Bits: Barclays / IHG compensation payments, BA toilet trouble

News in brief:

More news on Barclaycard / IHG compensation

Following on from my article this week about Barclaycard closing the IHG Rewards Club card, it seems that the call centre has now been officially briefed to offer you £25 compensation for every £1,000 you have spent on the Premium card if you have not yet triggered your free night voucher.

This is in addition to the pro-rata card fee refund that you will receive in April.

By a huge coincidence, this is exactly the same amount that I suggested readers should ask for when I wrote my article on Tuesday …….!

Airport toilet

When BA cabin crew clean your plane ….

A couple of weeks ago, The Sun ran this story about BA cabin crew at Gatwick being paid £10 to clean short haul aircraft when they arrive late.  They don’t do a great job as they have no cleaning materials but it does allow the plane to take off again more quickly.  As part of the time saving measures, the toilets are not emptied.

I didn’t write about the story at the time because, frankly, a steady drip drip of ‘anti BA’ stories isn’t a lot of fun to read or write.

Yesterday, however, I received a shocker of an email from a reader.  British Airways had done this on a LONG-HAUL flight to Mauritius.

Our reader boarded his delayed Club World flight from Gatwick last Monday to find his seat covered in crumbs and grease marks on the windows.  It had already been announced over the PA that the cabin crew had tried to clean the plane instead of the contract cleaners due to a marginally late arrival.

However, as with ‘quick turnaround’ short hauls, it seems that the toilets had not been emptied.  After 10 hours of a 12 hour flight, the crew announced 3 of the 4 Club World toilets were closed as they were full.  A few minutes later, it was announced that ALL of the toilets on the plane were now full and closed.

BA has offered our reader 10,000 Avios as compensation.  This is, apparently, the most they are allowed to offer for any disruption now following the new ‘compensation scale’ introduced last year.  As the readers was on a £7,000+ BA Holidays package I have encouraged him to reject this and seek a larger sum through the Small Claims Court.

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  1. So Rob what do you think the chap would get via small claims? There’s no contract for 4 loos in CW surely? There were still toilet facilities available…I’m not being sarky it’s a genuine enquiry. I agree that the plane should have been cleaned obviously.

    • KevinL says:

      But that is the problem. As Rob mentioned, no toilets on the WHOLE plane (see text in bold near end of article). Two hours, 200+ passengers, no toilets. Brilliant…

      • Oh yeah. Didn’t read that….I’m not sure it was originally there when I commented at 4.41am (I am out of the UK)! Anyway that would put a different complexion on things.

        • Actually it was two out of the three CW toilets initially. Then a few minutes later they announced EVERY toilet on th ewhole plane and this was just after they have woken everyone up 2 hours out on a night flight when presumably everyone would like to visit the little room. Prins Polo says he doesn’t use BA anymore as he doesn’t want pee into a bottle. At least us blokes potentially have that choice if tucked away out of sight of the aisle and happen to have an empty bottle!!. Not sure what the ladies are meant to do though….
          Someone also commented that BA probably doesn’t contract to provide a set number of toilets in any class but if you look at BAs own seat maps their 3 class 777-200 seat map clearly shows two toilets athe front of the CW cabin and three in the centre of the CW section and has done for at least the past four years. In fact there is only one at the front and two at the rear.and that has been the case the past four years. If not contractual certainly disingenuous and misleading. I have mentioned this to BA before but nothing gets changed!

        • Pubs have to provide a certain number of stalls depending on its size

        • Waribai says:

          Were there any children on the flight? If I were with my family in that situation I’m not sure what I would do!

      • Freddy S says:

