Register for a new £10 cashback offer at BP garages with American Express

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American Express has launched a new cashback offer with BP.  You may, or may not, find this under the ‘Offers’ section of the online statement page of one or more of your Amex cards and will need to register.

You will receive £10 back on a £30 fuel purchase before 31st December.  You can only earn the statement credit once per card.

You need to download the BPme app to your smartphone and add your American Express card as your means of payment.  When you arrive at the garage, you open the app, type in your pump number and how much you want to spend, submit, and you can then load your car up to the payment limit you entered.

You can add your Nectar card to the app so you don’t lose out on those points either.  Not all BP stations are BPme enabled but apparently there is a map of participating garages in the app.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. rufusrea says:

    OT .Need some advice.
    booked San Juan to Belfast via Miami , Paris and Heathrow using American airline points first two legs were with American Airlines and last two with BA. The flight from Paris to Heathrow was cancelled about 6 hours before boarding in Paris and we eventually got booked for same flights next day.
    My question is should i claim hotel expenses etc through American Airlines or BA? Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Shoestring says:

      Did you get different PNRs for different elements of the journey or was it 1 PNR? Where/ when did you incur the hotel expenses?

      See Post 6 here
      [EU261 places the obligations of care, refund/ rerouting and compensation on the operating carrier.]

      So the operating carrier is very important. For example, if the duty of care expenses are the responsibility of AA, it’s not an EU carrier and the flight originated outside EU, so EC261 regulations / duty of care rules do not apply.

      • Rufusrea says:

        The flights were all on one ticket booked with AA miles . SAN Juan – Miami on AA, Miami- Paris on AA, Paris- Heathrow on BA, and Heathrow – Belfast on BA. on arriving in Paris we went to make the connection and the BA flight Paris to Heathrow was cancelled. We were given the four different boarding passes in SAN Juan

        • Shoestring says:

          Then I think you’re OK. The operating airline was BA, they cancelled the Paris-LHR flight so you’d make an online compo complaint on their system.

          Duty of care (hotels) plus compo for the cancelled flight. See the CAA guidance on cancelled flights. We don’t know the reason for the cancellation yet and if it was extraordinary circs, no cancellation compo would apply but you’d still get duty of care.

      • Is the reason for cancellation not also relevant? If it was weather, for example, I think airlines can get out of paying compensation.

        • They still have a duty of care and should cover costs of hotel and meals even if weather related.

  2. Are BP using PayPal for the backend processing, the cards I’ve added have all put through a test PayPal £1 transaction.

  3. OT: I referred someone to Amex Gold and they were accepted. How long until my 9000 points post?

    • Should post within a few days – ie when accepted/card sent, not when they hit spend target, etc. Has been a bit slow recently though so might take a couple of weeks.

      • Hmmm, they were accepted last week however not sure if they have activated the card yet – will have to check

    • 48 hours

    • About a week to 10 days. I referred my OH on 10/11. His card dropped on the mat on 17/11 and my referral bonus hit my account that afternoon.

      He took out a supp card on his account for me on 20/9 and I received it today (29/9)

  4. Quick OT, I’m sure someone will know – does anyone know if Virgin Atlantic card topping up Revolut shows as a purchase rather than cash advance? I assume so as Lloyds Avios MasterCard treated as purchase but can’t test as my Virgin card still on its way.

    Thanks all.

  5. OT – anyone tried topping up Premium bonds with curve?

    • Yes. I did it 2 to 3 months ago and it worked. Was an odd number that corresponded to my remaining Curve limit, £1190 I think. Went straight through; was linked to HSBC credit card.

  6. Has anybody here ever smuggled a toddler in to a hotel room? Is it something you generally get away with, or do reception sometimes pull you up and say the room is strictly 2 adults only?

    I’m in the infuriating position of having to decide between getting an ordinary room – which is all we need as our 2yr old can sleep with us – for £80 and then bend/break the rules, or a suite for £495 which would have a lot of dead space.

    The moment I change it from 2 adults to 2 adults + 1 child it won’t allow the ordinary room, even though the ordinary room looks nearly as big as the first flat my wife & I lived in together!

    • Michael C says:

      You’ll almost definitely be fine “using the same bedding”.
      I used to email the hotel in this situation: “Am I correct in thinking…?”, just to have something in writing.

      • Thanks, that gives me the last push I need to risk it for a biscuit and go for the room. I’ll also try the email, and in the unlikely event it doesn’t work I’ll stick her in a suitcase.

        – Anna: it’s a Hilton during the holiday period. We’re used to her staying in the bed with us; at home she cries at around 4 am to join us and we let her because she goes straight to sleep.

