Important dates for your diary – offers about to close which you shouldn’t miss

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Here is the latest edition of our fortnightly feature which summarises offers that are ending soon. It pulls together the different deals mentioned on our Avios Promos, Hotel Promos, Credit Cards and regular article pages.


The key deal ending at the end of the month is the current British Airways First Class, Club World and Club Europe sale which ends on Tuesday.  The deals are not exceptionally good, however.

I would also highlight the current Accor offer of €120 of free rooms, or 6000 Avios, for 3 x 2-night stays.  You need to book by Tuesday even though the stays can be at any point until early September.  Details here.

Deals closing soon:

Sunday 21st May

Last day for discounted Heathrow parking via Good To Go, for travel between 5th June and 7th July.  Article.

Tuesday 23rd May

Last day to book Accor hotels, for stays by 3rd September, for the current 6,000 Avios or €120 offer.  Article.

Last day to book in the current British Airways First and business class sale.  Article.

Last day to earn 4,000 Miles & More miles with any hotel booking.  Article.

Saturday 27th May

FIRST DAY for stays at Marriott and Starwood properties to count for the new Summer promotions.  Article.

Wednesday 31st May

Last day to earn 12,000 Accor points with an Economist subscription.  Article.

Last day to earn 15,000 Etihad Guest miles with their UK credit card.  Article.

Last day to earn 3,000 Flying Blue miles with a PointsHound hotel booking.  Article.

Last day to earn 30,000 Avios with a subscription to the Irish Independent.  Article.

Last day to convert Tesco Clubcard vouchers to Avios if you also want to enter the current competition.  Article.

Last day for £10 off a £50 Charles Tyrwhitt shirt order, earning Avios at the same time.  Article.

Sunday 11th June

Last day to enter Hilton‘s competition to become their British Grand Prix mascot and win a holiday in Abu Dhabi.  Article.

Thursday 15th June

Last day to earn 1,000 Avios with wine from Laithwaites / BA Wine Explorer.  Article.

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  1. Nick M says:

    Sorry OT – I have the Amex Gold offer to get £50 off a £200 spend, and am looking at booking a Marriott or Hilton stay – will I still get free breakfast as Gold/Diamond? I understand that I probably won’t get any points as a 3rd party booking

    • Genghis says:

      If goes through as third party booking you will get Marriott benefits (but no points) but no benefits at a Hilton. As to whether it goes through as a third party booking, I’m not sure. @Alan seems to be in the know and posted about it a few days ago

      • Nick M says:

        Thanks Genghis

      • My main Amex Travel experience has been that non-FHR bookings go through as 3rd party. Some properties still seem to provide benefits on these stays (even if not really meant to), however I think it’s a bit poor that Amex Travel ones are treated like this – especially given Hilton Gold is a Plat benefit! Worth asking hotel to add your Hilton number and then if no breakfast I’d consider charging it to the room then taking it up with Amex when you get back…

    • Louise says:

      We booked Hilton Bournemouth on last amex travel offer, emailed hotel a week before with diamond honours number and received diamond benefits throughout stay
      (Upgraded room, exec lounge and free breakfast)

      • How was it? Tempted to try this one day.

        • Louise says:

          Yes we liked it. Room was comfortable and strong shower pressure. Pool was a great size for doing some lengths, with sauna and steam room.
          Exec lounge was stocked with normal two choices for hot food (samosas/chicken) and typical cold spread. Only one bottle of red/white wine left out at a time but was restocked when it did run out.
          Breakfast selection was excellent and we had dinner one day which was nice too, but good location meant easy walk to other choices.
          We had one drink in the sky bar, it seemed popular with local people.
          Had to pay for parking but it is an enclosed car park just next door.

        • The Original Nick. says:

          When I stayed last year I didn’t pay for parking, the reception have me a coffee to get out of the car park. I was also Diamond then. I couldn’t fault the hotel.

  2. mark2 says:

    I just received an email (no doubt one of millions) from a company called who will handle your claim from an airline for delayed flights.
    In the ‘Terms of Engagement’ they charge 36% of the claim including VAT.

  3. the real harry1 says:

    tomorrow is the last day to earn 6000 miles with a Virgin ISA…

    …fingers crossed for good news to follow

    • TRH – where do you fly with VS?

      • the real harry1 says:


        I’ve kept my 100K stash alive for the last 18 years – I got them from a corporate Amex card when I got the old heave-ho & had to decide where to dump them

        planning on a decent LH trip in 6+ years’ time once the youngest kid has gone off to university, so I’ve started collecting points more seriously this last couple of years along with the wife (but not yet to the extent of taking out cards, might do that in due course)

        you never know what’s around the corner and there might end up being some way of using the miles in Europe

        • I’m trying out VS Upper Class to Boston with my stash next month – out from London then back to Manchester. No availability on BA, lower taxes/fees and returning to Manchester means cheap and quick train back to Edinburgh. Looking forward to trying it out (with a VS credit card or two sign-up in the lounge!)

