto my registered Amex card in the morning but I did it without checking in first. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work. Gutted.

    • Rob says:

      What card? If was an MBNA or Lloyds one you wouldn’t get in-app notification or an email.

      You do NOT need to check-in to a specific store – at least, you didn’t last time.

      • idrive says:

        confirmed, i got the app notification shopping at another tesco, not the one i subscribed. let’s wait for the statement. discount, no checkin required

      • PalCsaky says:

        The card that I have synced is Amex Preferred Rewards Gold. It worked in the past without issues so I can’t figure out why it doesn’t now.

    • Simon says:

      I have loaded it onto 3 cards for Tesco and never checked in, but within minutes got the foursquare notification.

  • rob says:

    I downloaded the app on android, loaded up the tesco special in the morning

    That night checked in at tesco before shopping

    Got back in the car after the shop and foursquare notification of the £5 credit

    Thanks Raffles

    • Will says:

      Between Nov 2012 and summer 2013 I took over £5000 of statement credits from a combination of the foursquare, shop small and Xbox offers. (Xbox were offering similar deals for linking cards to Xbox accounts at Xmas 2012)

      Had 16 cards on my at the peak (incl supps) the peak was breezing all 16 straight through Harrods no questions asked. I then went to Bentalls that same day a got my mum a half price washing machine and dishwasher. £800 of credits for half a days adventure.

  • David says:

    Once loaded does that secure the £5 off £10 at Tesco until end of July?