Bits: Amex ‘£10 off at BP’ offer, 2000 Hilton Honors points for new members, BA closes Munich lounge

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News in brief:

£10 cashback offer at BP with American Express

American Express has launched a new cashback offer with BP.  You may, or may not, find this under the ‘Offers’ section of the online statement page of one or more of your Amex cards and will need to register.

You will receive £10 back on a £30 fuel purchase before 31st December.  You can only earn the statement credit once per card.

You need to download the BPme app to your smartphone and add your American Express card as your means of payment.  When you arrive at the garage, you open the app, type in your pump number and how much you want to spend, submit, and you can then load your car up to the payment limit you entered.

You can add your Nectar card to the app so you don’t lose out on those points either.  Not all BP stations are BPme enabled but apparently there is a map of participating garages in the app.

2000 Hilton Honors points for new members

Hilton Honors is currently running an offer for anyone who is not already a member.

Join Hilton Honors via this link and you will receive 2000 bonus points on your first stay before 15th December.

This is in addition to the points you earn from the current ‘double points’ promotion – see our article here, requires registration.  Hilton will also status match you for 90 days from any other hotel status you have – this article explains that.

I would value 2000 points at around £6.60, so it isn’t a life changing amount although obviously better than nothing.

British Airways closes its Munich lounge

British Airways closed its dedicated lounge in Munich on 31st October.

Club Europe and status passengers are now using the new Airport Lounge World facility.  This is a shared lounge which is also accessible to Priority Pass, Lounge Club, LoungeKey and DragonPass customers, or you can pay for entry at what seems like a pricey €48.

Initial feedback on the new lounge is very positive, so this should not necessarily be seen as a bad thing.

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  1. O/T My Hilton Visa points have finally posted this afternoon. I have also received two emails that my points have been transferred. I did points pooling two weeks ago which were processed within a day and already made a redemption. Some strange backend workings at Hilton IT!

  2. OT – BAEC Household accounts / 241 vouchers – my wife and I both have a 241 voucher and want to use it for a booking covering 4 people.

    Do we have to split the booking into 2 bookings of 2 people or is there a way of using both the vouchers so that we can make a single booking for all 4 people?

    • We do two separate bookings then phone BA to “link” them together. Not sure if that linking does anything specific though – however we have always been seated together as a four across middle of CW – which is perfect when travelling with 2 kids.

      • Great, sounds like a good solution. Thanks

      • Which call centre do you contact? Each time I’ve asked for a 2 4 1 booking to be linked to a separate cash booking they flatly refuse. Then they’re funny with us at check in because we’re on different PNRs. Had a real “do” with them one year because they wouldn’t initially accept that 2 of us could check in our 3 bags in CW (the 3rd booking wasn’t on a through ticket). They tried to insist that of there were 3 of us it had to be one bag each.

        • The 241 is for Avios redemptions only not cash!

        • ? As in 2 of us on a 2 4 1 redemption and the other one on a cash booking?

        • Never tried to link cash and redemption bookings. They seem to be happy to link 2 x 241 bookings. I think we still keep the 2 separate PNRs (big deal), but benefit in always being sat together as a four as if it is one booking.

        • Lady London says:

          Wondering now if I saw something awhile back about British Airways not allowing pooling of luggage of people travelling together any more?

        • Shoestring says:

          But it’s just some numpty on the desk – CW is 2 bags each

        • Shoestring says:

          @ Lady London – pooling according to BA, that’s different:

          Question: We have an allowance for one checked bag each, up to 23kg maximum weight – can we pool our luggage and check in just one heavier suitcase?

          Answer: The maximum weight per bag is to protect the health and safety of our airport baggage handlers. This means that it’s not possible to pool your allowance/belongings into just one suitcase/bag that will be heavier than that maximum weight allowance. For example: If your ticket allowance is 23kg per person, and you pool your belongings into one suitcase that weighs 29kg, when one of you checks it in, an overweight bag charge will apply to cover the special handling arrangements for it. This page tells you the charges we make for overweight and extra bags: Extra and overweight baggage Unfortunately we can’t check in a bag that weighs more than 32 kg – you would need to arrange for such a heavy item to travel as cargo.

      • Lady London says:

        I think you ask for “TCP” (to complete party) on the bookings. I think that’s what they call it.

  3. Quick Question: I am looking at car hire for USA and they all seem to come with CDW (£0 Excess) included in the price as standard on the compare sites. If I wanted to use the AMEX platinum protection instead is there anywhere to book the rental at a cheaper rate without this included?

    Also does the payment need to be made on the Plat card itself or will any AMEX do as long as hold the plat at the time.

