Got Amex Gold? Get 3,000 free MR points by adding the Gold credit card

I know that a lot of Head for Points readers have taken out an American Express Preferred Rewards Gold card in the last few weeks as they try to top-up their Avios before the April 28th devaluation.

As a reminder, Amex Gold is free for the first year and comes with 20,000 or more Membership Rewards points (full details in my review).  These can be converted into 20,000 Avios points or a whole load of other things.

If you’ve already got one, you are eligible for a further 3,000 Membership Rewards points for free.

Amex Gold credit card

Take a look here. You can apply for the Amex Gold credit card, to sit in your wallet alongside your Amex Gold charge card.

The representative APR is 14.9% variable.

Why would you want this? Well, there is one good reason – you receive 3,000 Membership Rewards points for signing up!  As the Amex Gold credit card is free, you are getting points for literally nothing (except for possibly a ding on your credit report).

There isn’t much else to add:

You need to spend £500 in three months to receive the 3,000 Membership Rewards points

You will earn 1 Membership Rewards points for each £1 spent

There is no annual fee

In theory you must cancel your Gold credit card if you cancel your Gold charge card. The Gold credit card is not available as a stand-alone product. (This is important, as otherwise it would be an easy way of keeping your Membership Rewards account active if you chose to cancel your charge card.)

However, some people report that they are allowed to keep the Gold credit card.  There is no pattern as to why, but if Amex allows you to do this then you do not need to empty out your Membership Rewards account.

Is there much point to having this card? Fundamentally, Amex is encouraging you to run up debt that you cannot afford to instantly repay (otherwise you would use your charge card). It will make your wallet thicker without adding any extra flexibility to how you spend, since it can’t be used anywhere where your Amex Gold isn’t accepted.

That said, 3,000 Membership Rewards points is worth having – that is 3,000 Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles.

Got a Platinum charge card?

Don’t worry, there is a similar deal for you too.  A while ago  I wrote about the ‘private’ Platinum Credit Card from American Express which also offers 3,000 Membership Rewards points.  Not to be confused with the Amex Platinum cashback cards, this card is ONLY available to Platinum charge card holders.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our ‘Credit Cards Update’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

(Disclaimer: Head for Points is a journalistic website. Nothing here should be construed as financial advice, and it is your own responsibility to ensure that any product is right for your circumstances. Recommendations are based primarily on the ability to earn miles and points and do not consider interest rates, service levels or any impact on your credit history.)

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  1. The MR points for my Gold credit card appear to be in a different MR account than the ones in my Gold charge card. They aren’t pooled.

    Is this normal in your experience or that of other readers?

    • Call Amex and they will merge them, it happened to me also.

    • Same thing happened to me too. A quick message via the online message system and the back office team will merge the accounts. Took a few days as it was a manual process.

  2. And the plat too, right?

  3. Hubby definitely still has the gold cc despite cancelling his prg card in May 2014. We were adviced to keep it by Amex advisor as a safe haven for our MR until we decide what to do with them, So it was something transparent, they didn’t overlook cancellation .

    • Boi, quick question. By keeping the gold cc, does this stop you from applying for a new gold or Plat card say 10 months after cancelling your PRG ? The fact that you have the gold cc linked to your PRG, would that be considered you were still in possession of a PRG, and thus not receive a new bonus if accepted for say a Plat? Rob, maybe you are aware of this too? I never added a cc to either my plat or PRG for that reason.

      • I Don’t know…but that’s a good question. when he logs on to his account the PRG is in red and says cancelled and cannot be accessed. I Don’t think they are linked anymore but that’s a guess.

        • What would be good, is, if you could cancel the charge card, keep the gold credit card and 6 months later get another charge card and link the 2 accounts again! 🙂

        • The very fact that you have a Membership Rewards account – which is the criteria for not getting another bonus – means that you should NOT qualify again.

        • Nuno Pinto says:

          OFF Topic,
          Hi Ruffus,

          I have a American Express Preferred Rewards Gold and add my wife to my account, she has a card for the same account.

          Can i invite her to have her own card and have the bonus for the referral or I need to cancel her for my account and wait 6 months?


        • She can apply for her own card, it doesn’t matter that she is a supplementary cardholder on yours.

      • An older post on this card indicates it would count as a MR card and therefore push back your signup bonus timetable.

  4. Globetrotter7 says:

    I rang Amex a few months ago about this but I was told it wasn’t abailable. Might give it another try as my gold charge card is coming to 1 year.