        This is a serious Health issue & the Health Dept should be notified & BA Fined heavily. .
        Had a trip in 2016 August 30th ,where the flight left Gatwick which is a BA Hub with a unserviceable toilet travelling to TAMPa this was a full Flight with an over abundance of Women & Children headed for Disney in Orlando,I was in Premium out bound & Business on there teturn Ba has long since removed the Toilet in Premium, which means we pay double the rate of Economy, and have to share the toilets down the Tail . , I arrived in Tampa, & came down with E-Coli the first morning I woke up the only food I had eaten was the Steak onboard BA, I spent the next Three Days in a St Petersburg Hospital om a Morpneine drip and IV Fluids due to dehydration of being ill with E-COLi upon landing I I will never eat on a BA Flight again & I unfortunately travel this route twice yearly I was given a Dirty Pillow & Blanket outbound that I could not use ,also plane was not clean had to use a handi wipe to clean Table & arm rests , Shame on BA it is now a third rate Carrier overchardging for no service or cleanliness Trading on the BA Logo knowing full well it is no longer a British Carrier.
        The Steward on the return leg was very concerned for my health, as I was unable to even look at the food on offer, I am still not fully recovered ,and will face travelling this route in a matter of weeks ,which I am not looking forward to However the tkt was oaid for last year ,
        I really need to find another route & Carrier to get to my family in Ft Lauderdale Have used the orlando route on Virgin who are wondeerful However the Airport is a nightmare and such a long drive in a rental an overnight stay in a hotel either end to avoid any chance of Weather related problems en route .
        Gatwick Lounges last year were the Pits could not get in and was shunted into the most unatractive place on earth solied and broken down furniture and charge £45.00 Fifteen for myself an additional Thirty pounds for two other BA Passengeers who were transferred from the Glasgow Flight the same time as myselt were right behind me , and I was charged for them , again am still waiting for that to be refunded by the lounge people . GATWICK is the Pit,s Ground Staff are rude Incompetant who use 5 different employees to transfer a disabled passenger from one arrival to the next Departure and are allways late picking you up making you the last person to be boarded , when in essence we should be first with families with Children Not a good experience all round –

  2. For once I’m biting my lip to refrain from toilet humour and just being grateful my CW flight back from the Maldives was delayed long enough for it to be cleaned adequately also delayed long enough for me to put in another claim for EU261. 🙂

  3. Prins Polo says:

    Disgraceful. A new low every day from BA. I have taken my business travel elsewhere as I don’t want to pay £7,000 for a Club World flight and have to pee into a bottle.

    • James Black says:

      maybe we can use water sink instead if it is not full!!!

    • I have to say it’s not looking great for BA however I have only flown Qatar and Etihad business and first recently, my next BA flight is in F in October but only one way as I couldn’t book return flights.
      I have only had good experiences on BA flights in premium cabins but those Q suites are looking more and more appealing, ex eu, especially as Tesco have made it harder to collect avios now 🙁

      • Freddy S says:

        these are the two carriers who want to take over BA eventually, to get hold of all of the London Slots , by co conspiriting & assisting with Williw Walsh in downgrading the Service on BA and selling off more shares to Qatar and Etihad , who are selling a better expeirence for much less than BA ,in order to take the BA business away when it starts being hit with Clients moving to other more caring Airlines , preferably neither of the two you have mentioned . its about the Slots since BA used to be a world Carrier ., think about it !

  4. Re: IHG credit card compo. Are people getting this because they are cancelling the card during the phonecall or just getting a credit but keeping the card open until the end of April?

    I’ve spent around 4k but would struggle to make 19k given the short notice.

    • Sorry that should say 10k at the end

    • I made the call (well, sent a Secure Message) for £50 compo on a £3000 spend, but aren’t cancelling (at least, not until I’ve received the money!). They agreed within 12 hours. Go for it!

  5. And Rob, I think the main current culprits that are “Anti BA” are those managers implementing shocking “dirty tricks” policies which damage the long term reputation of the company.

    Here’s another very similar sounding tale (oversold vs broken seat) about deliberately targeting low CIV customers often those that they feel that they can get away with paying as little compensation as possible….

    • BA are adamant they don’t target Avios seats or those on 2-4-1 vouchers and I’m sure they wouldn’t lie to me

      • Lol – Funny, nice tongue in cheek dry humour early on a Sunday.. 🙂

      • Tell them you are a shareholder and you think they SHOULD be targetting Avios / 241 redeemers because you don’t need to pay them EU261 whereas compensation for someone on a full fare cash ticket would run into £thousands …..

    • So this was a cash booking. Looks like the second half of 2 for 1 passenger swerved a bullet.

  6. Thomas says:

    just a thought, will Brexit make an end to EU261? I bet BA hopes it does!

    • TRH covered this the other day, it’ll be incorporated into UK law

      • Although it will then be an offshoot of the original legislation, so going forward it will gradually differ and not have the same court precedents, I can imagine many airlines will do their best to go back to old habits and no doubt they’ll all be lobbying HMG to water it all down.

  7. The phrase “pay cheap, pay twice” springs to mind. All of the BA cost cutting seems to be costing them significantly more through all the compensation they now have to pay as a result. That’s excluding all the brand damage going on in parallel.

