Register for a new £10 cashback offer at BP garages with American Express

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American Express has launched a new cashback offer with BP.  You may, or may not, find this under the ‘Offers’ section of the online statement page of one or more of your Amex cards and will need to register.

You will receive £10 back on a £30 fuel purchase before 31st December.  You can only earn the statement credit once per card.

You need to download the BPme app to your smartphone and add your American Express card as your means of payment.  When you arrive at the garage, you open the app, type in your pump number and how much you want to spend, submit, and you can then load your car up to the payment limit you entered.

You can add your Nectar card to the app so you don’t lose out on those points either.  Not all BP stations are BPme enabled but apparently there is a map of participating garages in the app.

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  1. TGLoyalty says:

    New offer in Platinum

    Spend £400 with virgin get £80 back. Might be good for regular travels. Specifically says it’s cumulative

  2. guesswho2000 says:

    OT – anyone missing their Barclaycard Hilton Honors points this month? They usually arrive around 22nd of each month for me, without fail, but this month nothing…statement confirmed I’m due around 12,000!

  3. Is there anyway to tell which BP station supports the BPme app? Went to my nearest station only to have the app tell me this station isn’t supported.

    • Did you read the article?

    • There is a map on the app. The app shows a mobile phone icon beside the BP stations, infers it is mobile ready, but when you click on the station it needs to list BPMe – some of the stations with the mobile icon are not listed as BPMe enabled.

    • guesswho2000 says:

      If they’re anything like BP service stations in Australia, they’ll have promotional material for BPme plastered everywhere if they accept it.

  4. Similar issues to everyone else with the BPme offer. I finally got past the 3 digit CVV issue by inputting the card details manually, but then when I get to the SafeKey page to verify my identify I get an error telling me to make sure my answers meet the length requirements. No idea what I’ve got wrong, but I’m finding it impossible to register the card to take advantage of this offer.

  5. O/T If anybody is looking to offload their Iberia points so as not to risk being -90,000, I found that with Avis, a 3 week car rental from Exeter airport, the Group P Premium Hatchback category is as cheap as a Citroen/Peugeot. Not an exciting redemption but £180 for a 3 week “premium Golf” hire isn’t bad at all. The points required for a Group J Skoda Octavia is double that of Group P.

  6. AspirationalFlyer says:

    I was in the BA Munich lounge a couple of weeks ago. It was a dump. Broken down furniture, hardly any drinks (majority of the fridges were completely bare) and food not worth eating. The fact that the lounge was about to be closed explains why. Thankfully I have access due to OW status. I would have been very annoyed if I had paid for Club Europe.

  7. O/T IHG Creation Premium credit card free night.

    I have a free night to use up before March 14th. It looks like I can book a stay beyond this date but I am wondering what would happen if I book my free night for August 2019 and then change my plans and cancel it in May 2019. Would I lose my free night?

  8. So several people seem to have this offer on multiple cards, but is there a way of claiming an offer on my main card through the supplementary card of Mrs. Paul, or do they only apply to primary

    • Each supp needs to be registered to an online account to then see the offers available.

      • I did try that, but when I try to add the card number it automatically defaults back to my (main) account details…

        • I’m not too sure which stage you at so best I explain how I do it. Once I receive a new card, make sure you’re logged out of all accounts. Register the card and then add to existing account (or new account if it fails). Once registered, you can then select which card you want to see (i.e. you can have different cards on the same online account).

        • guesswho2000 says:

          Try logging out, clearing cookies and restarting the browser, or using a different one.

          Amex online connected me to live chat in Australia when I was logged into my UK account yesterday, I’d logged out of my Australian one and logged straight into the UK one without closing, which is the only explanation I can think of.

          Was very confusing initially, they had no idea what the Starwood Preferred Guest card was, until I made reference to a balance in £, when everything clicked!

    • Shoestring says:

      @Paul, simple answer is that each cardholder, supplementary & principal, can use the offers listed under their card. So if you both have it, you can use the offer twice – but only once per card.

  9. Concerto says:

    A friend just signed up for Hilton and therefore missed the bonus. Probably not worth her canceling her member ship and starting again, is it? Also, if her work paid for the last stay, does that mean she can’t get the points for it?

    • guesswho2000 says:

      Depends how much she values £6.60 worth of points ;o) I wouldn’t bother personally.

      As for the stay, depends on how they booked it. If it was a direct booking, on an eligible rate, then she might be able to retro-claim it (not actually sure if hotel chains do this, or if Hilton’s CS can actually handle such a request, but may be worth a try). If it was booked through a third party aggregator or something, then highly unlikely.

  10. No sign of this on my Plat or BAPP.

    My Plat now has about 30 offers on it, plus 10 saved – I’ve had it for many years. By comparison BAPP has 9 + 6 saved. My parents’ Costco card has 3+1 saved (Shop Small) even though they’ve had it a couple of years. Lots of the Plat ones aren’t of much interest but I was a little surprised quite how different the number of offers was!

    • The only negative of me planning on using the SPG Amex “long term” (for me anyway, around 4 months) is the lack of offers that appear on the card.

      • Shoestring says:

        Nectar is a bit rubbish in this respect as well – though both ours have the BPme offer. I think 4 offers each including shop small and BPme.

        similar for other Nectar cardholders?

      • Agree, SPG card offers have been the worst of any Amex I’ve had. Though ironically I do have the BPme offer on this and not my gold card. Offers appear to be improving slightly on SPG, but probably due to the time of year.

        • Likewise, although also on my platinum. I’d pretty much stopped checking for spg offers so thanks for the prompt.

      • guesswho2000 says:

        Indeed, Amex appear to be pushing offers more towards their own, non-cobranded cards, I’m assuming it’s to do with encouraging people on to the higher interchange earning card!

    • Presumably the offers depend on your level and Tues of spend.

      I get pretty good ones through on BA and ARCC, often very different. Never got much on Nectar. I now also have SPG and Plat, so I’m going to have to spread the love a bit when I move the bulk of my spending from Lloyds.

      • Yes, not worked out the pattern though. Rarely use Plat, lots of offers. Used BAPP a fair bit but not as much as my parents use their Costco yet I have way more offers – guess different co-brand partners may also set rules.

  11. Bits OT: unlikely, but anyone found a use for expiring Aegean miles? Have just over 3k, likely of zero use anywhere given small amount but thought I’d ask in case anyone had found a route to make use of them!

    • If you know anyone with Silver status, they can transfer them to their account for free (otherwise €15).

      Bear in mind you can open a brand new account at the moment and get 2000 welcome bonus!

      • Ah OK. By any chance do you have silver? If so do you want them? Small amount but seems a shame to let them go to waste if someone else can make use of them!

        • Sadly not. I’m only just learning the ins and outs as I’ve just been tidying up some family members accounts with some orphan miles.

          Thanks for the offer though.

          You can also transfer in from SPG if you any, and reach enough for a redemption.

          • No probs, was worth a shot! Yeah, not sure I’d want to topup from such a small baseline.

        • Hi, I‘m silver, if you still don’t need them 🙂

      • Be aware A3 has a trigger-happy audit manager who will happily close your account if there is any activity he doesn’t approve of and this sort of thing would count.

        • Makes sense, thanks.

          Hopefully my parents transfer to me – within the spirit and letter of the law – is not on their radar.

        • Oh does it not allow transfers to friends? Must admit I don’t know the rules they have.

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