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Register for a new £10 cashback offer at BP garages with American Express

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American Express has launched a new cashback offer with BP.  You may, or may not, find this under the ‘Offers’ section of the online statement page of one or more of your Amex cards and will need to register.

You will receive £10 back on a £30 fuel purchase before 31st December.  You can only earn the statement credit once per card.

You need to download the BPme app to your smartphone and add your American Express card as your means of payment.  When you arrive at the garage, you open the app, type in your pump number and how much you want to spend, submit, and you can then load your car up to the payment limit you entered.

You can add your Nectar card to the app so you don’t lose out on those points either.  Not all BP stations are BPme enabled but apparently there is a map of participating garages in the app.

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  • Craig says:

    Has anyone managed to add an Amex card to the BP App yet, it doesn’t seem to accept a 4 digit CVV?

    • Craig says:

      I tried entering the number manually rather than scanning and it worked.

      • Shoestring says:

        Does anybody else question what the hell is the point of BPme? It’s definitely not convenience as it’s far more inconvenient than taking out your wallet and paying in person, though it might save you a 2 minute queue at times I guess. Sounds to me as if some dopey Millennial snowflake has dreamed it up & nobody more senior has worked out it’s a big waste of time. I’d rather just have a penny off diesel for a month or some other promotion where the marketing investment = the BPme product development cost.

        • Stuart_f says:

          The point is that you can eventually move to a US-style unmanned filling station.

        • Shoestring says:

          Then who’s going to sell the M&S stuff etc? – surely the attached convenience stores are an important income stream so BP does actually prefer to have people come into the kiosk to pay for fuel.

        • trickster says:

          To be fair they’re not the first. Shell has had this service in place for a couple of years. I’ve found it to be slow to authenticate at times, but it has definitely saved time as the station I often use is very busy in the shop. Plus its worth it for the look on people’s faces when you just drive off!

        • Bagoly says:

          I agree that many such apps seem to be done because it can rather than because it is useful.
          But I don’t see any evidence to support the idea that the programmer was thin-skinned!

        • DV says:

          It’s quicker than queuing, and you get an emailed receipt, which is very helpful if you are reclaiming expenses and/or VAT. There’s also no need to carry your Shell Drivers Club/Nectar card. It’s pretty good, as is the Shell system.

        • Chris says:

          The VAT issue below is negated by the lack of acceptance of fuel cards making it useless for my work travel, and the time saving is pretty minimal.

          Aside from which, is the short walk to the kiosk really a negative on a long journey? Even in urban areas, the only time I can see this being a genuine positive is when you have little ones in the car with you and aren’t near a Waitrose or Tesco pay@pump

        • Andrew says:

          No one’s mentioned the most important point: data collection. BP now know exactly who, how often and where people are using their stations.They can target users for promotions via the app or email. Heaven forbid they could even sell users’ information to other marketers.

          What’s in it for the user? Well probably not a lot. They’ll get the odd special offer but that comes at the cost of handing over their personal data to BP

        • Necessarily anonymous says:

          Dopey milennial snowflake here, whose company created the app alongside BP.

          All I can say Shoestring is that it’s a good thing you’re not in charge of BP’s strategy 🙂

        • CV3V says:

          Fuel stations make a very small margin on selling fuel (1%? IIRC), the profits are made in the shop (you see how expensive a small bottle of water is?!). There are already other fuel stations that let you pay with a card at the pump, so, the whole app thing just seems a gimmick and could result in lost add on sales.

        • Shoestring says:

          @NA – you could at least offer an insight into why BP wants to reduce the number of people walking past its convenience store/ M&S offering, given that this will negatively impact this income stream.

        • ChrisT says:

          @shoestring I’m not sure why you think NA offers you an explanation following your insulting language. Maybe if you just asked the question instead of saying that you don’t understand it therefore whoever dreamt it up doesn’t have a clue

        • AlexT says:

          Take a look at the ownership structure of some of these stations and you’ll know why… some operate on a franchise model (BP, for one, though not sure if that is all stations or just some).