    I assume Mr Cruz wasn’t expecting a 2017 bonus either…

  8. I flew Santiago to Heathrow with BA in CW on Thursday. The toilets worked fine thankfully but my seat wasn’t very clean when I got on. Plenty of crumbs all over it. Bit horrible when that’s your bed for the night as well.

  9. More BA Toilet trouble..

    £300k is a tax inexpensive for loo roll….

    • *tad expensive.

      Rob – might the Beeb have got its facts wrong here??? (Thought it was > 4 hours)

      “EU passengers’ rights rules specify people on a long-haul flight delayed by more than three hours are entitled to receive up to 600 euros (£519) in compensation.”

  10. I received a response to my complaints from a 3 hr plus delay granted due to fog chaos but it stemmed from 30 Dec flight from Brussels. So it took 3 months to respond and the first line was sorry to hear about the delay on your flight from Madrid. I skim read saw the cut and paste and no avios compo the denial of eu261 which I know didn’t stand up. So paying for club getting garbage service not given any information not allowed on another flight then get on and overbooking meant club got used my family’s coats bags etc all taken from the locker and moved elsewhere then given one drink before the the club crew member disappeared to economy for the rest of the flight deserves nothing oh well

  11. Mr Brown says:

    Hi Rob

    Re the IHG card – is what Barclaycard have done against their own T&Cs with regard to timings/notice etc?

    I haven’t called about mine yet, however a couple of people I know have. The first one got offered a full refund of the fee and and a rambling response about what they have done is within the T&Cs in the account. The second person contacted them and they folded like a house of cards. The first one was ten months into the annual fee period the second one was about seven.

    • Sididdly says:

      I am only one month into my new year with the IHG Barclaycard but had spent nearly £2500 before being notified of the card cancellation. I requested a full refund on the annual fee plus a pro-rata refund on the spend so far. They replied back saying the cancellation was in their T & Cs but they would pay my annual fee back in full plus 15% of my aspirational hotel value. I counter-offered with 20% and they agreed to compensate me £60. In total I received £159 statement credit. Not too shabby really and now I can move over to the Creation card and bank a few more bonus points.

  12. Our 3 hours delayed plane from Bangkok in December must have had the same crew as our club seats were covered in food and wrappers

  13. Peter K says:

    This has happened to me on an easyjet flight before where all toilets closed about 30 mins into a 4hr flight from Algarve. Not fun I can tell you. Worse for my friend with kidney problems. In the end the pilot stopped at Brest on the way home as he was so desperate.
    It’s not just a BA issue then, but long haul is crazy!

  14. Genghis says:

    OT. I’d like to commend the BA social media team on their customer service. I booked some avios flights a couple of weeks ago but the return leg had not been charged or ticketed. I wanted to pay the taxes so I could cancel the BAPP. Sent a tweet to BA, a really helpful agent then called me back within a couple of hours and needed the credit card security code. The flight was ticketed a few mins later and received another call back to confirm everything. It’s not all bad at BA…

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Absolutely there are some great employees out there more than willing to look after their customers.

      While I enjoy all the good service I get from BA the incidents of bad customer service leave a sour taste in your mouth.

      Personally I think T5b is a great lounge, quiet enough with a good selection of drinks and nice food in the evenings. In contrast using the lounge in Dubai on the way back there was no hot food at all at lunchtime inc in the CCR.

      With all the stories of people getting downgraded I was upgraded all the way from the back to the front recently. Won’t make up for me ever being downgraded though as I expect to receive at least the service I’ve paid for

      • To be fair to BA don’t they fly 40 million passengers a year, they are going to have issues in a service industry. Most traders on here are likely to travel more, than average, due to the nature of the content. This site does highlight the very, very good alternatives and that tends to portray BA in a poor light.
        The worst that has happened to me is not getting served, on a 2hr flight last month from Verona, as we was sitting in row 30 and they ran out of time. I would have been more irritated if I had paid cash for the ticket as it £300 each way!!!!

  15. flyforfun says:

    “Yesterday, however, I received a shocker of an email from a reader. British Airways had done this on a LONG-HAUL flight to Mauritius.”

    I don’t understand how the crew would be expected to clean a long haul plane? While I can see how a short haul crew on a turnaround can give the plane a quick once over as they are already at the outstation waiting for the new pax to join, Don’t most long haul crew board the flight just a few mins before the pax, maybe 10 to 20 minutes before? Does this mean they are needing to get on board sooner? Unlike some US airlines that only pay when the doors shut, doesn’t the clock start ticking for BA staff when they sign on or similar? Surely their rate is more expensive than the cleaners?

