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Habtoor’s three Marriott-managed Dubai hotels are rebranded by Hilton

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We recently wrote how the St Regis, Westin and W hotels at Al Habtoor City in Dubai were to be deflagged on 31st July.

From yesterday, Hilton is now operating the hotels – although I doubt the signs have been changed yet.

The St Regis becomes ‘Habtoor Palace Hotel, part of the LXR Hotels & Resorts collection’ – the hotel site is here 

The W becomes ‘V, part of Curio Collection by Hilton’ – the hotel site is here 

The Westin becomes Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City – the hotel site is here 

LXR is a new Hilton brand.  It is designed to be a home for independent luxury hotels who want to join the Hilton ‘system’ whilst still remaining outside Hilton control.

There are now THREE Hilton brands for independent hotels:

LXR – for five star properties

Curio – for four star properties (Ibiza reviewed here, Boston reviewed here, Hamburg reviewed here)

Tapestry – for three star properties (Washington DC reviewed here)

I am very positive about these moves because they are attracting very good hotels.  I was very keen on The Graham in Washington.  We were also back at the Reichshof in Hamburg last month which is much improved on its chaotic opening which I reviewed.

Whether this can be enough to save the Al Habtoor City hotels, which suffer from a blighted location next to Sheikh Zayeed Road – see photo above – and chronic over-development, is a different question.

How to earn Hilton Honors points and status from UK credit cards

How to earn Hilton Honors points and status from UK credit cards (February 2024)

There are various ways of earning Hilton Honors points from UK credit cards.  Many cards also have generous sign-up bonuses.

Do you know that holders of The Platinum Card from American Express receive FREE Hilton Honors Gold status for as long as they hold the card?  It also comes with Marriott Bonvoy Gold, Radisson Rewards Premium and MeliaRewards Gold status.  We reviewed American Express Platinum in detail here and you can apply here.

The Platinum Card from American Express

40,000 bonus points and a huge range of valuable benefits – for a fee Read our full review

Did you know that the Virgin Atlantic credit cards are a great way of earning Hilton Honors points? Two Virgin Points can be converted into three Hilton Honors points. The Virgin Atlantic cards are the only Visa or Mastercard products in the UK which can indirectly earn Hilton Honors points. You can apply here.

Virgin Money is offering double points on spending until 14th April (£5,000 cap) to new customers when you apply for the Virgin Atlantic Reward+ Mastercard. Click here to learn more.

You can also earn Hilton Honors points indirectly with:

and for small business owners:

The conversion rate from American Express to Hilton points is 1:2.

Click here to read our detailed summary of all UK credit cards which can be used to earn Hilton Honors points

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Offers’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  • elguiri says:

    O/T: If I were to sign up for the IHG premier card today, and then it becomes part of my accelerate target for Q3, would I get the points, or do I have to wait for them to release the info about the new accelerate before I can take it out? (Have a big spend to do soon and hoping to achieve the £10k target for the free night voucher with it.

    • Rob says:

      It shouldn’t appear on your Accelerate targets in that case. If it does appear, I reckon the service centre will mark it as completed if you drop them a note.

      • elguiri says:

        When would the Q3 targets likely go live? I might be able to wait a few days if it’s imminent…

        • Wivus says:

          If I recall that far back I think they announced mid-August for start of September last year. Seem to remember August being a fallow month. Might be wrong though

      • Davef says:

        I had the Accelerate target to take out a CC 3 quarters running. Did it in the 1st quarter and the next 2 it automatically checked the target and gave me the points

  • xcalx says:

    OT. Amex related.

    Just doing a referral from plat, when I click on other cards I only get the option of gold, green or business cards. I was sure another option was credit cards which included BA, Nectar etc. I did find a long route through to the Nectar card with a number of clicks but am not sure the referral bonus will kick in. Anyone know a short route to the Nectar card page . Thanks

    • Rob MC says:

      It appears that the referral for all cards has gone as of yesterday.. hopefully it returns.

      • xcalx says:

        I can find the other cards by clicking on compare cards but I am not sure I will receive the referral bonus.

        • the real harry1 says:

          interesting, somebody needs to take one for the team 🙂

      • Simon says:

        Its back on my link. as it used to be.

    • Leo says:

      Read the other bits thread.

    • Joe says:

      Used to be there and used it myself seems you could refer from any card to any card that seems to be no longer 🙁

      • Pangolin says:

        Currently you can only refer within the same family (Plat Gold Green) so for SPG you can only give referrals to/from the card itself.

    • xcalx says:

      Think I have sussed it.
      Click on referral link.
      Choose Plat card.
      A screen overshadows the application page click on preview other cards.
      Choose one of the other 17 cards.
      Click on compare (I did Nectar)
      Click on apply for card.

