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Has your British Airways Executive Club status been upgraded or extended today?

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As promised last week, British Airways has processed (or is at least in the middle of processing) the final batch of status upgrades and extensions today.

British Airways implemented status extensions for the majority of British Airways Executive Club members last week.

However, there were two scenarios under which you wouldn’t have been done before today.

My british airways executive account status has not been extended

If your Executive Club year-end was 8th May or 8th June:

If you have an expiry date of 8th May or 8th June, your status had not yet changed.

There is a reason for this.  If you had an 8th May or 8th June expiry date, your membership card was still valid and ran until 30th June or 31st July respectively.

This appeared to confuse the BA IT system.  However, the extensions were done today as promised.  Here is my wife’s account:

British Airways status extension

To be honest, I thought that her extension would not be done until the end of July 2021, but it has been done today.

My british airways executive account status has not been extended

If your status was due to be upgraded with reduced tier points:

British Airways has applied the new, lower, tier point thresholds today.  As a reminder, these are:

Bronze status – 225 tier points (was 300 points) 

Silver status – 450 tier points (was 600 tier points)

Gold status – 1,125 tier points (was 1,500 tier points)

If you qualify by segments flown, these targets have also been reduced by 25%.

If you have reached this number of points, check your British Airways account.  It should have been upgraded.

You should also see that the number of points you need for promotion is reduced.  Here is my Mum’s account, showing that she can be Bronze for 225 tier points rather than the usual 300:

British Airways status extension

Hopefully everyone who was due an extension or promotion has now received it.

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Comments (106)

  • Dino says:

    I spoke to BA agents 3 times since this was announced. I am a gold member with an 8 June expiry date and short of the reduced tier points required to renew at this level. All 3 told me that my gold status would be extended automatically, which has not happened as I did not meet the criteria.

    It’s only thanks to Head for Points that I understand how this works. Training by BA of its staff around this has obviously been pretty poor, given that 3 different operatives all gave me the incorrect answer.

  • onlysuites says:

    Anyone had their account updated yet? Mine still Shows bronze when I have 450 to be upgraded to Silver.

    • Rob says:

      Do you have 4 one-way cash BA flights on your account this year?

      • onlysuites says:

        Yep. It says Silver achieved but account status is still Bronze. Guess it will take some time.

    • John says:

      My data point. 7 cash BA flights this collection year. On 460 Tier points.Tier point collection ends 8Sept 2020. Card expiry 31 Oct 2021. App says Bronze but further down ‘silver achieved’ but this hasn’t stuck in practical terms eg still asking me to pay for future seat reservations. Worth following up with BA now or give it longer until BA’s IT catches up ?

  • Adam Savitz says:

    Exactly the same situation as your wife but still no update to the card expiry date – Showing 08 Jun 2021 / 31 July 2020 (have logged out and in – a few times)

  • Mike Vince says:

    Can anyone advise. I was Silver and would have retained it had BA not cancelled a return flight to Dublin in late April, with my status year ending in May.
    So they have downgraded me yet others whose years end in June and July get an automatic extension. Can I do anything?

  • Fred UK says:

    Does the TP reduction apply to GGL too? My card expiry has been extended to 2022, but I am not sure if I have to earn 3,000 in the next membership year or discounted…?

  • Joe says:

    Everything has now been pushed through on my account.

    Membership end date: 08 Jul 2020
    Card expiry date: 31 Aug 2022

    Points earned: 1135 – My card expiry date had previous been pushed out one year to 31 Aug 2021, everything was still showing as Silver, but there was a comment stating that I’d achieved Gold Status.

    Today, my account has been updated to Gold and Card Expiry Date has been pushed out an extra year to Aug 2022.

    Hopefully it’s good news for everyone else expecting similar!

    • My Gold Card expired 08 July and I had already qualified for another year. However they have only given me one year to 2021. I spent 30 mins talking to them yesterday, the agent spoke to her manager who “confirmed” that the extra one year didn’t apply if you had already qualified!! Any suggestions?