All British Airways American Express 2-4-1 companion vouchers have been extended by six months

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With absolutely zero fanfare – in fact, with no notification of any sort – all British Airways American Express 2-4-1 companion vouchers have been extended by six months.

Here is a screenshot from my account to prove it:

British Airways American Express 2-4-1 vouchers extended by six months

Note that my vouchers were issued in October / November 2019 and so should have expired in October / November 2021.  (This is off a British Airways Premium Plus American Express so the voucher has a 2-year validity.)

Instead, they now expire in April / May 2022.

For clarity, neither of these vouchers has ever been used to book a flight.  They are not vouchers which have been returned to my account following an enforced flight cancellation.

Looking at reader feedback, it seems that all vouchers have been extended.  Even ones which only triggered in the last 48 hours are showing a 30-month validity on Premium Plus cards.  What we won’t know for a few days is whether vouchers triggered AFTER today come through with 24 months or 30 months.

Hopefully you will see the same when you go into your British Airways Executive Club account.

British Airways American Express 2-4-1 vouchers extended by six months

If you want to learn more about how to use it now you have the extension, this Head for Points artice is the definitive guide on everything you need to know about the British Airways American Express 2-4-1 voucher.

You can also learn more about how the British Airways American Express 2-4-1 voucher works in this ‘Avios Redemption University’ article.

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  1. David S says:

    Voucher extended for 6 months. Any updates on tier point extension period yet? I know this is not the most important thing currently with the chaos going around but worth knowing for future travel, when it happens!!!

  2. BeigeSage says:

    My wife’s BA Premium Plus 2-4-1 voucher triggered on 23-Mar-20 and shows an expiry date of 23-Mar-22

  3. Kerry Kenton-Clarke says:

    I currently have two vouchers, both of which have been extended by 6 months 🙂

  4. If you don’t have an AMEX (any kind) at this time – is there a workaround to book using an AMEX card and still use the 241? Can you get a willing friend or family member to make the payment to BA on their AMEX card and thus circumvent the rule or does the person paying the taxes and fees strictly have to be a traveller on the booking?

    • Any Amex, the booking form asks you whether the payer is travelling, just tick the “no” box.

    • Genghis says:

      Yes. Also Amex doesn’t do address or name checks.

  5. I booked 241 redemption flights to Abu Dhabi for December a few weeks ago . I’m thinking of cancelling now .
    Is it still the case that I will have to do that by telephone , not on line ?
    And as the voucher was due to expire in January 2021 , when it’s refunded to me is it likely to be automatically extended by 6 months?
    Thank you ☺️

    • You can cancel as per the Ts & Cs but may have to use the HFP workaround. It looks as though vouchers are being automatically extended – yours would be refunded straight away so you could check at that point.

      • Thanks Anna – what is the Head for Points workaround ?

        • Shoestring says:


          please follow my instructions very closely

          quick reminder: most people failing forget an important step (Enter or restart Javascript)
          Full sequence:
          Google Chrome
          MMB, logged in as a/c holder who paid
          Find booking (put in reference & name)
          Turn off Javascript
          Click ‘Cancel & refund flights’
          New page ‘Are you a passenger on this flight?’
          Turn Javascript back on
          Tick ‘No’
          Hit Enter button
          New page ‘Error please enter a valid email address’
          A new option now appears below ‘Are you a passenger on this flight?’
          New option is ‘Did you pay for this booking’, tick yes
          Fill in details to claim refund

          • Ohhhh ok thanks so much Shoestring . I will give that a try x

          • Brighton Belle says:

            I used this last night for a BA-cancelled cash ticket fare and it triggered the refund email from BA.
            Not got the cash yet but it’s a step in the right direction. Thanks to Shoestring

          • Sandra says:

            Used this morning and it has also triggered the email to say refund being processed, hopefully cash will follow shortly! Thanks from our household too Shoestring!

    • I called the GGL line yesterday and they answered on the first ring … i’m not sure the phones are as busy as advertised. I called as I flight I cancelled online last week wasn’t credited back (and had 8 more to cancel …) was easy to do on the phone; though the poor agent sounded de-spirited.

      Speaking of privilege anyone seen gold upgrade vouchers getting extended?

  6. Benilyn says:

    Is there an alternative phone number you can suggest for me to call BA? I am now less than 72hrs from my flight, return leg cancelled so want to get my refund, can’t do online as it says onward arrival and return departure airport different so call up. One of my legs is in F, call You First? Anything else worth trying?

  7. Dave Fearn says:

    When will IHG do likewise with their Spire Elite Free Nights? I had booked to use my oldest Free Night voucher in a week’s time. Unfortunately due to Coronavirus we cannot travel to Vietnam, and it expires May 2020 so could go to waste if they don’t extend their dates as well.

    • Apparently they’re doing it on request for credit card nights. Not sure what you mean re Spire free night, there’s just the 25k points for hitting Spire which don’t expire?

  8. I have used a 2-4-1 for flights to the USA in July 2020.

    Forgive any apparent ignorance please.

    Presuming we shall need to cancel at some stage, am I right in thinking?

    a) taxes and fees will be refunded
    b) Avios will be refunded
    c) voucher is now likely to be extended by 6 months
    d) how can I find out what the original expiry date was of the 2-4-1 voucher I used?

    Very many thanks if someone could help.

    • Look on your My account page with BA; scroll down until you find the part about “My e-vouchers”. If you have any still to use they show the new expiry. Click on “more voucher information” and it shows used vouchers – including those booked but not yet flown. They will have the new expiry date which will be six months beyond the original date.

      • Thanks for your help Kim so far.

        I can not find anything about E Vouchers on any page. Does the “my account” page come up when you log in? Should it be on my Executive Account page or is there another? Can you help further please?

        Sorry not to be able to follow your help yet.

        • David to find eVouchers:
          Log into the BAEC welcome page.
          Click on the My Executive Club Menu at the left / Manage my account / Manage my Account / My eVouchers

  9. Nigel Gates says:

    My two 2-4-2 vouchers have each been extended by six months.. But my wife’s new 2-4-2 voucher, (awarded yesterday, 23rd March) only shows two years. Do we need to do anything to extend it? iAnd, is there likely to also be a Tier Points extension?

  10. Michael Severn says:

    Any new on the Lloyds Avios upgrade voucher, will this also be extended?

    • Hello Michael, I used ‘Live Chat’ with the avios team earlier and they have offered to extend the Lloyds Upgrade Voucher for 6 months and it is all done! 🙂

      • Live Chat with who exactly? (or which website)

        Don’t know why they couldn’t just automate these as they have done with the 241s


      • Michael Severn says:

        Thanks David – I also used the live chat, but as my ticket doesn’t expire till July they have told me its too early to extend at this stage. I’m guessing your ticket has a March/April expiry?

  11. Can confirm voucher extended on the free BA Amex as well.

    (I know I am breaking HFP rules by putting 20k through the free card…!)

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