    • If they have time to hook up the refuelling truck, they surely have time to hook up the toilet truck too…

  16. Genghis says:

    Another OT. Broke my hiatus and signed up to the IHG White card just now. I already have the IHG Black with Creation. Another decent credit limit given. Easy 20k IHGs.

    • Wish I’d gone instant acceptance, hopefully just an address issue with flat number format!

      • I passed the initial eligibility check for the IHG card then after applying got told they needed 7-10 days for further checks. Got a text about 4 days later saying I’d been approved. Will have to wait until the post arrives to find out the credit limit and such. Same thing happens with AMEX for myself. I think it’s something to do with my home address. I’ve been turned down in the past and gotten a rejection letter that says they “can’t match my details with credit reference agencies”, even though i have free accounts with all 3 of them that show no problems with my address.

      • Done the same.

        As I posted yesterday link it to curve, withdraw £200 from ATM and get your 20000 IHG points.

        • Genghis says:

          I saw your post yesterday Roger about having both cards. Thanks for the tip.

        • Indeed so!

        • But isn’t there a charge for cash withdrawals?

        • TGLoyalty says:

          £200 a month is allowed without charge

          I don’t believe they have found a way to charge for more than £200 either but you could fall foul of their fair use policy

    • I thought the IHG White card was 10k points?

  17. Is it a human right to use a toilet? What about if you have a medical condition that requires regular access to the toilet?

  18. At a time when other airlines are improving the customer experience BA seems hell bent on driving customers away. I know AC is fixated with Norwegian at Gatwick but come on, at least they have working toilets I presume.

  19. David Butcher says:

    We flew London to Houston with BA in January and although the toilets kept working there was no water for hot drinks so no tea or coffee all trip, and no water in the washbasins so they were giving us bottled water to wash our hands. I have to say that my last few experiences with BA convince me that the airline is heading steadily downhill. I avoid them when I can.

  20. Janet Thomas says:

    Re.IHG/Barclaycard. Don’t let Customer Services fob you off! I am only one month in & they only offered a pro-rata refund on £99 fee. Asked to speak to a manager & said I wanted to make formal complaint & requested a full refund plus percentage of spend already made. They agreed & I already have £99 plus £125 back into my account.

  21. The plane should have landed at the closest airport.

    Disgraceful that it was allowed to continue.

    I hope that the captain and senior crew were sacked over this incident. Mind you they would probably have been on strike on any other day.

    • I think the number of divert options for a fully loaded 777 as you get close to MRU – given that you need a runway large enough for it to be able to take off again as well, fully loaded – isn’t huge.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Captain and crews fault BA are too tight to pay for cleaning crews?

    • What a ludicrous proposition, why should the captain and crew bear the brunt of BA’s extreme cost-saving approach? I also can’t imagine there were many diversion options at that stage and it seems more sensible to have continued.

      • Lady London says:

        They chose to leave on time with an aircraft that wasn’t serviceable, in my view.

        I am not even sure Ryanair has done this too often… Ryanair has certainly done the same though.

        If someone had been forced to “go” and any extra cleaning charge accrued to finally clean up the aircraft as a result, I presume they’d have not been liabel and been fully covered?

        Perhaps I could recommend the latest model of camping toilets for BA to keep in the ceiling of the toilets, to be bought out for such emergencies.

        And pretty soon the £10 will be rolled into their normal salary…

        • Who knows what was reported to the captain by the turnaround manager? Clearly they shouldn’t have left like that but to suggest the captain and crew should be sacked as a result (as the OP was suggesting) is sensationalist and unfair on them I would suggest.

        • Agreed.

  22. Arun T says:

    If the facts of this are true; that BA didn’t bother to get a full cleaning team and didn’t empty toilets based on cost – then this is far worse than any 2for1 downgrade policy they may have! Can’t blame the front line staff – but BA management seem to be completely killing the airline!

  23. ThinkSquare says:

    Emptying the waste tanks would save a load of weight on the flight. There’s your cost saving of the day, BA. You’re welcome.

