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Bits: Excellent Qatar Airways deals from Oslo (eg Tokyo £1377), £20 discount on Virgin to West Coast USA

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News in brief:

Excellent Qatar Airways deals out of Oslo

Qatar Airways moves in mysterious ways.  No sooner does the short January sale end then a number of great offers appear for anyone willing to head out to Oslo.

The star deal is probably Tokyo.  This will cost you around £1300 return, plus of course the cost of a return flight to Oslo.  In return, you’ll get a great holiday plus 560 British Airways tier points plus a big pile of Avios.

(British Airways gives you 140 tier points per flight over 2,000 miles on a partner airline.  This means that Oslo to Asia earns 4 x 140 tier points, factoring in the aircraft change in Doha.)

If you read my recent series of Qatar Airways flight reviews (the series starts here with the Heathrow lounge) then you will be keen to give them a try.

Here are the key routes and the prices to look for, although you may also find good fares to other cities:

Oslo to Singapore – NOK 14,391 (£1,238)

Oslo to Bangkok – NOK 14,200 (£1,222)

Oslo to Beijing – NOK 15,230 (£1,311)

Oslo to Cape Town – NOK 15,773 (£1,357)

Oslo to Tokyo – NOK 16,001 (£1,377)

You can search via the Norwegian (in English) Qatar Airways site here.

The best availability is from May onwards, but you might get lucky with earlier dates.  In theory Qatar Airways is starting to impose a 90-day minimum purchase restriction on its cheapest fares.

To learn more about Qsuite business class seat, take a look at this special page of the website.  To learn more about the herringbone seat on the A380 and Boeing 787, take a look at this special page of the website.  The A350-900 out of Oslo could have either seat, whilst the A350-1000 – which you get from Doha to Tokyo – is definitely Qsuite.

To learn more about the Al Mourjan business class lounge in Doha, take a look at this page of the Qatar Airways website and read my Al Mourjan lounge review here.

Hat-tip to German blog YHBU.

Qatar Airways qsuite

£20 off Virgin Atlantic economy flights

Until Monday, Virgin Atlantic is offering £20 off economy flights to San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. You must use the code ‘WESTC’ when performing an ‘advanced search’ on the Virgin home page.

The code applies to Economy Light, Economy Delight and Economy Classic fares. There appear to be no blackout dates, so you should be able to book any flights that suit you.

Given the bargain basement fares currently being offered by Virgin to some of these destinations £20 off is not bad, although it is economy of course ….!  We strongly recommend Economy Delight (we reviewed Economy Delight here) because the huge number of additional Flying Club miles you earn basically pays for the upgrade as we explain here.

You can book on the Virgin Atlantic website here.

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  1. Just looking at Oslo to CPT fares, and the difference in BA fares ex EU never ceases to amaze me. As an example BA J ex Oslo to CPT is £1280…which is £12 cheaper than the same flight in Y if you booked ex LHR.

  2. The same Qatar airways that flys over Iran? No thanks

  3. Harry T says:

    Staying at an Intercontinental in Europe. Was originally planning to stay until Monday but need to go home on Sunday (nothing dramatic). I’ve prepaid for three nights – I accept that money is gone and have no desire to seek a partial refund. If I want to leave after two nights, will I be charged a fee for leaving early? Should I formally check out or just head off and leave my key card in my room?

    • Talk with reception for your options. People are there to talk to – explain your situation, be honest and transparent.

      • If you tell them you’re leaving early you risk being hit with an early departure fee.

        • I wouldn’t be so concerned. Say you “may” need to leave early and ask about options.
          If they say there will be an early departure fee, just leave your card in the room and don’t tell them.

    • No need to talk to anyone. Just leave your key in the room as I have done this on multiple occasions.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Agree. If it’s prepaid then your options are zero would just leave my key in the room and leave.

        Hopefully you can make some use of your room if you have a late flight out.

        • Harry T says:

          Thanks, I just left my key in my room and grabbed an Uber. Grabbed a cheeky last minute Avios flight back to Newcastle – thankfully there was a single economy seat available for the afternoon flights.

    • Don’t most hotels make you liable for the following night if you dontbhand back the room by checkout time plus any late checkout that may have been requested and granted? Would that work for your timings? If so I would just let them know when I am planning to check out and let them know of course you are happy that 3rd night was paid and btw could the please ensure your points are posted accordingly.

  4. OT: Just tried topping up Monese at a PO I have sucessfully used twice before. Lady there said she got a message on screen saying debit cards or cash only. My suspicion was that she actually tried to process the cc payment but couldn’t. I didn’t want to push her for information, just suggested that it must be new and I would go to bank next door. Embarrassingly I had to claim that I had insufficient funds to cover a debit card payment lol.

    • Round these parts there’s a deep suspicion of cc’s in general and exotic debit cards in particular, so I always tell retailers I collect loyalty points in case of cc payments, and that I like to have all my cc’s linked to a single card in the case of Curve or Revolut. It seems to reassure them that I’m not a bad payment risk or trying something dodgy!

      • Haha, they’ll definitely have me labelled dodgy then after I declined to pay any other way 🙂

    • This happened to me this morning at two different POs. But yesterday I was successful.
      It did happen once previously at WH Smith Solihull but then returned to normal.