        • I have snuck my (over 15 years) daughter into the Premier Inn Gatwick North a couple of times. Booked a room with double and sofa bed, husband checked in alone we hung around in the bar, then jumped into the same lift.
          But of course this is just for one night so no issues with cleaning staff etc…

        • Thought you just paid for rooms at Premier Inn…

    • Which hotel is it, that sounds like a big jump? Have you tried contacting the hotel and asking for a rollaway bed for the toddler? Most hotels are happy to provide these. I’ve paid from £10 to £50 depending on the hotel but that’s much less than the difference you’re quoting.

      I’m sure it’s doable to get the toddler in undetected, but for a reasonable supplement you might get a better night’s sleep!

      • I have the same issue specifically with the Malta Hilton. Unfortunately they are not budging on this and are insisting on a suite or two rooms!

        • It’s a rip off in Europe! In the US Hiltons (and a lot of other hotels) have rooms with 2 double beds as a pretty standard option and Americans cram as many people as they can into a room. I’ve known families of 4 or 5 spend an entire holiday staying in one hotel bedroom which I think for me would defeat the object of having the holiday!

    • Our two (5 & 4 yr olds) each have their own inflatable bed we take when we go away. For 1 or 2 nights we’d use these and check in as 2 adults.

      For a week it’s different.

    • We always book for 2 adults and then include “Please provide a crib” in the requests/ comments. In the unlikely event they won’t do so then at least you have part of a leg to stand on in asking them to cancel without charge.

  7. OT – Tried adding a supplementary card out in my own name for the SPG card for shop small and was told that amex no longer do that across any cards aside from the centurion card. Shame as this was a good way to take advantage of extra shop small savings in the past!

    • Rob Walker says:

      That’s interesting. Do we think that applies to the Platinum as well then? There used to be an option on the Platinum application for an ‘additional’ card for separating business expenses. I noticed it wasn’t there when I applied recently and was going to contact them to see if I can still add one.

      • I just checked on Platinum and SPG and both still allow ‘other’ as relationship. This is how I have got an additional card in my own name in the past.

    • I did it last week…

    • I got 1 last week on the gold cr card

    • Wow, I may try again… The lady insisted that it was no longer possible apart from the centurian…

    • Applied on line selecting ‘other’. Hopefully will work!

  8. Any reason why BA one way flights to LA are pricing up as £2500 in economy in December, or 5700 avios and £230 ?! Is this normal ?

    • BA do not sell one-way long-haul flights apart from fully flex. If you try to buy one, they sell you a fully flexible refundable ticket which is £2,500.

      • Thanks, you learn something new every day

        • Yes, it’s one reason why you need to be sure you can get a return award flight if you book a one-way redemption on the outbound, unless there are other airlines you can get back with on a one-way ticket.

        • I tried to buy a one way from LHR to MCO a few years ago and had the same problem.

          I found the flight I wanted at a reasonable price on Expedia, who were selling it as an Iberia flight (although it was BA). Aer Lingus also sell reasonable priced one way tickets to the US.

          But 5700 Avios and £230 is a bargain.

    • Lady London says:

      Level or Norwegian have West Coast destinations and their fares price well one-way. I think Thomas Cook was offering some very nice one ways to West Coast from Manchester recently too.

      • Lady London says:

        Erm.. must remembered where MCO. Is. The above are doing East Coast too. FLL often has good pricing these days. Remember if it costs too much then recently you could easily have bought a cheap return and just not used the return half… or scheduled it ahead and then decided if you could use it.

      • Shoestring says:

        TUI (Thomas Cook) has amazing prices in economy from time to time. West Coast, Goa, wherever – they can get really cheap

  9. OT – BA silver flying economy Aer Lingus DUB to SEA, can I access the ’51st and Green‘ lounge after Cbp Preclearance?
    Struggled to find info online.

  10. OT Anyone still holding Avios from the IB 9000 Avois promotion might want to act quick as bookings must be made by tomorrow. I thought coupon connection over on FT would have a few for offer at a good deal,but none at all.

  11. OT: In anticipation of Shop Small coming up, how can I make use of the offer in my supplementary cards? For eg I have a supplementary card from my wife’s account, I just tried to add the card to my own online services but it doesn’t seem to appear on my list of cards.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Should add fine. If it doesn’t best to ring and they can force it on your account

    • Or make a new Amex online account

    • If you only have two cards then they appear either side of the menu banner at the top of the screen and you can see both icons clearly at the same time.

      When you go from two live cards to three live cards, the cards will now show as a stack on the right hand side of the header at the top of the screen. Click on the stack of cards to expand it.

      The app is actually clearer.

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