  24. BA Sucks says:

    I love these stories. I really do wonder though when the day of the ‘tipping-point’ will arrive. Maybe 12 months from now after a few poor quarters that can’t be blamed on Brexit? Or will BA manage to salvage themselves prior to that point? Or will a BA plane fall out of the sky – and irrelevant of the cause – be attributed to cuts at BA because that’s what BA’s unique selling point currently is?!! How interesting to watch poor business theory turned into practise!! Pure textbook.

  25. For the IHG card, how may one find the year end date for the promo and how much I’ve spent? Haven’t spent anything in a while and not sure if I am eligible for any compo.

    • How much more you need to spend used to be on the right of the online summery page, but this has now disappeared. Send a secure message using the link asking both questions and they will get back to you with the answer.
      Or as I did, go back on your statements and see when you paid the £99 fee, then add the statement totals from then on.

  26. Rob – is it possible to put a link to “older comments” at the top of the comments as well as at the bottom? Alternatively have the page load the earliest comments when you first load the story? I tend to start reading the comments that load on the page, get to the bottom and find I’ve started reading page 2 or 3. (I know I should look at the time stamps!)

    • I can’t move the link – I could put the earliest comments first. Will have a think.

      • Rob

        Any other ideas on how these comments will evolve going forward?

        IIRC you mentioned that there is no plan for a forum post but sometimes it is difficult to find a particular post. This is the site where I easily spend over an hour or two everyday.

        • I am restricted in what I can do with the comments unless I use something like Disqus which is slow and unwieldy and has compulsory registration.

          Only flexibility I have is over number of levels of sub-comments, order they are shown and number per page.

        • I find the current system OK – I always just go to the end of the page first to see if additional comments, then click on older comments button and change page number in URL to 1. An ‘oldEST comments’ button would avoid that minor extra step, but overall not a big issue.

        • Any chance you put a time stamp for last comment on the main page so you can see if any comments have been made in each article since you last read?

        • Biggest comments issue IMO is the loss of access to the original comments when a redirect is put on older posts.

        • Mr Dee says:

          Biggest downfall is not being able to find my own comments and to see if there are any replies and then finding the article I posted on that I wanted to see if there were any replies. Disqus would be good and registration for people even better so you can follow your favourite commenters

        • Disqus is a dog. Most sites that try it, drop it. It is VERY slow, it stores the comments elsewhere (which makes my life hard) and the need to register in order to comment means that the number of comments drops substantially.

    • Agree with oldest comments first!

  27. Nathan says:

    I got the full £99 back (renewed my card in Jan) and got £300 compensation (have spent £3000 on the card since Jan)
    Might have got very lucky before the staff started getting guidelines.
    My tactic was saying that the free night voucher was worth £300 at a top hotel, that I would be raising it with the Financial ombudsman, that I felt Barclays had handled the transition poorly allowing people to renew a card knowing full well they wouldn’t get the benifits of the card unless they were a very large slender or had large purchases early on and that the replacement card that I was being moved to after the IHG card closed was not a competitive comparison to he IHG card.

    • That was my tactic this morning when I sent them a secure message. I claimed that I had got 90% of the way to the voucher (£9000 spend) and wouldn’t reach the remaining £1000 so wanted 90% of the cost of the £500 room I ewas going to use it for, as well as the fee back. Will wait to see what they come up with

      • After a long call just now I have 11 mths fee refund although I’m 3 months in, but a very vague response to the free night question ‘if anything is due you will find out in the post’ so I’ve sent a secure message. I’m 8.5K towards the 10K so asked for 8.5/10 x £300.

        • Goonface says:

          Question: if you manage to hit the £10k spend on Barclay IHG, before it closes, and get free IHG night, in the same year can you also spend £10k on Creation IHG card and get another free hotel night? Albeit, the latter is applied at the end of the anniversary year.

        • Yes

        • Yes, no problem.

  28. Last year my wife flew to BWI in Club from LHR. The Club WC was full before the flight took off!??
    The Other WC had queues half an hour long, and she was advised not to drink or eat too much that might mean she needed the toilet. She had a VERY uncomfortable long haul flight, despite being in Club.
    She was offered 15,000 Avios which she rejected. All other communications were ignored by them, despite escalating them up the chain.
    Avios is obviously working, as long as the Amex bonus cards still continue, as we still fly BA. However, without Avios I do not think we would fly BA. Customer service stinks! Pun intended.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      She rejected the 15k and subsequently got nothing? or was the 15k then accepted after being ignored?

      Email to alex cruz might yield some contact if its been a long time it helped me after being ignored/poorly dealt with for months. I wasn’t even looking for more than I was legally entitled to.