          BP cares about selling more fuel; the franchisees care about convenience store revenue. I assume BP may be betting on increased fuel sale revenue with this (and maybe selling some data to top that up) and probably hopes it won’t ruffle franchisees’ feathers too much…

        • Necessarily anonymous says:

          One of their key reasons for losing business was people noticing queues at the pumps and thinking “sod it, I’ll go to the one down the road”. There’s hardly any loyalty in the fuel market. So we built the app as a way to reduce the net time people spend on the forecourt, which overall reduces queues and increases throughput. Seems to be working from the trial in Oz. A side benefit will be to start building a picture of driver buying habits (which Andrew refers to above).

          If you’ll excuse me I’m off for some avocado-flavoured yoga

        • Nick says:

          The other reason no one has mentioned yet is the saving in card scheme fees (note: not the same as interchange which is regulated) for the merchant. Petrol is seen as high-risk because so many people can drive off without paying, so any move to pre-payment is a potential saving on those transactions.

        • Mr Dee says:

          What is the benefit of this over pay at pump? except having to mess around with a phone

        • Geoff says:

          There may well be no point for most of us – we are only signing up to get the £10 off for the first use I expect. I wouldn’t plan to use its after that, and probably wouldn’t be getting my fuel from BP anyway.

    • Adrian says:

      It’s worked for me this morning with the 4 digit CVV, AmEx sent a one time code and all looks well, I’ll be trying it this morning and will report back, we have this on our 5 cards so happy days if it works!

    • Nick says:

      No issue on Tuesday. I also got the Amex one time code via SMS.

    • Jonathan says:

      I had this issue & just put first 3 digits in. Card was added successfully after inputting verification code that was sent via text message

    • Mark says:

      Also, i notice yesterday if you have access to HSBC Visa Offers you can get £5 off another BP fill up using the BPMe app – after registering for the deal…

      • Alan says:

        Yep, mentioned it a few days ago for Nationwide offers, needs £40 spend IIRC.

      • Andrew says:

        It’s been on various Visa card offers for months.

        Still haven’t got BPme beyond choosing a pump. It always falls over at that point and instructs me to pay at kiosk.

    • ThinkSquare says:

      4-digit CVV worked for me. But why the hell does it need the Nectar password?

      • TGLoyalty says:

        It’s linked to your necter? Shows your BP offers directly. Not an issue soon though.

        Amex works fine but don’t use the scan option.

      • D Cumming says:

        Nectar an issue for me as i never login to their website and that’s where that bit fell over, as the account online has been closed.

        Was thinking of stopping collecting nectar points due to their associations with certain brands!

    • Bob says:

      Didn’t work for either same problem. I’ll try this morning

    • Jovanna says:

      I used the first three digits and dropped the last, so with 6543 I entered 654. That worked.

    • Geoff says:

      Accepts 4 digit when you enter the card manually. I get stuck at safekey verification – it asks for ‘Basic Postcode’ whatever that is, then whatever I enter it says I must ‘Make sure all answers meet the length requirements’.

  • Tom says:

    Agreed re the Airport Lounge World, which I visited last week. Nice environment, decent food selection (for a PP lounge), quite spacious.

    • Sussex bantam says:

      Agreed. Really quite enjoyed this lounge. Particularly the cool seating options !

    • Lucas says:

      Used the lounge last week, and definitely can agree with these points. Good self serve drink collection too, and plenty of seats when we visited.

    • Lumma says:

      +1 wrote in the comments one day last week about Munich lounge. Very nice lounge and the food was good too (although a vegan friend commented on my Instagram photos of the lounge moaning about the lack of plant based options). Spirits and wine selection were the only negatives

  • Sussex bantam says:

    I’ve found using the app really frustrating. So far I’ve stopped at 5 BP app enabled garages and only made it work once. Usually it says “something has gone wrong” and asks me to go pay in the shop instead.

    I’ll keep trying as 1/3 off fuel is worth having but it isn’t the best experience…

    • Alex W says:

      Not a great advert for BP… Presumably when the app didn’t work you drove off and went to a Tesco PFS!

      • RussellH says:

        Not pleased with Tesco.
        I filled up at my nearest Tesco PFS on Tuesday as I was next door anyway.
        Drove past my local Morrisons (much nearer) yesterday and they were 3p/l cheaper!