  5. Hi Rob, can I apply for amex platinum less than 6 months after cancelling gold? I have quite a lot of spending to doin next few months so would like to take out a new card as only amex I have at moment is standard BA. I was planning on spg but bored waiting for another 20k bonus to appear.

    • James, you definitely have to wait a FULL six months to apply for plat after gold, as they are in the same category. So keep using you BACC until it’s about 7 mths just to be safe. At least you are still earring avios. Also check with amex the exact date of your cancellation, as it could be related to your final statement date, not the actual date you cancelled it. Obviously you can apply within the six months but won’t get the bonus, which is useful, of course.

      • Thanks Polly, will just leave it nearly a full year then and go for spg. If a 20k bonus does not appear by April I’ll just settle for the 10k. My BACC does nothing as I have the old BMI cards, only took iy out for the 9k bonus. May call amex and see if they want to offer me some incentive to use it.

        • James

          You don’t need to wait a full year, I had 2 amex platinum cards last year, the first one I cancelled beginning of April, the 2nd one I applied for mid October. I got the bonus on both applications.

    • I just call amex to check the 6 months has expired if im in any doubt. They will even sent you a letter with the cancellation date of the card if you ask them to, so you have certainty in writing.

  6. Thanks Rob for another top tip.
    I just applied and was accepted. I was surprised that it seemed to be a full application when I already have Gold.

    • That’s how Amex works. My downgrade from BAPP to BAfree was also treated as a full application (but the advisor was able to autofill most of the fields instead of forcing me to repeat all the info over the phone). However, it’s very likely that you won’t have had any credit searches for the Gold credit

      • JQ am I missing something here, why would anybody want to do this? Don’t you miss out on the card application bonus, and certainly you must miss out on any referal bonus surely?

  7. How do you apply? Do you have to call Amex? Couldn’t see it on the mobile version of the link

  8. With Platinum, is it best to apply for the five supplementaries in one go or a few at a time please?

    • Given that time is running out (28th) might as well do all at once.

      • Just to confirm that my 2nd and 3rd lot of 10k bonuses now appeared (original article closed to comments but this one seemed the most appropriate on to reply on!)

  9. What's the Point says:

    Does anyone know if you get the 3,000 extra points on the Plat card if its a supplementary card?

  10. Completely off topic but has anyone paid the visa gift cards into an NS&I account, this weekend, and had problems?

    • From reports from different people it looks like this route may now be closed.

    • Yes it looks like this is no longer an option – it seemed to start about a week ago so is unlikely to be a simple glitch?

  11. If you go to the application link – – the third point down says ‘No fee on the Platinum credit card’

    What is that in reference to?

  12. I’ve read before that there is a limit to how many Amex cards you can hold. I currently have the BAPP and the PRG cards. Can I still apply for this one too?

  13. A quick question for you guys, I have a 15 month old amex gold, my partner also has one, she is still in her first year.

    I would like to get the platinum card for the extra bonus and then cancel. What would be the best in terms of MR points? Calling the customer services or getting a referral from my partner?

  14. Would foreign currency bought from American Express count as a purchase on this card or a cash advance does anyone know please?

  15. martin says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on this card, Raffles. Mine arrived today – curious to see that it’s not contactless, unlike pretty much every card I’ve been sent lately!

  16. Hi

    Just a flag, thanks to this post, I applied for the gold credit card. I am gonna spend the £500 to get the 3,000 points. However, it seems as though you don’t get double points on supermarket spend, travel spend etc, therefore, it’s not 3,000 extra points, but probably around 2,000 (depending on your ratio of travel spend and supermarket spend).

    Therefore, as soon as I hit £500, I’ll continue with the charge card.

    Is this the same in others’ experience?


    • True, you don’t get double points on those categories. However, nothing stops you using your normal charge card for supermarkets, petrol etc and putting £1000 of ‘other’ spend through the credit card!

  17. David says:

    I received this card and started spending on it, however the membership rewards were not posting. I called them up to enquire and was advised that it would take 10 days for them to be credited. Strangely one transaction from 3 days ago showed up ? Anyway for my ‘inconvenience’ I received 1,000 additional points. Hoorah for Amex.

  18. After some discussion and scratching of heads they credited my account with the missing MR points. However, i have now spent £500 and no additional 3k points have appeared. May wait until first statement arrives later in the month. Not impressed by AMEX.

  19. Hope you are not in a hurry for the 3k Avios as I have been advised today that they can take up to 90 days to be credited to your a/c.

  20. richard says:

    was there a deadline for applications for the gold credit card? as just called amex and they said it’s not available now. I also can’t get the on line application form to work!