    • Which company? Try setting your country to US and see what it comes up with. They usually price without insurance.

      I don’t believe you need to put it on the/ an Amex at all. I think that’s just for the Travel Inconvenience Benefit.

      • Just all the compare sites like rentalcars, easycar, holidayextras,kayak etc. Ill give the US location suggestion a try. I’m getting around £300 for 10 days Mustang Hire, seems pretty good to me but not sure of the market and if I can loose the insurance part would be even better id imagine.

        • I had this issue last year, was told that if I had a non-US address I had to purchase basic CDW.

      • Andy try Autoslash

    • Don’t the Hertz/Avis Australia sites still price without CDW?

    • the_real_a says:

      Just be aware that if you decline the CDW they will try to block the full value of the car (say $50k) on your AMEX card which im sure would cause many people issues. Technically most US car hire companies will not allow foreign renter to decline all protections but that snot to say the agents on the desk will not allow you to drive away without anything. Having said that, basic CDW to reduce your excess to a few thousand USD is usually so cheap its not worth arguing. My last rental with Advantage was £130 for 7 days hire with CDW from Baltimore airport.

  4. OT.
    Just had my Barclaycard Hilton points come through for the month. It’s dated 22nd November but only just posted now.

  5. I haven’t been to the BA Munich ‘Lounge’ in at lest 4 years … but back then it was up in an almost hidden lift, around a dingy corner, into a smallish space, crammed with pale coloured sofas … ALL of which had horrible, sinister, ‘someone just had an accident’ stains all over them. It was truly a ghastly ghastly lounge.

    • Lady London says:

      About that same time ago I was going to trek over to the BA lounge from the other terminal at MUC where I’d landed. I had about a 4 hour wait till my BA flight home. The information person I asked where it was kind of hinted without saying that it was a dingy little hole and I probably wouldn’;t want to bother. I was kind of surprised at getting the hint!

      I had Regus worldwide membership at that time, so I walked over the road in instead to a Regus office and did some work instead. I;ve always wondered what I missed! Now @Jas, I know!

      I do wish another deal would come along for Regus, buying it outright again’s a bit pricey for me right now.

  6. Regarding the BP petrol discount offer (which I notice that none of the other entirely Off Topic posters have even commented on) its definitely not available to Lloyds Rewards Amex card holders as it requires you to be registered with Amex online services in the first place to qualify for these promotions and the site at is refusing to register my still valid Lloyds Amex card. I also know for a fact that in my Lloyds Rewards Avios card online account that we are not made aware at all of any of these special Amex card holder related promotions.

    I also checked out the position on continued validity of the old Lloyds Rewards £24 per annum fee free foreign exchange and Avios booking flight class upgrade voucher Amex/Mastercard pairing and got some very knowledgeable guy in the main Lloyds Amex card call centre (this guy was based in Newport but he had lived abroad for many years in Spain and Greece before returning to the UK and so was totally in tune with users of this card unlike most of his colleagues) who told me that those of us who have not received a letter about the move to the free Mastercard only product will do at some point in the next few months and that from getting the letter we then have 2 months before the current Amex and Mastercard pairing are cancelled and replaced by the new single Mastercard. He also said that the conversion program was due to be totally completed by next July.

    So this implies to me I have at least two more months left to earn another flight class upgrade voucher and currently I have spent over £5,000 since the membership renewal date in late August (not my typical level of spend in that time period but reflecting being an Executor of my late mother’s estate and being able to settle various related bills either directly on the Amex or Mastercard or in a number of cases via Curve recharging bills to the Mastercard with accountants and the like, who frequently only accept debit and not credit cards).

    So hopefully I will earn another flight upgrade voucher before the ability to earn it is withdrawn. Of course it seems unfair that some people got another flight upgrade voucher without having to hit the required spend target at all. But it is also highly unfair that some people may only have a few weeks to spend £7,000 and earn another flight class upgrade voucher while other customers will have nearly a full membership year to do so. Also unfair too that some customers will have the Amex card and earn Avios at the higher rate with free foreign exchange for up to a year more than some other customers of the same product.

    To me the smart way to have closed the product down was to have closed all the cards on the same date but to have given everyone on the paying card a further flight upgrade voucher in their final membership year regardless of their level of spend on the card. Then Lloyds could not have been accused of being blatantly unfair to any of its customers.

    • Has anyone had their Lloyds Amex closed yet?

      • I would imagine yes as I believe the first letters giving two months notice of closure were sent out in August with a two month deadline for the cancellation of the existing Amex and Mastercard Duo or Rewards card pairing.

