More British Airways routes getting the new Club Suite business class

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After yesterday’s news that Philadelphia and Washington DC were getting the A350 and Dallas and Seattle getting the 787-10 both with Club Suite, it looks like British Airways has now fully rostered the A350 fleet for the Summer schedule.

In April, this means we will see the A350 on:

Bangalore (BA119/BA118)

Dubai (BA109/BA108)

Austin (BA191/BA190)

…. as well as the previously announced Philadelphia (BA67/BA66) and Washington DC (BA293/BA292).

British Airways A350 Club Suite

From June Tel Aviv will see the return of the A350 (BA167/BA166), whilst Tokyo will see it come July (BA5/BA4). Boston will get it in August (BA203/BA202).

Toronto is notably missing. Whilst Toronto was one of the first destinations to get the A350 it looks like it will no longer serve on that route. This list looks exhaustive, given the limited number of deliveries that British Airways will be taking from Airbus.  I wouldn’t expect any more routes to get the A350 until later in 2020.

There are no additional routes for the 787-10 yet.  Atlanta, Dallas and Seattle have already been announced.

If you are not familiar with Club Suite it is the new British Airways business class seat. This article explains Club Suite in detail including where you can fly it.

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  1. Anyone care to expand about MBNA 0.5% cash back card which was offered to ex airline card customers?
    Any opportunities?
    You know what I am talking about.

    • Not sure what else beside no fx fee and the cash back paid annually in January (at least in my case).

    • The Urbanite says:

      I have it but don’t go out of my way to put spend through it. The way the 0.5% is paid is a bit of a disincentive really, but it does see very occasional use abroad. I much prefer other rewards cards with monthly credits.

    • I use it heavily for HFP stuff since we have a lot of $ spend. I have zero emotional attachment to the card, however, which is odd (and shows the power of points over cash) given how much I put through it.

      MBNA must lose a fortune on it.

  2. Tokyo (Narita) is BA5/6.

  3. OT – think I may have blundered adding the first supplementary to my BAPP via my online account rather than the standalone webpage. Do the points sometimes trigger this way? Or will online chat be lenient? Thanks everyone! Rookie error.

  4. Thats big news on Virgin! I have generated millions of points from the card. I know a lot of people that will lose out on this. When does it start from?

  5. Does anyone know which LHR-JFK flight numbers will have the refurbished B777 with Club Suite in the summer schedule?

  6. @Rob a couple of interesting points to note with the Virgin cards:

    1) Not everyone has received notice of this cycling change, so either it’s targeted to only people who have been doing it already, or it can’t start on the date they’ve quoted (30 days notice needed)

    2) On the flip side people HAVE been receiving notice of all FX fees being removed for purchases in EEA/€ from tomorrow, which is great. Sounds like it’s an EU regulation thing, so either this will be the case for every credit card out there, or it’s an interchange fee being removed and VS is voluntarily passing that on. Either way surprised it hasn’t had more coverage here or elsewhere

    • stevenhp1987 says:

      1. I received less than 30 days notice.
      2. I’ve not seen this anywhere other than your post the other day. Is it listed anywhere? Not on my statements.

      • 1. Exactly. Everyone who has had an email has seemingly had less than 30 days notice

        2. Only place I’ve seen it is front page of a December statement. I presume others have the same and can chime in? When was your last statement?

      • Was the change immediate on receiving the email?

    • Because they are not AFAIK. If VS is acting like other card companies, they are removing the FX fee and replacing it with a new fee which is also 2.99%.

      • Interesting, thanks. But at least for the time being they’ve only done a halfway job: they’ve given notice the 2.99% fee is gone from tomorrow, and no notice of anything replacing it.

  7. Chris Howe says:

    Toronto is going to be refurb 777 with Club Suite based on the fillings earlier in the week

  8. RussellH says:

    Puzzled by the strange credit limits that people have been getting on their Virgin cards.
    I got £9000, which is far more than I would ever need, particularly as I do not plan to use the card much once I have my 5 000 free points plus a few others.
    In contrast, Creation, whose cards I use the most, recently reduced my credit limits “because I was not using the cards much” even thoiugh some months last year they had to add an extra page to my statements because of the number of transactions! Marriott card, which is the card I used by far an away the most last year, now only has £3850 credit limit, which is pretty small, but still significantly more than I can spend in a typical month. IHG card, which I use a lot less, has £4200. No logic at all.

    • Virgin gave me £1500 on their paid card. Just one of my Amex cards has a credit limit of five figures.

      • That is heading into official complaint territory because you cannot generate enough miles to cover the fee vs the free card.

    • Virgin gave me £1,600 on their paid card which is pathetic… What a ridiculous change. I have to pay off my card multiple times a month to be able to use it properly. Amex has in the past given me credit limits of £12k or so.

      With it being less than 30 days notice, is this legal from VM? Does it apply to all? I can’t see any mention of it on the ‘apply’ page of both the cards..

      • I’d say you’d have a strong case for anything you do before the 30 day mark. As for whether the short notice makes it entirely void or just means it only applies from the 30 day mark… would be a question for VS/Ombudsman/lawyer

  9. Stagger Lee says:

    Just seen my Austin flight in Apr is now an A350 but the seat map isn’t as available yet. Anyone know how long that normally takes to become available? I am stupidly excited to try the Club Suite.

    Sadly my return from Houston is still a 787-9.

  10. Anyone know if you can cycle your limit with the Miles and More card? Cannot even find out how to pay them other than the monthly direct debit

    • You can pay Affiniture by bank transfer. Email me and I can send you the numbers – I do it regularly.

      I try to pay it off in bits to avoid a chunky direct debit at a random future date which could bounce.

      Pretty sure I have done over my £15k limit in a peak tax month, but it wouldn’t be by much.

  11. Qwertyknowsbest says:

    Anyone know of an Amex platinum bonus/incentive for adding supplementary card holders?


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