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Bits: final few HFP party tickets available, save £50 on Addison Lee bookings, 6000 Avios with pet insurance

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News in brief:

Last few Head for Points Winter Party tickets still available

EDIT:  All now sold.  We look forward to seeing you on the 20th.  We’ll post an update of the raffle prize list next week, and keep an eye on your inbox next Friday for an email with final details.

As of 11pm last night, we had around 50 tickets of our original 500 remaining for the Head for Points Winter Party on Monday 20th January.

If they are still available by the time you read this, you can buy by clicking here.

The cost is £11, which includes a £1 donation to Orbis, the flying eye hospital charity.  Your first drink on the night is free, courtesy of generous sponsorship from Marriott Bonvoy.

Our list of raffle prizes is growing nicely too!  Please come along to join Rhys, Sinead and myself at the Marriott Grosvenor Square on Monday 20th between 6pm and 9pm to share your miles and points stories and pick up some new tips.

Our full article explaining the event is here.

Head for Points Winter Party

Save £50 on Addison Lee taxi bookings

Addison Lee has launched a new £50 discount offer which will be especially attractive to American Express Platinum cardholders.  This is because of one of the benefits of The Platinum Card is a £10 per month statement credit from Addison Lee.

You will receive £10 off the next five bookings you make via the Addison Lee app.

Rides must be for £15 or more.  The offer runs until 2nd February.  Promo code JAN10 must be used each time you book.  New and existing Addison Lee app users can take part.

Full details of the offer can be found on the Addison Lee website here.

If you are reading this on mobile you can download the Addison Lee app by clicking here.

Addison Lee discount code

Get 6,000 Avios with Tesco Bank pet insurance

Tesco Bank has launched a pet insurance offer!

You will earn 2,500 Clubcard points, which converts into 6,000 Avios or 6,250 Virgin Flying Club miles, when you take out a policy.

Full details are on the Tesco Bank website here.  The offer is open to all Clubcard holders and does not say it is targeted.

You need to keep the policy for 35 days to get the points.  The cheapest ‘Accident & Injury’ policies do not count.

The last date to apply is 31st March.

What is an Avios point worth?
Four small reasons why Hilton Honors got better yesterday

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  1. For the pet insurance, I wasnt prompted for clubcard number, anyone know if it will have automatically taken it from name/address?

  2. Neil Donoghue says:

    I had to go with Raffles the cat! I am now a keen pet lover with 4 new cats who all live in my house. I am hoping to take them all on a nice RFS to Europe during the summer if I get paid out!

    • I wouldn’t worry about it as I have a feeling the cats won’t be around for very long. Them pesky roads you know….

  3. OT: Amex FHR
    I understand you need Platinum to access the list of hotels but can you book and pay for a FHR advance booking with Gold to get triple points?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Didn’t think they took advanced payment for any FHR bookings.

      Normal AMEX travel site bookings yes but be careful with those As you probably won’t get any loyalty points etc

    • Harry T says:

      You can pay with any AMEX but it must be an Amex – those are the Amex T&Cs. As an practical example, I paid for a stay in Berlin last year on my BAPP (helped hit the minimum spend for the sign up bonus). I did show them my Platinum card but asked to pay on BAPP. There should be no problems with paying on Gold.

    • Thanks both. I thought I saw a advance FHR price once. Might’ve been a mistake.

  4. Secret Squirrel says:

    You got nine different cc accounts all in different names then?

  5. OT: I know this is posted elsewhere but can’t find it! A relative had a flight that was very close to 3 hours delayed on arrival with BA – is there anywhere I can get the official ‘first door open’ time? The flight arrived on 31 Dec so have missed the boat on some online services. Info greatly appreciated, thanks.

  6. OT but I’ve renewed Titanium Plat with Marriott and Diamond with Hilton for another year and wondering if I should shift earnings from points to miles. I don’t actively save in either program and given Marriott’s promotions are no longer as generous I think it may be time to switch. Any one else thinking of switching or, booking through an OTA to pick up miles instead of points?

    • Problem with OTA bookings is that you sacrifice the upgrades, free breakfast and late check-out, plus the modest member discount. I doubt the maths works except on occasional deals where you can get a one-off OTA bonus, like the recent Rocketmiles one.

      • Ah yes forgot about the late checkout. That can come in real handy sometimes. Thanks for the reminder Rob.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      You have to weigh up the miles earned for your stay vs points (Marriott offers pretty good rates for transfer to mileage schemes in chunks of 60k points.)

