New targetted promo: £10 off £20 spend at Amazon with American Express

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American Express and Amazon have quietly launched another promotion.  This is effectively free money if you are targetted for it.

You will receive £10 cashback when you make a £20 purchase at before 6th December.

To see if you are targetted, log into your online Amex account here and look under ‘Offers’ on each of your online statement pages.  My wife and I have five Amex cards between us and it was only showing on her Amex Gold.

Your odds are not great, unfortunately, but it is worth a look.


Only 15,000 registrations are allowed, so click ‘Save To Card’ immediately.  You can then make a purchase at your convenience before the deadline of 6th December.

However, the easiest thing to do is to go to this page and top up your Amazon account balance with £20.  This is a new feature and is quicker than buying an Amex gift card and emailing it to yourself.  If you do this, you are not taking any risk that you forget to make the £20 spend in time.

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  1. Yet again didn’t receive this offer – I’m getting increasingly annoyed with Amex only offering things to some customers, especially given the fee on the Plat card!

    • What he said ….

    • Agreed. I don’t really understand targeted offers anyway, but if you are going to do them them make sure the people paying over the odds for a Platinum card get that offer!

  2. Got on 2 out of 5 cards my partner and I have(both of them charge cards).


  3. I have Amex Gold & SPG and this offer was showing under the Gold card. Thanks Raffles!

  4. got this on 1/6 cards and the card we got it on was fairly new. I imagine if you already spend at Amazon you wont get the offer, but if you don’t they target you to get you spending there. the new card had no Amazon transactions on it.

    • I ordered 2 things from Amazon just this week and my card has the offer.

      • Charlie says:

        My wife has Amazon Prime membership and she puts through an Amazon order every few days through her Amazon account, but didn’t get the offer.

        I occasionally use my Amazon account, but I did get the offer!

  5. Nice spot. Found it on an Amex card I rarely use. Redeemed and spent on credit already 🙂

  6. Just on my plat card and not the other 3 cards I have.

  7. Trevor G says:

    Thanks! Appeared on my BA Amex [which I haven’t used since April] but did not on the Costco Amex which we use regularly. Balance topped up method is much easier. Well done!

  8. Johan K says:

    Appeared only on my gold rewards card, but not the other ones. Like most people say, it seems more likely to appear on a card that you don’t use regularly.

  9. Jonathan says:

    Appeared on my wife’s Gold charge card, but not my BAAP 🙁

  10. So what we can say from the feedback is that the algorithm used to target cards could be entirely random?

    • Not sure. My wife’s Gold card is new and she got it. I have always redeemed these Amazon deals in the past and didn’t get it.

      Amex also knows, obviously, whether you have spent at Amazon recently with your card.

      • I got it on 3 of 3 amex cards. Never redeemed amazon offer before. Remember being abroad and missing last offer announced on hfp

      • The Urbanite says:

        Appeared on my Gold, but not BAPP.

      • James67 says:

        So, do you think, unless we are trying to hit a spend target,
        it migh be worthwhile focussing all our amazon, argos, denbenhms, hilton spend on nonamex cards?

        • Makes a lot more sense to fund some of these a/cs via (which you can buy with Amex). Or the store giftcards.

          Double whammy – spend target/ MRs + free petrol from Morrisons

        • James67 says:

          Problem is that after processing hundrecs of 3V cards I gog sick of the sight of them so I no longer bother looking for them.

  11. Why is it that even after being an Amex customer for 15 years and holding 5 cards, including the Platinum charge card, I’ve never had a single offer – NOT ONE!?!

    • That can’t be right, surely?! There is literally nothing showing in the “Offers – tailored to you” section on the website? If that’s the case, I can only assume that you’ve somehow opted out. Net-A-Porter, etc are pretty much permanent offers, if nothing else.

      • As an aside: if it really is true that you’ve not received an offer for 15 years, I’d drop a note to Amex and ask them to explain themselves. They are pretty good at compensating people who have suffered bad customer service.

    • The Amex ‘opt in, opt out’ options are per card. It is possible you may have thought you opted in but did it on another card and not for Platinum. Options are on the website.

      If you don’t even see stuff under ‘Offers’ on your online statement page, though, then something is wrong.

      • Well, I’ve checked the marketing options and I’m definitely opted in for everything on all my cards. I’ve contacted Amex and they’re going to look into why I’ve no offers showing on my cards.

  12. Concerto says:

    Having the MBNA Diamond Club AMEX card I suppose means I am not eligible for these offers?

    • No, not unless it eventually appears on the Amex Connect site.

      • Which is very likely, judging by previous promotions. My guess is that Amex targets certain cardholders first – selected on various criteria such as infrequent Amazon use. Then if the 15,000 allocation is falling short, they open it out on Amex Connect etc

        Early bird etc

  13. BlackberryAddict says:

    Only appeared on my Gold not the other three. Gold was the only one were there was no Amazon spend already.

  14. Didn’t get the offer. Recently got a BA card but have already used it to spend at Amazon.
    So far only had (and used) one offer on this card from
    How long does it take before offers start to roll in on a newly opened card account?

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