        • I like UC, the old 747s need replacing but I like the cosy exclusivity of just 14 UC seats at the front, always a party atmosphere at the bar going West.

        • They seem to have refurbed the planes on the Boston-Manchester route so should get decent seats both ways. Unfortunately spare seats on the left-hand side are mainly at the back near the bar, which doesn’t sound like such a good plan on the flight back!

        • He’s going to stay at Necker 😉

        • If you value at 0.75p, then £7500 earning 2% interest over 18 years is £10711 (and historically rates were much higher.. )

          I’d have exchanged them for 200K Hilton a long time ago… after all you can easily earn VS from CCs and CC 🙂

        • the real harry1 says:

          but it’s £750! 🙂

  4. OT- been posted before but does anybody have any experi nice of using the PRGC to platinum upgrade, hitting the 1k spend and then cancelling before incurring any fees?

    How long after applying would they normally charge you here?


    • the real harry1 says:

      sure – I did exactly that a couple of weeks ago

      I guess I only had the Plat about 3 or 4 days, I paid off £1K of council tax then just had to wait for the points to hit my BAEC a/c before cancelling

      I think you can get more days than that before getting charged & some are luckier still 🙂

      don’t worry too much about the fees because you get a pro-rata refund in any case

    • MarkH says:

      I had Plat for about 6 weeks and didn’t get charged any fees

    • I’m cancelling mine in the next couple of days. I’ve had it since Easter and haven’t been charged the fee yet. I waited a little longer after hitting the spend target to cancel as I was waiting for hotel statuses to come through. Only the Hilton one has so far. It’s going to make the cancelling conversation a bit easier though as I genuinely am disappointed with the fact that most of my hotel statuses haven’t been updgraded this long after applying.

  5. Ralphy says:

    Blatant plug for Raffles.

    I contacted Rob the other day as I was signing up for the AmEx Platinum card. Doing this gave me an extra 5000 membership rewards points. However, even if it didn’t I would have still written to Rob for a referral since whenever I can I want to give something back to him for the amazing work he has done and the fabulous flights I have been able to book and take that, without signing up to Headforpoints 3 or 4 years ago, I would never have known about and so able to achieve First to Beijing and Hong Kong, Club World to Sydney! And others.

    I have also done this with AmEx gold and SPG, asking Rob for referrals.

    Would strongly encourage all readers here to be mindful and do the same when there is no opportunity within your immediate circle of family and friends.

    Thanks again Rob!

  6. OT – my first five Shopping Miles transactions (from end of March) have now appeared in my Flying Club account.

  7. OT.

    Earned my Lloyd’s upgrade and planning Marrakech business redemption. Looking for some advise on my planned use.

    If I book one avios redemption return followed by BA holiday for one (flight and hotel) can I link the bookings?

    Lastly will a regional connection increase avios redemption and /or BA holidays?


    • Marrakech is treated as short haul so, yes, the regional add-on will be charged.

      You can’t link bookings (unless you are Gold, when they will try occasionally – but with BA Holidays involved I doubt even that would work).

      • Thanks. That might swing in favour of a different destination. Time for me to crunch the numbers.

  8. Two pronged OT question re Amex Travel.

    Looking to book a friend LHR-FCO-CAI and back on Alitalia. Alitalia is showing a few options on the dates. However, Amex Travel (£50 off £250 spend!) website isn’t showing all the options that Alitalia are offering. Can I call Amex travel and get them to ‘force’ a certain booking?

    Also, what are the downsides of booking through Amex Travel, rather than booking with Alitalia direct?

    • You can try, but Amex Travel seems to not always show the lowest available booking classes. Sometimes this is because airlines only allow you to book the cheapest booking classes directly with them or their specialist travel agents.

      Downsides are that Amex will have additional cancellation / change policies and their own fees for doing so in addition to any airline fees, plus everything needs to go through Amex until day of flight – if Alitalia cancels or changes schedule then Amex will be your contact to fix any problems.
      Upside is 3MR/£ on Gold Amex instead of 2MR/£

      Didn’t Alitalia go into administration recently? You may have extra protection with Amex Travel should Alitalia stop operating (if it’s a package, they may have some obligations to reroute you – check this yourself though), whereas Section 75 when paying by CC will only get you a refund

    • Genghis says:

      I’d avoid booking anything with Alitalia at the moment, especially far out

    • Klaus-Peter Dudas says:

      Related question. I never see any availability on BA with AmEx Travel. Is BA not available with AmEx? Also a lot of hotels are missing… :/

    • Thank you for feedback and thoughts.