      • Well they used to but things have changed with their promotions so not sure it’s as clear cut as it used to be. May have to get the wife’s abacus out and do the math. Thanks TGLoyalty.

  7. How can you tell which insurance policy is valid for points?

    • Shoestring says:

      because 1. the cheapest one didn’t track (well it tracked at zero) 2. the Tesco T&Cs tell you, must include illness cover

  8. OT, Air Europa have just released their promotion. 138 euros one way to the Americas in economy if anyone is interested (A330 so main cabin side seats are just two abreast).

  9. Aston100 says:

    Call it Stormzy or maybe Wiley.

  10. I just checked my BAPP account and I think I am still getting postings of the bonus Avios per £4 spent as a random 36 Avios posted today. Can’t work out which spend it relates to but I think I am still owed 88 Avios for spend on two days in December. Has anyone else been able to confirm that they received all the bonus Avios they were entitled to?

    • Shoestring says:

      I’ve received them all because I did a calculation for T C B showing what Avios we were missing and they paid up the difference (as cash)

  11. Harry T says:

    Business fares from £1000 Ish pp return London to Hong Kong with Swiss or Lufthansa have been released! Look at the Flyertalk Premium Fares forum. Also posted on TPG.

    • Harry T says:

      I’ve booked two business returns from London to Hong Kong with Swiss (via Zurich) in November for £1079 each.

      • Shoestring says:

        good time to book hotels

      • Lady London says:

        And before you ask, the answer is A3. Or possibly OZ or TK 🙂

        • Harry T says:

          Already been on wheretocredit, @Lady London ;). Thanks as always for your advice. Trying to figure out whether this could make serious headway towards any status.

          • Lady London says:

            See above, the order is not accidental. Might change if you want to keep *all* the miles as not every scheme has family acct or transferability.

        • @LL & HT, not convinced about this. Harry is unlikely to do much with *A from NCL/EDI, even allowing for the fact LH is an option from both. *A probably always going to be third in line behind BA and VS. Hence, I would be looking for miles I could use, and also add to from sources other than SPG card. Therefore, I think SQ is worth considering as they have some sweet spots, have spontaneous awards, and are an amex MR and dollar card transfer partner.

          • Lady London says:

            Good point BJ.

            I was in SQ and found them Lufthansa-like in earning any miles to do very much at all was very hard graft. Some sweet spots as you say. I also have never used a card as a miles feeder. I came to this hobby many years after my claimable high work expenses & travelling jobs were complete, sadly. The Jade thing might give a head start I suppose. A3 has gone off a bit but still best for me as I have low expectations of flights that can be bought with miles.

          • Lady London says:

            PS agree *A is pretty much 3rd choice behind OneWorld and possibly VS(with KL? we don’t know yet) from the UK, however HT has bought the LX flight already so it’s more a question if where to stash the *A miles. IIRC A3 has a big bang in J on that route, a giant golden leap (bar a quick additional long weekend asap to some Greek Island via Athens), will be very pleased for HT if SQ can come close but doubtful.

          • Harry T says:

            Good point about *A – there’s few flights out of Newcastle and Edinburgh and I seem to recall redemptions are poor value within Europe.

            I’m a big fan of KrisFlyer – when I was in Australia, I used the majority of my Amex MR to fly LHR to Darwin in Business (95,000 SQ miles and about £100 of taxes I seem to recall) and for some short hops across to Singapore in SIlkAir Business. As I still have about 20k MR floating around in my UK Amex account, I could potentially build a balance again with KrisFlyer and do something useful.

          • Lady London says:

            PS make sure you only sign up to *A prog just before the flight unless you have another reason. Whatever the flight gets you should then be prompt and longlasting.

          • Ok, makes sense. I didn’t really know what earnings were like on SQ but thought it would be worth a look. Apart from my unexciting and dormant LH balance I’ve never really looked at *A since the demise of BMI. I also missed out on the best of the game by not taking it seriously enough. I was a passive UA MP collector and banked millions of miles with 300% earnings and bonuses. I remember feeling quite chuffed with myself at the time only to groan later when I learned what it might have been if I credited all those flights to BMI DC.

        • What fare class are they? We’ve got a Lufthansa P class booking to Hong Kong coming up from the last “two together” sale, but many partners don’t award anything for Lufthansa P class.