        • Shoestring says:

          Not pleased in general – we use Morrisons for the usual fill up and diesel is a full 10p more expensive than petrol

    • HeathrowFlyer says:

      Time to switch away from Diesel, Harry? (And I say that as a Dirty Diesel owner….)

      • Andy D says:

        Part of the reason diesel is so expensive at the moment is the push for lower sulphur in ship oil – apparently they add diesel to the bunker fuel to bring it down to the sulphur limit.

      • Shoestring says:

        It would take a lot of 10p pieces to justify selling my existing diesel car/s and buying petrol versions instead. [No way would I be buying electric or hybrid this next 10 years.]

        Fuel economy and extra capital needed being 2 good reasons.

      • Alan says:

        Personally I’d love to switch to electric but living in a flat makes this difficult!

        • Shoestring says:

          You could live with the high initial capital cost, depreciation, poor range and having to replace the battery after 5-7 years?

          • Alan says:

            Range not much of an issue on recent ones and seem to be holding their resale value pretty well.

          • Alan says:

            Thanks although I think things have moved on quite a bit in the past year – Fully Charged channel on YouTube is well worth a watch! 🙂

          • Alan says:

            See latest vid on that channel as example – sub £30k, 300 mile range.

        • Shoestring says:

          Thanks but since I’ll never buy one, I’ll decline! (Might watch it later.) It would currently be pretty impossible to persuade me to buy a new electric/ hybrid car. Secondhand, 3-4 years old? Almost impossible, verging on the impossible tbh as it doesn’t make any financial or motoring sense (for me, anyway). It might make a lot of sense if you are not bothered about losing a lot of money vs petrol/ diesel alternatives & want to drive green.

          If the technology improves hugely over the next 5 years, I might revise that.

          • Alan says:

            Hehe that’s fair enough, Harry – would defo recommend the channel though, very high production values and quite a lot of humour in them too 🙂 I have YouTube Premium grandfathered at $9.99/mo which comes with Google Play Music and ad-free YT – makes for easy watching on a smart TV!

    • BLT says:

      @Harry it really doesn’t surprise me how ill informed you are about electric cars. I’ve been driving one for the past 2.5 years, over 30k miles. By far the best car I’ve ever owned. I would never buy a petrol or diesel again. You really need to get out and test drive one. I’m no eco warrior, but would you rather walk down a street full of diesel cars in a traffic jam or electric cars? I know which I’d prefer. Also not having to go to a petrol station for the past 2-3 years has been a god send – just a shame I can’t earn points from electricity!

  • Dave Barron says:

    I have BP offer on two Amex cards and although I successfully set up the App with both cards I’ve had a bit of a nightmare redeeming offer. First garage I went to pre authorised payment of £31 at my request (you’ve got to spend over £30 and it advises that pump may stop up to 50p short of amount requested). App told me to pump fuel but no fuel came out and then cashier came out to say it wouldn’t work as garage was not set up correctly and an engineer was due to come out next day. Transaction is still pending for £31 on my Amex despite not getting any fuel and the email was immediately received advising I had redeemed offer subject to meeting terms and conditions etc. Hopefully transaction will simply be cancelled. However I don’t expect to receive the statement credit and offer is now removed from this account as it’s been redeemed.

    Yesterday then tried at a different garage with other card. Again programmed with £31 but pump stopped at £29.56 so offer didn’t trigger spend threshold. Repeated process programming to £35 and was able to pump £31 at second time of asking. No email in relation to this transaction so currently feeling well and truly ripped off!!!

    • JK says:

      I’m all for cash back but one sounds too fiddly

      • Shoestring says:

        It does indeed sound fiddly. I’m not really an app person or indeed a big fan of mobile phones but I installed app anyway & input 2x card details so far – no problems with the 4 digit codes. Will give it a whiz today, our nearest BP is brand new so should have the technology. Got it 6x across cards and the thought of £20 off a £60 fill is quite tempting.

        • Chris says:

          Well perhaps the more useful app for us all would be one which tracks which bloody offers you have saved on which bloody cards!

