Bits: Barclays / IHG compensation payments, BA toilet trouble

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News in brief:

More news on Barclaycard / IHG compensation

Following on from my article this week about Barclaycard closing the IHG Rewards Club card, it seems that the call centre has now been officially briefed to offer you £25 compensation for every £1,000 you have spent on the Premium card if you have not yet triggered your free night voucher.

This is in addition to the pro-rata card fee refund that you will receive in April.

By a huge coincidence, this is exactly the same amount that I suggested readers should ask for when I wrote my article on Tuesday …….!

Airport toilet

When BA cabin crew clean your plane ….

A couple of weeks ago, The Sun ran this story about BA cabin crew at Gatwick being paid £10 to clean short haul aircraft when they arrive late.  They don’t do a great job as they have no cleaning materials but it does allow the plane to take off again more quickly.  As part of the time saving measures, the toilets are not emptied.

I didn’t write about the story at the time because, frankly, a steady drip drip of ‘anti BA’ stories isn’t a lot of fun to read or write.

Yesterday, however, I received a shocker of an email from a reader.  British Airways had done this on a LONG-HAUL flight to Mauritius.

Our reader boarded his delayed Club World flight from Gatwick last Monday to find his seat covered in crumbs and grease marks on the windows.  It had already been announced over the PA that the cabin crew had tried to clean the plane instead of the contract cleaners due to a marginally late arrival.

However, as with ‘quick turnaround’ short hauls, it seems that the toilets had not been emptied.  After 10 hours of a 12 hour flight, the crew announced 3 of the 4 Club World toilets were closed as they were full.  A few minutes later, it was announced that ALL of the toilets on the plane were now full and closed.

BA has offered our reader 10,000 Avios as compensation.  This is, apparently, the most they are allowed to offer for any disruption now following the new ‘compensation scale’ introduced last year.  As the readers was on a £7,000+ BA Holidays package I have encouraged him to reject this and seek a larger sum through the Small Claims Court.

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    • Roger I says:

      Are you Roger, or roger? Definitely not me.

      Anyway, promoting another blog on Rob’s blog is bad form IMO. Check Rob’s offer.

      • Really???

      • Is Rob’s offer the exact same? Completely free? If so, whats Rob’s code? Thanks

        PS How long is the free version applicable for, 1 year, 2 years, forever? (There’s usually a catch!)

        • Use Gary’s code, fine by me.

          Code is good for 6 months, then you must pay or find another code. When I get to 100 available codes again I will put them up.

      • Feel free to use the VFTW code – I don’t get anything for sharing the codes they give me in return for referring readers

  1. I’d have Messrs Sue, Grabbit & Run nailing them to the mast if I got on a plane and some bozo had decided not to clean my seat or window.

    If I thought the toilet was full, I would likely do a quick calculation on options and get off the plane with Messrs SGR on speed dial.

    Seriously though, listening to an accountant who says that taking an olive off the plate in first class will save $1m a year is one thing but not cleaning the seats in any cabin, nevermind the premium seats is corporate madness.

    Extrapolate forward to where they listen to another bean counter who says that a service ever 5x is enough instead of ever 3x at present, saving £xxm a year until a plane falls from the sky ?

    Corporate manslaughter all round me thinks.

    • If by ‘service’ you’re talking about aircraft maintenance – you understand that’s all mandated by the CAA and not at the discretion of airlines, right? They don’t pop in to Kwik Fit when they feel like it.

  2. New IHG card – they rejected me! Anyone else had any problems? Haven’t been rejected for a card before (inc. Amex gold/plat), homeowner, employed & earning well above threshold. Strange…

    • the real harry1 says:

      you should read the MSE stuff on credit cards – istr they say 10% of people get rejected for unreal reasons – you certainly shouldn’t worry about it over-much provided you have got the basics right such as your personal position as per the post above and got yourself on the electoral roll – I remember I was appalled & insulted when Halifax stopped my credit card (which had a well healthy credit limit & perfect history, I was living abroad so had better alternatives) simply because I hadn’t used it for 2 years – you get over these things, not that I have forgiven Halifax for their foul deed but I still got Clarity last year

    • Nope, called and all approved OK – they didn’t know why website didn’t confirm straight away.

      Only one I’ve had issues with before has been the Hilton card – Barclaycard seemed to go through phases of rejecting those with perfectly good credit histories!

  3. IHG . I was notified this morning that E-rewards points will no longer count towards elite status

    [I would like to inform you that starting 01 March 2017, points received from E-Rewards are no longer qualifying. As an exception, however, I have converted the 4,000 points you received on 14 March 2017 in order for it to count towards your elite status]

    • That’s true. They actually stopped it a few weeks ago but didn’t tell anyone (and eRewards didn’t update their website) so if any have posted recently without showing as qualifying you should email IHG.

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