        Also the dedicated (but generally completely useless knowledge wise) call centre for queries relating to the conversion process (the call centre in Basildon, Essex) opened at that time plus people who had already received the closure letter for the existing products also passed on copies of them to Rob at that time (last August).

        So when Lloyds said this process would last a year they meant either that the final letters giving two months notice would be sent out in July 2019 (with those cards not being withdrawn until 2 months after that) or that the final Amex and Mastercard pairings would be terminated in July 2019 (implying that the related letters for those customers would be sent out in May 2019).

      • P.S. I paid a renewal fee on my Lloyds Rewards card in mid August but I believe if I don’t get a full year’s use out of it that it will be refunded pro-rata in terms of the remaining number of membership days)

      • Data point on Lloyds Rewards cards – I’ve not had a letter at all yet, but my partner had one a few months ago saying it was all ending and would become a MasterCard, as we expected. BUT she had another letter this week saying that it is all sliding to the right and she can continue to use her current cards until Jan 19.

    • Shoestring says:

      Julian – sorry to hear about your mother.

      • Thanks for reading that far Shoestring.

        The worst of the grief regarding my mother’s loss to the breast cancer (which the lying Harley Street medics claimed she was complete free of only four months before saying it had spread throughout her bones following on from their probably unsafe and unwise mastectomy, aggressive radiation therapy and their final fatal onslaught with poisonous Taxol chemotherapy that only kill her more quickly and unpleasantly than letting nature more gradually take its course) began to abate after 8 or 9 months but the ongoing hell of dealing a house sale, probate and extensive IHT robbery (which forced the sale of the family home of the last 50 years that without that IHT I could afforded to make my own main home) continues.

        • Shoestring says:

          Sure not a good place to be. OTOH I won’t inherit anything much as my parents messed up. So – no IHT for me! Where would you rather be?

        • Shoestring I agree I am lucky to be inheriting several hundred thousand pounds from my late mother but still it feels like legalised theft for the state to be taking away over a quarter of the money when that money has all already been previously taxed under income tax and when many much richer people avoid paying almost any IHT tax at all by giving away most of their money (because they have far more money so can afford to do so without becoming homeless) more than 7 years before they die or being able to distribute large amounts of money as “surplus income” (that is they are so rich they have hundreds of thousands of pounds income a year they do not spend and such “surplus income is not taxable for IHT, even if the person giving away the money does not survive 7 years).

          Bottom line is the money that vanished in IHT means having to sell a family house we have owned since I was age 5 (even though I have my own 2 bed flat) whereas if there were no IHT or my mother had chosen to avoid the IHT (doable but somewhat inconvenient for herself) then we would have been able to keep that house.

        • Given a choice between taxing the dead and the living, there is clearly a preferred route ….

  7. Re the BPme app – don’t even bother downloading it, tried today despite seeing the advice on the Playstore reviews….and hey presto at the pump and it didn’t work. Total waste of time

    • Shoestring says:

      Other people here had good success.

      I unfortunately forgot my new BPme password at the pumpo station but will try again tomorrow.

    • I personally found Shell’s similar pay at the pump Android app in conjunction with their Win A Million Avios Promo of a couple years ago to be a total and utter pain in the derriere.

      Very frequently didn’t work although points of failure were multiple and showed no proper testing or disaster recovery plans of any kind.

      Yet Tesco’s PayAtThe Pump system, that they use extensively at night for otherwise totally unmanned filling stations, always seems to work with the only issue being that receipts sometimes run out, meaning you have to get them printed out at another pump.

    • ThinkSquare says:

      For me the BPme app seems to work OK as long as I am nowhere near a BP station. When I am, it just locks up. Very frustrating.

  8. I nearly didn’t bother with BPme with all the bad feedback but it worked really well for me today, even the amex email came through immediately.

  9. What's the Point says:

    BPme – waste of time. Spent 5 mins faffing about at the pumps. Got an email from Amex saying that I had redeemed it. But that’s just the pre-authorisation going through – I still had no fuel!
    Gave up in the end, and went inside to find out what was going on. Only to be told by the cashier that they can’t get BPme working yet.
    I drove off in a huff, and filled up elsewhere!

    • Colin JE says:

      I had the same issue today at my local station. I hadn’t realised I had to use the BPMe app *before* I pumped the fuel. Filled up, went into the garage to ask how I paid and he told me the app wasn’t working there, despite loads of signs on the pumps advertising it. As it was, I had gone about it completely the wrong way anyway. The video in the app’s help section (under settings) is well worth looking at and to be fair, Rob’s description of how it works is spot on. It was my lack of attention. The app seems completely pointless but I’ll persevere until I’ve got the Amex cashback on both cards then I’ll cancel it.

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