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£818 Business Class sale bargains to Asia on Qatar Airways (£566 Dubai, £979 Cape Town)

On Saturday I looked at the impressive £1,150 fares available to Las Vegas this Summer in business class on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

If you are heading east, the great news is that Qatar Airways has brought back another round of astonishingly cheap sale fares to Asia from various departure points around Europe.  These fares are bookable for dates until 31st March 2017.

You need to book by Tuesday, however.

As well as being great deals, you will earn Avios and British Airways tier points as Qatar is a oneworld partner.  A typical Qatar Airways flight to Asia from Europe would earn 560 British Airways tier points (140 + 140 + 140 + 140) return because of the connection in Doha.  That is only 40 tier points short of British Airways Silver status although you also need to fly four BA one-way flights to gain status.

The best deals this time seem to be from Scandinavia – Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen.  Helsinki flights do not start until October so ignore those unless you are booking for later in the year.

Qatar business class sale to Asia

The Stockholm deals list is here.  Typical fares in Business are:

Bangkok SEK 11,195 (£916)

Dubai SEK 10,545 (£863)

Hong Kong SEK 10,395 (£851)

Krabi SEK 9,995 (£818)

Phuket SEK 10,945 (£896)

Shanghai SEK 11,145 (£912)

Singapore SEK 11,945 (£978)

The Copenhagen deals list is here.  Typical fares in Business are:

Adelaide DKK 12,945 (£1,322)

Auckland DKK 14,195 (£1,450)

Cape Town DKK 11,245 (£1,148)

Dubai DKK 8,045 (£821)

Hong Kong DKK 10,795 (£1,102)

Kuala Lumpur DKK 11,495 (£1,174)

Maldives DKK 11,995 (£1,225)

Melbourne DKK 15,445 (£1,577)

Tokyo DKK 13,995 (£1,429)

The Oslo deals list is here.  Typical fares in Business are:

Adelaide NOK 18,445 (£1,512)

Bangkok NOK 10,095 (£827)

Bali NOK 15,395 (£1,262)

Cape Town NOK 11,945 (£979)

Jakarta NOK 13,195 (£1,082)

Kuala Lumpur NOK 12,145 (£995)

Maldives NOK 11,445 (£938)

Singapore NOK 10,945 (£897)

The Helsinki deals list is here.  Typical fares in Business are:

Abu Dhabi – €745 (£566)

Adelaide – €1,845 (£1,401)

Delhi – €1,095 (£832)

Dubai – €745 (£566)

Kuala Lumpur – €1,295 (£984)

Sydney – €1,895 (£1,439)

(Note that the Helsinki services does not start until 10th October and will be a short haul A320 to Doha.)

As ever with Qatar, you should keep an eye on the aircraft.  The most modern seats are on the Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and Airbus A380 fleet.  The A330 and Boeing 777 aircraft are now all fully flat, however.  A couple may even find the older style seating on these aircraft better as there are pairs of seat together.  The newer planes have a herringbone layout where passengers faces away from each other.

The A320 short haul aircraft used from Helsinki have ‘very nearly fully flat’ business class seats even though it is a single aisle plane.  I have never flown these but the feedback is OK.

My review of the 787 business class seat is here.  The 777 business seat review is here.  I reviewed the A380 business class seat here. The food and drink is the same high quality whichever aircraft you use.

You can book these deals via the UK Qatar site here.  Remember that you need to book by Tuesday 31st May and travel before 31st March 2017.

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  1. Chris says:

    Well that sorted out my decision for next year – back to SE Asia – was going to use Lloyds upgrade voucher and go to S America on new Santiago route but would have still been about 30,000 miles short and by the time I’d got them wouldn’t have been able to guarantee availability/dates. And it wouldn’t have been too much difference for price paid compared to taxes on redemption. And this way I have quite a few miles to play with for travelling around Asia.

    So it’s Stockholm to Hong Kong and then back from Bangkok to Copenhagen – reasonable transfer times about 2 hours both times in Doha – outward is late flight about 11.45pm so should be able to take the risk of travelling in the morning from London to Stockholm but on way back will have to do overnight in Copenhagen.

    Came to £871 – was going to do cheaper Helsinki – Krabi but was won over by the planes I’ll hopefully get – as solo traveller wanted the 1-2-1 aisle access and going into HKG means I can go to either Hanoi, Phillipines or Bali with Cathay and then spend my birthday in Bangkok…. Very pleased with this but now to decide what to do with my Lloyds upgrade voucher before expires in October

    was going to do Helsinki to Krabi

    • Polly says:

      It’s a no brainer really. We are now booked OSL to Ho Chi Minh one sector 787, and back from KUL again one sector 787. 1 hr layovers in Doha, so that’s good too. Bit more pricey than from HEL, but that was all A330 sectors, so prepared to pay bit extra for the nicer plane part of the way. We will use our cancelled 241 to fly CE RFS to HEL, as a treat. First time in Nam, so much history to take in. Will use avios on CX to fly from HO to KUL. Plan on a few days in Malaysia up country. James67, we will be picking your brains on that bit, if you don’t mind please.
      Tnx again Raffles for the tips as usual. When will QR issue shares to us hfpters? They get so much biz from us lot.

  2. infant prices says:

    Hmmm tried to book online , from HEL to MEL (return), but they are charging mega ££££ for an infants fare.. been onhold for 15 minutes trying to sort it out.

    2 x ADULT Fare 2680.00
    1 x INFANT Fare 1340.00

    Anybody else have experience with Qatar and infant fares? There Website says 10% of Adult.. but it didnt work out like that!

    • Polly says:

      Usually, Infant fares only apply to regular scheduled prices, never on promo fares like these ones. I had to phone their technical line today, very nice chap from Poland helped out, we needed an open jaw return. He even went ahead and booked it over the phone. And called me back when I asked him to. So maybe try calling that number.

  3. infant prices says:

    Hmmm if i book more expensive (eg non-promo fares) then the infant price drops to 10% of the adult fare….

    Still on hold to Qatar… they havent answered the phone in 30 minutes…

  4. infant prices says:

    Well they answered the phone, but they are next to useless.

    QATAR “Yes this is a restrictive fare – and for this fare we have a different calculation for charging infants”
    ME “But your website says you charge 10% of an adult fare for infants”
    QATAR “Yes this is a restrictive fare – and for this fare we have a different calculation for charging infants”
    ME “Thanks for repeating that – can you please point me to where that is published”
    QATAR “Restrictive fares use different calculation for charging infants”
    ME “OK great – can you share that info with your customers”
    QATAR “Restrictive fares use different calculation for charging infants – we don’t share this info, but I can work out the percentage for you”
    ME “OK thanks – that’s 40 mins of my life I wont ever get back”

  5. Steve says:

    Thanks again for the heads up here. Decided to change our honeymoon plans – flying Rome to Bangkok for 3 weeks in August, for 2,500 euros (2 of us obviously) in R class.

  6. James R says:

    Does anyone know anything regards to lounge access when flying Qatar from Birmingham?
    I think they only have an Aspire lounge and an Emirates.

  7. Thanks Raffles! Booked my first ever Business to Dubai. The leg from Doha to Dubai is classed as First. Now just need to book the leg to Helsinki! I am not a member of QR but wondering what the best partner would be to get the miles for these flights. I always end up with small amounts across different airlines. Can any of the airline miles who are partners be converted to hotel points like HH or IHG?

    • You could credit to Finnair and transfer to IHG or Accor. Best credited to BA though as you would get Bronze from this as long as you’d done 4 BA segments too.