Bits: Iberia Express sale, an Avios booking fact you never knew, £5 off ALDI with Amex

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News in brief:

Iberia Express sale now on

Iberia Express flies from Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester to Madrid.

They are currently running a series of promos offering 25%-30% off.  This would be handy if you were interested in connecting to a long-haul Iberia redemption booked on Avios, to save the high taxes charged on British Airways redemptions.  I wrote more about the good value offered by Iberia long-haul Avios redemptions here.

Details are on the Iberia Express home page here.

Did you know the cancellation policy?

One thing that keeps this job interesting is that you always learn something new about schemes you thought you understood backwards.

It is a fairly well known fact that you can cancel any BA flight booking made on, for cash or Avios, within 24 hours for a full refund.  No cancellation fees are charged, not even the standard £35 Avios cancellation charge.

However, as a reader found out last week, you do not get this protection for Avios bookings made on  The cancellation fee kicks in immediately, even if you try to cancel 10 minutes after booking.

This is unlikely to make a massive difference to your booking strategy, but if there is an outside chance that you may need to cancel an Avios redemption within 24 hours of booking then make sure you book via and not

(EDIT:  It seems, given the comments below, that there is some confusion on this point.  I know a reader was refused a cancellation last week for free when he tried within 24 hours.  Others are now being told it can be done if it is a BA flight.)

PS.  It is also worth a reminder of the other booking restriction at – you cannot make bookings online within 24 hours of departure.  This is not a problem over at  It does appear to be possible via phone.

£5 off at ALDI with Amex

If you missed our article last week, American Express is now accepted at ALDI.

A ‘£5 cashback when you spend £10’ offer appeared on many Amex cards yesterday – I have it on my Platinum.  This is valid for one transaction before 30th April.

You need to save the offer to your card in order to register.  If you have it, it will be under the ‘Offers’ tab on your statement page on the website or app.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

Amex loses its final appeal - it must cut its fees to retailers who accept BA, SPG and Nectar cards
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  1. Aldi offer is a weird one… It’s not on my offers list and not my Amex app, but I did get an email which I clicked and claimed to activate the offer… Mysterious and no proof/confirmation beyond a web page.

    After the whole fiasco of Shop Small – several shops on the map had either closed down, no longer accepted amex, or simply didn’t honour the offer (e.g. by using a “different” card terminal, and therefore wasn’t the same business listed on the map) – I don’t really trust Amex offers unless I can SEE them.

    • Michael Jennings says:

      The Aldi offer is on my offers list for my PRG, and I also got the e-mail to click through and register for the offer (after I had already registered for it from my honours list). Neither of these things for my SPG card, alas, so looks like I only get it once.

    • After querying Amex shop small where card not accepted they said their database is based off places that accepted Amex in last 6months.

      • Genghis says:

        Baloney! Some places on the map hadn’t accepted Amex for years even after just putting the card in the machine

  2. rams1981 says:

    That does look interesting, thanks. Anyone on here have it?

  3. More importantly, the Waitrose ‘Pick Your Own’ scheme is closing on 28th Feb to be replaced by ‘personalised rewards selected just for you’.

  4. OT
    For current accounts which pay interest and/or other benefits you often need two or three direct debits. Tesco Internet Saver (TIS) accounts allow you to set up a direct debit to collect small amounts from a current account each month. You can have one TIS account each and one joint. It also pays 1.3% with instant access. Don’t set up too many at the same time or it gets shirty.

    • Just a reminder though. that it is not a qualifying direct debit for their own tesco current account so don’t anybody rush off doing that.

      • Genghis says:

        Cough. Works for me…

        • N.B. The T&Cs are changing and From 22nd April 2018 and you’ll be unable to set up new, regular or one off direct debit payments. All existing direct debits set up on your account will be cancelled.

        • On the relaunched account requiring 3 DD?

        • Oh well, no longer relevant given comment from David.

        • That’s a blow; probably too many people like us doing small direct debits!

        • To be clear, my comment specifically relates to the T&Cs of the Tesco Bank Internet Saver and Tesco Bank Instant Access Savings Account which have changed and I was sent details of in the post a little while back.

        • Genghis says:

          @David. Thanks for letting us know. I rarely read those savings acct T&C change letters

  5. OT – my account is now showing avios and vouchers earned from the Lloyds avios cards, however my Lloyds credit card statement is still not showing any of this, and there is no spend indicator either – should I just assume this is never going to happen and continue adding it all up myself?!

    • Weird. At the very end of my statements there is a breakdown of Avios earned. It’s in the PDF statement.

  6. I tried applying for Aqua and was rejected! The waiting list for the Tandem has been removed – can just apply now

    • Really? Perhaps balance layers are not what they’re after. I do find them to be quite immoral to be fair. I’ve had the card a few years now, they gave me just a £450 limit at first (I only applied as they were giving a free night in a hotel as a sign up bonus, stayed in the Mercure sheffield) and within a year they put it up to £3800. The minimum payment is always lower than the estimated interest too.

      Still they’ve not gotten a penny in interest or fees from me 🙂

    • Or balance payers even

    • rams1981 says:

      Thanks. Have applied for a card. Will report back if any good

    • Subsequently checking on MSE’s eligibility check I was down as ineligible for Aqua, so presumably they have some upper limit for credit score or income.

  7. If you look at the Curve rewards section on their website there’s quite a bit of info about this.

  8. Scallder says:

    Something to note – I tried doing a £30 shop this morning splitting over 3 cards and they wouldn’t take multiple cards for one transaction. Was told I could do card and cash… One item was £25 though so ditched the others I had picked up to make to £30 and will get those another day…

    • When I get to the till I just put separators between the stuff I’m buying so it goes through as separate transactions. I’ve only been queried on this once and said I was shopping for myself and another and needed separate receipts. No problems.

      • Scallder says:

        Will certainly do that the next time I’m in there Cate to make use of the remaining 2 cards I have it on, however didn’t fancy my chances taking the £25 item out of the box and getting them to price up parts individually 🙂

  9. Scottydoggiom says:

    With regards to Aldi , i just tried to order some wine online with them and there is no option to pay with Amex , maybe its to be added to the online side at a later date ?

  10. Optimus Prime says:

    OT – Marriot is making changes to some hotel categories.

    • rams1981 says:

      Just booked JW Marriott Orlando using rewards package for 330k points. Was cat 7 and about to move to cat 8 it seems so saved 30k Marriott points.

      110k SPG points for one week’s hotel at £1100-1200 plus 120k Avios was a decent return.

    • Phu Quoc moving out of cat 5 to 6, just managed to redeem a travel package against it while it was cat 5!

      Worked out at 90k SPG points for 162k avios and what would have been a cash rate of £2800 for the week. Very pleased with that.

    • Thanks for the heads up, have booked my hotels for US summer trip, San Francisco and LA. Both hotels were going up…

  11. OT: Applied for Hilton Diamond status match and they’ve come back saying if I do 8 stays my status will be extended to March 2019. I thought it would be valid till 2020 but they are only giving for a year. Is that right?

    • The promo has been running to March 2019 for a year. I thought they would extend it (it is 9 months since I got mine, it was March 2019 then) but clearly not.

      • Thanks Rob. Can anyone else confirm who are doing the challenge that they are only giving it till next March. I might give it a miss as don’t have much planned for the latter part of this year. If it’s till March 2020, then it’s worth doing.

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