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My review of La Compagnie’s all-business-flight from London to New York (Part 2)

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This is part 2 of my review of the La Compagnie ‘all business class’ London Luton to New York Newark service.  Part 1 which is here looked at the seat and the background to the service.  Here I want to look at the amenities, IFE, food and pricing.


The washbag was made of 100% recycled cotton:

la compagnie flight washbag

…. and contained socks, a sleeping mask, ear plugs, a toothbrush with toothpaste, an eye cream, a face cream by Caudalie, a pen and a mirror. I would love to see more mirrors in washbags.

la compagnie washbag products

The food

The food was very impressive by business class standards.  La Compagnie has genuinely made an effort here and it shows.

There wasn’t a menu to choose from, but there were two options for the main course.  The starter was lobster salad:

la compagnie flight food starter

As my main I chose the salmon with gnocchi and spinach. The other dish was chicken.

la compagnie flight food main salmon dish

The drinks were in large bottles and poured into glasses.  I’m not too sure how many bar lessons the flight attendants had but when your G&T is 3/4 gin an 1/4 tonic, something must have got mixed up. My seat neighbour and I had to keep ordering more tonic to not get completely wasted within minutes.

la compagnie flight drinks

After dinner I tried to sleep, but it was still relatively early UK time and the seat wasn’t comfortable enough for me to drop off.

I ended up watching a movie on the tablet. Unfortunately I never got to finish the film as the battery died and by the time I got a new one the wi-fi had been turned off.  I will never find out what happens at the end of X-Men: First Class (yes I know this film is a bit old and I should’ve seen it already …..).

An hour before landing we got some sandwiches, scones and sweet pastries, which were a bit too sticky but delicious:

la compagnie flight plane food sandwich

Newark Airport

Rob told me that going through customs and passport control at Newark airport would be quick and easy but the queues were definitely longer than I expected.  On top of that I got a red A on my landing card and had to let my suitcase go through an x-ray.  On the upside, Newark is a quick fixed fare taxi ride into Manhattan.

la compagnie plane

The La Compagnie loyalty program

As La Compagnie is an independent company, they have their own loyalty program which reminds me a lot of a coffee card, although you don’t have to hand in over mid-flight to be stamped.

For every flight you take you get points depending on the category you book.  Once you’ve got enough points, you get a free flight.  Easy.

Interestingly, you can earn bonus points if your flight is delayed by more than six hours or cancelled!

la compagnie my compagnie loyalty scheme

For those travelling to and from New York a lot, La Compagnie recently released a number of ‘unlimited’ passes for £25,000 each.  These allow to take as many trips as you like over a 12 month period.

Conclusion – is La Compagnie worth it?

Calling La Compagnie a ‘business class only’ flight is a bit misleading for people who are used to the current standards of the big airlines and their business class products.  The major European airlines have pretty much eliminated sloping seating (even Lufthansa has finally got rid of it) and most give you the option of not being seated directly next to a stranger.

It certainly isn’t Premium Economy either though – the food and the space available on La Compagnie is well ahead of any Premium Economy seat I know.  You also get lounge access which would not be available with BA’s World Traveller Plus or Virgin’s Premium Economy.

The price is rather Premium Economy. Currently you can book a return flight to Newark on La Compagnie for £1000 (if choosing ‘Promo’ which is non-refundable).  In comparison a BA or Virgin premium economy seat to New York is around £900 to £1100 return outside of a sale.  British Airways has been selling Club World for as little as £1200 in recent sales although you can never predict when they will come around.

It was a bit unfortunate that I didn’t get to fly and review what I understood was the newer La Compagnie plane.  However, it is probably better to expect the old plane and to be surprised with the newer one than the other way round.

The food was great and so was the service (besides the lack of drink mixing skills).  It wasn’t the cabin crew’s fault that seats were broken and that tablets were not working. They did their best in providing a great service throughout the flight.

Your flight may be a little chaotic, but if you are happy to sacrifice earning Avios and tier point and fly old-style business class for premium economy prices, I do recommend La Compagnie.  What the plane lacked in finish was made up for by the crew, food and, compared to premium economy, the spacious seat.

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  • James Alexander says:

    One further comment
    Tablet as TV = NO THANKS!
    The awful US AIR tried they crap on UK to USA before they were eaten up by AA
    It’s impractical – I was handed a tablet and a bunch of cables and a cabled headset.
    No where to put the bloody thing when my trsy table was being used to eat dinner from.
    This tablet stuff is pre-historic and unacceptable.
    This La Compagnie isn’t trying to capture the real business market its aimed and winning the affluent retirees and aspirationals who want to get smashed (the gin brigade as somf flight crews havre been known to call them).
    They’re the ones who don’t sleep on the overnight flights! They get smashed – and by your evidence from your being “over- served” I ask you to imagine trying to get some kip on that short EWR to London flight with some over served customers who aren’t going to work next day! The idea of being kept awake for over 2 hours of a short long haul while the medal service is being delivered and bring surrounded by Party central with no lie flat and no direct aisle makes me shudder – price be damned !

    • Graeme says:

      Horses for courses.. I would imagine the cabin crew dread some passengers more than the gin brigade ..

  • Bob says:

    Excellent review.

    Thanks again for that.

    And let’s read later your return on air berlin.

  • Andy says:

    The food looks much better than anything BA serves in CW

  • Jovanna says:

    None of my three claims have succeeded. The first was denied – cut & paste email: check your cookies etc. (which I had). The second was because I’d used a voucher code. It was actually a credit that I’d received on the account, which I had to apply in the voucher section. The third is still pending. Pending since last October. I’ve given up that one.

  • Aeronaut says:

    “I will never find out what happens at the end of X-Men: First Class (yes I know this film is a bit old and I should’ve seen it already …..).”

    I doubt it’s a life changing experience! Nor do I t think such popcorn franchise films count as ‘should have seen it already’s’…

  • Ben says:

    Great review. I dont know why this airline installed angled flat seats and calls itself business class. They never expect to get 100% load factors so why not rip out one or two rows of seats and install 2-2 fully-flat beds? The UA/AA 321T ones would be perfect.
    Im also at a loss to understand why they chose LTN as their London base – its by far the worst of the 5 London airports. While I can understand they couldnt afford a slot of LHR, surely they could have managed LGW given the random airlines that have managed to get LGW slots?

  • Talay says:

    If you have a top product and experience some glitches you may survive but with a poor product and serious issues in logistics and communication, I’d say their time is limited before closing.

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