    • Could this be another cost-cutting measure – stop CW passengers drinking too much Champagne and other premium beverages because they won’t be able to use the loo?

    • Disgusting!

      I’m not sure on what I would do if I was faced with this, surely this is a human right to be able to use a loo if required? I get it that sometimes things go tech, but to do this intentionally? are they taking the p*ss?

      As somebody who had IBS sufferers in the family, this behavior is horrible. If you need to go, then sometimes you just need to go at all costs before something embarrassing may happen!
      Asking somebody to ‘hold it in’ is just not right!

      I think I would walk off the Plane if I was told this at the beginning of the flight.

      Shocking to see so many examples of this popping up in the comments!
      BA need a good talking to, before they loose all customers!

  29. OT – Flying to Beijing in late April using Avios. can’t decide on BA First or Finnair Business. Or maybe a combo of both? What would others do?

    • New Finnair Business is good – if you’ve never seen Helsinki it is worth considering. Fewer Avios too.

      • Is “Alan” in the Hilton there currently? If so, which is the best Hilton in Helsinki? Thanks

        • Airport one is great for night before flight but I stayed at the Hotel Indigo in town – good location and good reviews.

    • I’d look at the schedules and see which was most convenient. however I think they’re roughly the same times of the day

      Helsinki stopover will reduce your outbound APD. Is the concorde room worth paying Philip Hammond an extra £120 per person plus BA’s surcharges (minus the cost of a hotel)?

      If you really want CCR, do F on return with domestic connection for no extra avios though still need to pay charges

    • Roger I says:

      Are you Roger, or roger? Definitely not me.

      Anyway, promoting another blog on Rob’s blog is bad form IMO. Check Rob’s offer.

      • Really???

      • Is Rob’s offer the exact same? Completely free? If so, whats Rob’s code? Thanks

        PS How long is the free version applicable for, 1 year, 2 years, forever? (There’s usually a catch!)

        • Use Gary’s code, fine by me.

          Code is good for 6 months, then you must pay or find another code. When I get to 100 available codes again I will put them up.

      • Feel free to use the VFTW code – I don’t get anything for sharing the codes they give me in return for referring readers

  30. I’d have Messrs Sue, Grabbit & Run nailing them to the mast if I got on a plane and some bozo had decided not to clean my seat or window.

    If I thought the toilet was full, I would likely do a quick calculation on options and get off the plane with Messrs SGR on speed dial.

    Seriously though, listening to an accountant who says that taking an olive off the plate in first class will save $1m a year is one thing but not cleaning the seats in any cabin, nevermind the premium seats is corporate madness.

    Extrapolate forward to where they listen to another bean counter who says that a service ever 5x is enough instead of ever 3x at present, saving £xxm a year until a plane falls from the sky ?

    Corporate manslaughter all round me thinks.

    • If by ‘service’ you’re talking about aircraft maintenance – you understand that’s all mandated by the CAA and not at the discretion of airlines, right? They don’t pop in to Kwik Fit when they feel like it.

  31. New IHG card – they rejected me! Anyone else had any problems? Haven’t been rejected for a card before (inc. Amex gold/plat), homeowner, employed & earning well above threshold. Strange…

    • the real harry1 says:

      you should read the MSE stuff on credit cards – istr they say 10% of people get rejected for unreal reasons – you certainly shouldn’t worry about it over-much provided you have got the basics right such as your personal position as per the post above and got yourself on the electoral roll – I remember I was appalled & insulted when Halifax stopped my credit card (which had a well healthy credit limit & perfect history, I was living abroad so had better alternatives) simply because I hadn’t used it for 2 years – you get over these things, not that I have forgiven Halifax for their foul deed but I still got Clarity last year

    • Nope, called and all approved OK – they didn’t know why website didn’t confirm straight away.

      Only one I’ve had issues with before has been the Hilton card – Barclaycard seemed to go through phases of rejecting those with perfectly good credit histories!

  32. IHG . I was notified this morning that E-rewards points will no longer count towards elite status

    [I would like to inform you that starting 01 March 2017, points received from E-Rewards are no longer qualifying. As an exception, however, I have converted the 4,000 points you received on 14 March 2017 in order for it to count towards your elite status]

    • That’s true. They actually stopped it a few weeks ago but didn’t tell anyone (and eRewards didn’t update their website) so if any have posted recently without showing as qualifying you should email IHG.

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