      The referral T/Cs are still showing 18000 for any card bar the free Amex. I have screen shots.

      • the real harry1 says:

        I can get to the 17 cards but not too sure you’ll get very far with the 18K points as the referral seems to get lost, the screenshots will come in handy! Let us know how it goes.

        • the real harry1 says:

          I think there’s an ‘unorthodox’ way to generate your preferred referral link – remember how we pranked the card offers? Similar idea. Just compare genuine referral links Plat/ Gold/ Green with the (say) NectarCard identifier in an Amex application & switch card yourself in the address, leaving in your referral identifier.

        • Simon says:

          Just did it from my Plat referral link. ALL cards back there as normal….

        • Peter K says:

          Just tried and successfully referred from plat to BA card. Back to normal again…for now at least.

        • the real harry1 says:

          yep same for us Peter K, grabbed the free BA card for my SO as she was asking me to get it for her 🙂

      • Graham Walsh says:

        My brother had a similar issue with his Plat referral link. Had to change browsers to see the “credit cards”

        • Kiran says:

          I had this too. Needed to change from Firefox to Safari (Mac)

  • mk says:

    Nandos! Finally, a restaurant offer I’ll actually use!

    • Joey says:


      • anon says:

        I’m not sure I would call it a “high end” restaurant though!! (as described in the article)

    • Graham Walsh says:

      Same here I would use it. Kids like it (and so do I). Shame I don’t have the offer. I usually buy gift cards in Costco when they have an offer online for £15 off.

  • King K says:

    OT, while waiting for converting Tesco CC points to BAEC, hoping to use my first ever 241.

    Would BAEC hold award redemption 241 booking until the 20K points I am short hits the account?

    Also as a back up have some SPG points which I can use to transfer to BAEC if the Tesco ones haven’t arrived by tomorrow. Do SPG transfer to BAEC instantly?

    Any ideas / help appreciated !

    • blenz101 says:

      No chance of them holding reward seats if you are short I’m afraid. Buying points or transferring from another Avios based currency account is your only instant way of getting points in your account.

    • Anna says:

      Just out of interest have you found redemption flights now?!

  • Nick M says:

    Does anybody else’s SPG Amex conversion look a bit odd? – I had 773 in my account yesterday and have 1603 today, I know it takes a few days for the points to be added but over the last week I’ve only spent £150 on the card (plus circa £400 pending from yesterday) – I can’t see how this adds up…

    • Davef says:

      Points were tripled today if you read the rest of the comments but they wont be transferred across to the new combined marriot/spg account until mid sept

    • Graeme says:

      My points doubled. I queried it earlier on chat. My original star points transferred today. The reamining number for me are the tripled amouny minus what has already been sent ober to SPG.

      Any confusion, chat will hopefully explain or sort ouy for you Nick.

  • Noggins says:

    OT. I had my monthly Iberia statement yesterday. 0 miles showing. I imagine this means there is an expiry date on Iberia miles? If so, what a shabby way of running a business. A monthly update but no reminder that the expiry date is approaching. How do they expect to attract and retain customers??!! Worth a regular update, Rob, on the expiry periods for different schemes?

    • the_real_a says:

      I lost 8k avios in iberia for this exact reason last year. Really left a bad taste in my mouth. No warnings, nothing…

      • Joe says:

        I had a warning 6 months ago and though I just need to move in points to keep account active. Moved in 1000 from and the whole lot disappeared including the new ones from

        • the real harry1 says:

          Yep I’ve been making a point of switching in 1000 points from Amex from time to time even though I don’t need them in IB. Then switch out later.

        • Peter K says:

          Combine my avios does not count as activity on any of the accounts unfortunately.

  • Russ says:

    Do we know if third party hotel bookings @Marriott will still receive elite privileges? Have some Iberia promo points left over for a stay but don’t want to book if no longer eligible for breakfast.

    • Pangolin says:

      Currently I’ve seen nothing mentioned that suggests this would change in the new program.

      I think I’ll wait for some first hand reports to flow in after Aug 18 before trying it myself.

      • Russ says:

        Yes I think you’re right. Will wait for feedback from others, hopefully before 1st December. Thanks Pangolin

  • Catalan says:

    O/T – Is anyone else having difficulty in transferring Amex MR points to their Virgin Atlantic FC account? As many times as I try it seems to just take me back to the starting point again and again! It’s doing my head in. Any workarounds?

    • Lumma says:

      Use the amex chat feature and they’ll sort it out for you

      • Catalan says:

        Thanks Lumma. The chat feature wasn’t working so I had to call customer services who finally added the VFC number for me. Thanks

    • KevMc says:

      Yes, I have had this problem for 3 days. I rang them this morning and they linked it within about 60 seconds 😀

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