      Will discuss administration with friend re Alitalia, I had forgotten that. Thanks for the reminder.

      I didn’t realise, but Alitalia offering 20% off flights at the moment, negating the £50 saving through Amex Travel.

      I think I’ll avoid booking through Amex Travel for this one, might try it out myself when I’m flying first!

      • As a little datapoint that may be useful for someone;

        LHR-FCO-CAI-FCO-LHR is pricing at £210 for 7/6-15/6 in Economy, which seems cheap to me?

  9. OT – re IHG Accelerate

    One of my Accelerate targets is 3600 for booking 1 Bonus Points Package.

    Got a Home Counties Crowne Plaza stay needed for next weekend – selecting a rate offers me:

    ‘Your rate by IHG Rewards Club BONUS POINTS: 1,000 Bonus Points for every night’

    Or (for a few quid more)

    ‘1,000 Bonus Points Package: 1,000 Bonus Points for Every Night’

    Do you think the former will count even though it does not include the exact term “Bonus Points Package” though clearly is a package offering Bonus Points…

    • HayMow says:

      I would think Yes it counts, AliD, as the rate terms link says “Exclusive to IHG® Rewards Club members. Earn Faster with this package offer – Earn 1,000 bonus IHG Rewards Club points for each night when you book the 1,000 Bonus Point Package. ” … My similar Accelerate target is clearer as it says “complete 2 Your Rate Bonus Point Package stay(s)” so I went for the “Your Rate” offer.

  10. Genghis says:


    • Genghis says:

      Top man. Will give it a try.

    • Scott says:

      I’ll also give it a go, would be great if this works. Thanks.

    • Scott says:

      Not working for me. If I paste the url from the payment screen (i.e. the screen that comes up after clicking ‘book’), I get an error. If I paste the URL of the prior screen it comes up with the non-Trip Advisor higher price.

  11. O/T – are there some gremlins in Amex systems at the moment?

    Issue (1) I took out a new Amex Gold last week. I wasn’t immediately approved (unusual) but the card arrived on Friday. Historically the person referring has received their bonus MR points quickly IME, but in this case the points have still not posted. Cause to worry?

    Issue (2) I used the BA £100 off of £500 offer on Tuesday? I received the confirmation email immediately after the transaction but the Statement Credit has not appeared. Has anyone actually had the £100 hit their account yet?


    • Similar with amex gold referral here. Told 12 weeks by customer service. Secure message route may resolve faster.

      • Thanks! Urgh, not good – that may take my partner into another account year which means the fee would be payable. Strange as last time (when I referred someone at work) I had the bonus points before they knew they had been accepted.

        • Jas Gill says:

          I had this same issue recently; just give them a call to resolve.

    • Not spotted any issues with referral bonuses myself, although they had a wobble in January for a few days.

    • James says:

      Have just had the exact same issue with a referral. Person received their card on Wednesday, always posted either the day they receive the card or following day, not the case this time. I have sent a secure message and hopefully it will be fast tracked – will keep you updated.

      • Interesting. Sounds like there might be a generic hold up with the referral points. Hopefully if they notice a few emails coming through they’ll get it sorted. My other issue with the BA statement credit has now resolved itself.

  12. Another OT. Our priority passes are due for renewal and I was wondering what’s the best way to renew? Hilton have an up to 10,000 points bonus if I buy through them but is there a gold standard way for point collectors?? Thanks

  13. Crafty says:


    WARNING for all on IHG Accelerate. I completed a stay on Thursday that was booked before 15 May. While the points have posted to my IHG account, none of my Accelerate offers triggered. Fuming.

    Before anyone says “should have cancelled and rebooked”, yes in theory, but the stay had increased in price by over £20 by that time, and although my employer pays, I have a conscience.

    Anyone else found the same has happened to them? I was hoping after the inconsistencies last time IHG might have sharpened this up, but it seems no such luck.

  14. Another OT sorry: I contacted Amex via secure message to add the Amex travel offer to my plat. I received response that it has been added but can’t find it in my saved offers. Am I safe to book anyway?
    Also can someone remind me what it is again? Is it £50 off £200 or £250?

    Thanks in advance

  15. OT Anyone know if IHG add more Reward Nights to hotels? Looking for hotels for the last week of August and would prefer Crowne Plaza to Intercontinental (due to cost for a week). I know it’s school holidays so probably zero to nil chance I bet.

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