          After some research SQ looks like the best option… very unlikely we’ll get any status out of it, so just on the basis of what we’ll get in miles and the potential value of them in isolation (as we rarely fly *A). TBH at just under £1000 each for the fare I’m not expecting a lot, but it looks like Swiss might have been the better choice in that respect.

      • So have you scrapped your 241 to TYO?

        • Harry T says:

          Yes, I scrapped the 241 after a discussion with my partner – we decided weren’t keen to spend most of our Avios in one go, especially as they are hard to earn for us now. I think we will end up using them on RFS from Edinburgh and Manchester, and regional flights in Asia and Australia. For Long Haul we are flexible enough to book sale fares.

          The decision was also heavily influenced by the fact that BA changed our tickets less than two hours after we booked the 241 and put us into Club World instead! It appears they changed the aircraft. We were not offered any form of compensation when emailed about the changes – not even a refund of the Avios difference between First and Club!

          With these excellent Swiss business fares, we have just over two weeks in Asia. The plan is to spend a few days in HKG and then explore Singapore and maybe KL as well. Looks like using Avios on Cathay and Malaysian is good value and easy. Open to your advice as I know you’re an experienced traveller in this area. It’s my partner’s first time in the East. I have been to Bangkok, Penang, Singapore and some of the Thai islands.

          • Lady London says:

            I hope you didn’t let BA deduct any cancellation fee after that HT. They don’t have a leg to stand on.

          • I was going to say yesterday you might lose your F seats to Club Suites on the TYO trip. The good thing about RFS from NCL/EDI is that you can use for stopover in London. Then there is the weekend options from EDI and MAN. In Asia there are some great MH zone 1 redemptions. HKG to/from BKK in CX J is also a sweet spot.

          • Harry T says:

            Do you mean using RFS to fly to London and connect? Or do you mean adding it as part of a 241 long haul?

            I was thinking about J to Bangkok with Cathay so we get to experience their lounges at HKG. Availability looks wide open at present. Do you think we could do Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore justice in 16 days? Or would you focus on one or two cities?

          • You might want to throw in a week in Bali. We hop bk and forth around those routes frequently, using CX and MAS. But equally, air Asia v good for short hops, as you probably have experienced. Use CUX J and get into the Pier or Wing in HKG, fabulous experience. And MAS have upgraded their golden lounges too.

          • Shoestring says:

            @HarryT – yes 16 days is enough for the 3 cities, you wouldn’t feel rushed if you enjoy the connecting flights and see them as part of the fun, conversely if you or your partner see the travelling as a chore you might want to concentrate on 2 ie Bangkok and HK (there is less to justify time in Singapore imv) – and even then I personally would want to see Bangkok quickly then get out to nearby coastal places etc after the chaotic city!

        • Harry T says:

          @LL they tried to charge a cancellation fee but I wasn’t having any of that! I was also still within 24 hours of booking, so I reminded them of their T&Cs.

          To their credit, the agent on the phone was polite and professional. I still haven’t actually got my 241 voucher back but the agent did manage to manually credit me back the 204k Avios immediately. The booking is still showing as a cancellation in progress, so I suspect the voucher will arrive back when the cancellation is finished. The change to the booking fare class appears to have made cancellation more tricky on the IT side. Allegedly my taxes and charges will be refunded within 7-10 days.

          • Lady London says:

            Cheeky *******s. Watch it like a hawk HT. Make sure you get everything you’re due. Coincidental eqot change? Really?

            Shows us BA hasn’t given up targeting 241’s for downgrades, just they will do it now only when there’s no compensation payable. The only decent thing BA did here (probably by accident) is let you know immediately.

            If you want to experience real First then BJ will know more about thus but if you’ve got 2 weeks is First on JL or CX from HKG to TOK too long? Japan is unique and I’d go back there in a heartbeat.

          • Harry T says:

            Don’t worry, I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

            I’d love to visit Tokyo and I think we may have enough time. Partner wants to do Singapore though. Sadly can’t find any F availability between Tokyo and HKG with JAL or CX for these dates – I’d love to try their F.

          • You won’t find F on JAL between HKG and TYO because the highest class on that route is J. I did it in Dec and it was superb. Its a short flight. Scheduled as 4 hours, but flying time is about 3.20

          • Lady London says:

            SIN is the one I’d dump off that. Its too easy to do some time there on another trip as many, many routes to there from everywhere even including USA, and end route to Oz., plus so many other routes you could be doing in future would naturally give you a stopover in SIN if you wanted one.

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