        • Alan says:

          @Chris – yeah I’ve added a new tab to my spreadsheet to try and track that now! Other issue is trying to pickup when they actually add a new one esp when I have to scroll through about 30 useless ones I’m not interested in on my Plat card (which despite the number of offers didn’t get this one lol)

    • Bob says:

      Didn’t work for me either same problem. I’ll try this morning sounds like too much hassle.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      In my experience the pump stops but you just re-engage the trigger and it fills very slowly up to the set amount.

    • Alan says:

      Sounds pretty rubbish! I’d contact Amex to ensure transaction comes off and ask for credit anyway given the issues!

    • Ooof says:

      Same here, pump stopped at 29.78. Feeling ripped off. Wonder how many people fell into the same trap?

      Amex/BP should have put in a workaround for this; any amount within £0.50 should trigger the offer.

      • Alan says:

        The Visa Offers version says up to £1 below still counts for the offer, not sure about Amex.

  • FlyUpTop says:

    So have Hilton sorted out their recent IT update issues? I’m still missing 7000 HH points from three weeks ago and I have read many reports no points are being credited at present. Timescales expected to be approx one month since IT update for points to appear I was advised.

    • Jay says:

      I rang HH CS yesterday as also missing points from a stay completed over 4 weeks ago. The agent said “We are having on-going technical issues and have no idea when points will show up, have a look again by end of next week (7th December)”.

    • Anna says:

      I contacted them last night about the missing HH visa points. They won’t give me any response other than “contact Barclaycard” even though there is clearly some sort of problem at their end.

      • guesswho2000 says:

        Ah just posted about this, I’m missing Barclaycard HH points this month, for the first time ever.

        Points from a stay in Sri Lanka turned up the day after checkout though, this was about 10 days ago, so no idea what’s going on with them!

        • AndyW says:

          Just checked and I’m missing my VISA points as well, after absolutely no problems before. They have clearly messed something up pretty well. Had major problems getting an Amex transfer earlier in the month.

    • trickster says:

      I had to get points added for missing stays via Twitter DM, so unless you are proactive about this don’t expect to get them.

      • Anna says:

        I know, and I’m already fed up with multiple inane responses in barely intelligible English from Hilton CS. I’m missing over 10,000 points; I’ve contacted Barclaycard now but I’m fully expecting them to say that the issue is with Hilton!

    • PoimtsChaser says:

      I used their online chat facility after logging in to my Hilton account on my computer which clearly showed the stay for which I had not received any points. The person I was connected to acknowledged the stay and I had the points in my account within a couple of minutes. Very good support from their end.

  • SimonW says:

    O/T Bits – Amex bonus spend points hit account today – Had Spend £1500, get 2000 MR points on Platinum. No email, but tracked and done.

  • ChrisD says:

    OT: Has anyone else who purchased the Business Traveller subscription and requested the Discovery Platinum upgrade, had it granted yet? I’ve had nothing but crickets from BT sinced I emailed them about the status upgrade.

    • LB says:

      The same for me…no confirmation email.

      • Bagoly says:

        I received a password for the BT site, but it does not recognise my login details – and resetting the password makes no difference.
        (Yes, I have retyped rather than copying and pasting, and ensured that Caps Lock is off!)

    • barry says:

      Got the Platinum upgrade by return of a couple of quick emails.

    • Nick Burch says:

      Log into your GHA Discovery account to check. I never heard back from BT, but they’ve put it through and my account shows Platinum 🙂

  • Roger says:

    OT_ Ebay 50% back offer on Nectar spend.
    Check your nectar account/app to see if you are targetted.

    • Rob says:

      Not for me but if you do have it, it is very generous. Just buy gift cards.

      I did find 500 points on my next Sainsburys shop so it was worth checking.

    • Alan says:

      15% off (max £50) on lots of categories with code ‘PRESENTS’ is pretty decent – ends tonight. Used it to get a camera lens yesterday.

      • Rob says:

        I logged into eBay on Tuesday to sell something and found a free £10 coupon sitting on my account, but which expired today. With nothing required, I ended up buying some Lindt chocolate which was hugely overpriced but, as there was no postage charge, literally cost me nothing.

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