      • I wonder if it’s just random, and if it might be related to amount topped up. I asked for £450 plus two stamps today. Possibly it might be safer to go for lower top ups at PO too.

        • It happens because they are choosing the wrong option. They have to choose settle then it will accept any payment. If they choose the wrong option then when you put the amex into the card machine the screen says american express and won’t let it go through. I have decent relationship with my local post office and had long chats about this.

  5. OT: has anyone heard of amex taking action against self-referrals in the UK? Asking for a friend…

    • Peter K says:

      Not yet, but a lot of changes recently have come out of the blue and they will no doubt look at past history. Doing it is a real risk.

    • Not yet, but the US action was retrospective ….

      • Tututuy says:

        So in theory someone who may have done this a couple of times 1.5+ years ago and is sitting on MR points (with a Plat) is at risk?

        Should this person be considering transferring out all MR points just in case…?

        • Shoestring says:

          up to you – if you’re sitting on 200K MR points I’d move them out! if it’s chickenfeed, relatively speaking, you’re not risking much @1p/ point

          yes – US abusers got their points removed as well

          • Tututuy says:

            What a dilemma!! I’m on about 150k MR points, and now the eternal question…what would I transfer to?

            Up until recently I used MR for Avios or SPG points, but recently have found a sustainable(ish) way to MS to generate these 2…would consider other rare avenues/sweet spot redemptions with other airlines/hotels? One of Rob’s comments of low redemption rates in Radisson piqued my interest. Any ideas anyone?

          • Singapore Airlines has a lot of sweet spots if you search for our KrisFlyer articles. It is an interesting Star Alliance option.

        • Worse than that; your accounts could be closed. I’ve avoided self-referrals since last spring and referred a bunch of new customers to them but still expect I’ll have problems if this arrives here within the next 15 months. If I hear it’s happening before it hits me I will probably close all accounts to start a 24m cycle.

  6. OT. Does my priority pass just arrive in the post after platinum card delivery or do I have to enrol?

    • Arrives in the post fairly quickly after plat card, but if you are in a hurry I’ve called PP and they issued the membership details over the phone for me to login to the app.

  7. Q: If you refer someone for an Amex card but it turns out they’re not eligible for any bonus, do YOU still get the referral bonus?

    • Yes. At least it worked for me 3 weeks ago

    • As long as their card application is approved.

    • Yes – it quite clearly says if the person you refer is accepted for a card, not that they have to be eligible for a sign up bonus. Hope this isn’t the next devaluation though!

  8. OT: does the ihg creation card with fee, give you a result straight away when applying? If it says I have to wait 7-10 days, does that mean there is something wrong?

  9. Cheers 🙂 Did you hear about their issues last week? Lots of transactions went payable which apparently shouldn’t have and they stopped the payouts and reset them to pending. Seriously annoyed because in the interim I switched energy supplier so no longer certain U’ll get the dough for the last switch.

    • Don’t worry about that extra £ as you might get your voucher much quicker than expected. I got one after only a month but cannot recall if it was L&G or Sun Life.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Yes, happened to me. Took them 3x days after pay out confirmation to advise me of their mistake. Going down hill a bit IMO after this and the BA transfer bonuses balls up.

    • Shoestring says:

      direct, yes

  10. OT: could someone please advise how to keep Alaska points from expiring? I have about 10,000 points in each of mine and my husband’s account and no plan travel for a while as we are expecting a baby soon. Thanks.

    • Credit a hotel stay, car hire or flight. They have a shoppping [email protected] in the USA so check if they have cheap electronic books from Barnes & Noble or something like that. IIRC you can also pay to have account reactivated and miles reinstated but I have no idea how much it costs.

  11. OT:
    Flew back IAD to LGW via DUB with Aer Lingus. Due to the tight connection time in DUB, our bags (& several others’) didn’t make the connection, despite having the priority quick connection labels on; told bags would come on the next flight so waited at LGW, resulting in 3.5 hr delay. Aer Lingus saying they are only liable for baggage delays +24hr and even then only for emergency items (clothing and toiletries), not food while we waited or, incredibly, even the increased parking charges (dad had arrived to pick me up from LGW). Aer Lingus also not offering compensation; but EU regs specifically reference liability for delayed baggage.

    Have I got a case here?

    First time flying transatlantic via DUB instead of direct on BA; shame as it spoiled an otherwise positive experience.

    • I don’t think you have a case here – from memory definition of delayed baggage in aviation related documents is much more than 24 hrs.

    • Shoestring says:

      Harsh as it may sound, I don’t think you have much of a case and might be better going for a goodwill gesture – you could list the extra costs you incurred and ask pleasantly if they could make this good with points – worth a try. Pretty sure the law is on their side. What you could have done is leave the airport without your bags, filing the missing luggage forms in the Arrivals hall – and they would have been sent to your home address next day. Obvs far more convenient/ safer for you to hang around and collect them yourself, I get that – but Aer Lingus have no liability for the consequential losses you suffered or your inconvenience.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Why wait for the cases? They would have been delivered to you ASAP free of charge. I once had the bags turn up before I was home using public transport myself.

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