Bits: Clubcard to Avios and Virgin transfer offers, excellent Hilton / Lufthansa Miles & More deal

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News in brief:

What we know about the new Tesco Clubcard conversion offers

Tesco Clubcard points from the last collection period should now be showing online at

If you are thinking of where to convert, we now have an inkling of what is available in terms of incentives:

If you convert to Avios via an account, you will be entered into a competition.  Every £2.50 you convert gets you one entry.  Two people will win 50000 Avios, three people will win 25000 Avios and 150 people will win 5500 Avios.  The deadline to convert to be entered is 28th February.  Details are here.

If you convert to Avios via a BA account …. we don’t know.  I am willing to bet on British Airways offering a competition of some sorts but the details may not appear for a day or so.  You may want to hold off converting until you can compare the two.

If you convert to Virgin Flying Club, there appears to be a 20% conversion bonus.  I stress ‘appears’ because – whilst people who auto-convert to Virgin seem to have had a 20% bonus applied – there is no mention yet on either the Clubcard or Virgin Atlantic websites.  I would expect full details in a few days.  Keep an eye on the Virgin / Tesco website page here.

(EDIT:  The Virgin deal is now confirmed and runs until 15th March.)

Personally ….. I am converting to Uber at the moment.  It is a ‘genuine’ 3x face value deal and our Uber spend is fairly high.  My choice is converting every £10 of vouchers into either £30 of Uber credit or 2400 Avios or 2500 Virgin miles.   This means I would be ‘paying’ 1.25p per Avios or 1.2p per Virgin mile (1p with the 20% bonus) if I took those instead and I’m not willing to pay that.

Hilton Lufthansa promotion

Earn 2,500 Miles & More miles per Hilton stay

At the end of March, Hilton Honors will no longer let you earn airline miles from your stays.  ‘Points and Miles’ will be stopped and the only option will be taking points.   I explained it in detail in this article.

Lufthansa Miles & More is going out with a bang, however.

For stays between now and 25th March you will earn:

1,500 Miles & More miles on your first stay

2,000 Miles & More miles on your second stay

2,500 Miles & More miles on your third and subsequent stays, with no cap

You must register for this offer via this page of

This is a VERY generous deal.  Miles & More miles are valuable for long-haul redemptions (rubbish, admittedly, for European short-haul due to taxes).  Dubai in Business Class, for example, is 70,000 Miles & More miles from the UK, changing in Germany or Switzerland.  British Airways wants 100,000 to 120,000 Avios for the same route depending on whether it is a peak or off-peak date.

That said, I would only recommend this offer if you have an existing Miles & More account and want to add to it.  You are unlikely to earn enough from Hilton alone to get a decent redemption.

Remember that Hilton Honors is also offering a status match at the moment which may now look attractive.  Diamond needs 8 stays if you have top tier status in another hotel scheme, Gold needs 4 stays if you have mid tier status elsewhere.

A mattress run to get the required stays could make sense if tied in with this offer.  If you had a Hilton or Hampton near you that was, say, £50 at a weekend then it looks good.  You would be getting £25+ of Miles & More miles from your 3rd stay plus the base miles plus the base Hilton Honors points!  The net cost of that £50 stay suddenly looks a lot lower.  Details of the status match are in this article.

You MUST register for the Miles & More offer which you can do on the Hilton site here.  You will also need to change your Hilton account to earning ‘Points & Miles’ on your stays with Lufthansa as your preferred airline.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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Bits: odd "Virgin miles from Virgin Trains" rule, earn SPG points with Hertz, 80% bonus buying Hilton points
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  1. With the current 20% bonus that would be 3000 virgin miles for £10 vouchers, therefore 1.0p per virgin mile. I tend to value miles slightly above 1p so I’m happy with that.

    • The other thing with comparing taking miles with taking the Uber credit, is that you can save money by not getting a car by walking/using public transport. It’s like the good deal on using nectar points at Cafe Nero, you don’t need an overpriced hot drink.

      • Genghis says:

        Equally you don’t need to fly J etc. I don’t use Uber more paying with clubcard points than cash so to me it’s a good deal.

      • Yes but when you start comparing in the way you mention you have to factor in the cost of your time lost by using a method which maybe more time consuming where you could be using that time to work. Example outside of most cities public transport can easily be 3 times longer than using a taxi/car.

        The uber comparion Rob makes is valid if you are going to be spending the money on uber anyway it wouldn’t be if it was speculative and you may use the credit just because of the transfer.

        Yes the site is about points but when there is a cash saving to be had instead of points that will put a value on what you are paying.

      • Most people are capable of deciding for themselves the product they want, and will then follow this by choosing the most suitable way of getting it, which may or may not be value driven.

        By your token, nobody “needs” to do long haul leisure flights and we should all hand back our Avios as a gesture of goodwill!

        • I’m reading this in Caffè Nero 😉

        • Yes, “want” not “need” is the key, and let’s face it, the reason most people read HFP is because they want to fly premium class. However, that “want” does not always equate with everybody “choosing” the right thing for themselves. Poor choices are often made, whether they be by psyche, ignorance, misunderstanding or just bad luck in timing.

      • When Nero had the 50 points for a drink that was a good deal. Even so I only used it twice as I rarely feel the need for a hot (or cold) drink. I certainly wouldn’t pay £1.75 so the normal offer is not for me.

  2. OT as bits – for Lounge Club, any recommendations for Geneva ? I note the site lists four lounges

    • I went in the Swiss business lounge about 18 months ago with lounge club. Was ok, nothing special, self service alcohol, hot buffet, haribo sweets. Don’t recall there being any other alternatives at the time though.

  3. Peter Taysum says:


    As I lie by the pool in Goa, I’m trying to work out My Flights coming up. I have one trip to Mexico listed but can’t add any of the others to My Flights since the change.

    Has anyone found a good alternative? I think Rob mentioned another app, but my gin addled mind can’t find the reference…

    Please help…

    • Out of interest (as we are in Goa in 4 weeks) any recommendations for days out with a 2 year old? Apologies if this is considered too off topic to be posted (do delete if so).

      • CheckMyTrip is a good alternative.

      • Peter Taysum says:

        Sorry I’m not much help. We were a group of twelve, and as we’d come straight from working didn’t get out and about too much. Trip Advisor does have a lot of listings; so that might be a starting point. I hope you have a lovely time.

    • I am trialling FlightLogger but all it really does it lists your flights (on the day it will give gate info etc too). Nothing can do what MyFlights did, checking for changes, due to nee privacy rules.

      • Peter Taysum says:

        I know it’s a first world problem, but I really miss it. I have a lovely birthday trip to Mexico listed on it, but all other flights I can’t add. Will try FlightLogger. But I *need it* ;-p

    • Lewis King says:

      Peter, how are you finding Goa? Looking at going next year.

      • Peter Taysum says:

        This is my second time. I do a Medical Mission this time each year, and have taken a bit of holiday after. Last year I went to North Goa and this year I’ve come with a group to South Goa. I find it quite lovely, and I think you can find something to all tastes from sedate sandy beaches to all out partying (these days I’m the former rather than the latter!)

        • Lewis King says:

          Yeah, I’m definitely the former and I’m fairly “young” still, hah! Thanks 😀

    • Oh Peter your breaking our hearts 🙂 Have a G&T for all of us back in cold downcast blighty.

  4. Is there a way to see your detailed past activity with Clubcard? – My “change” from part-using vouchers last quarter is about £20 less than I was expecting

    • You can view your transactions for the current quarter and past 2 parters in your Clubcard account.

      • Thanks Liz – was able to check the dates and I can see that I received my “change” for the quarter before making another purchase (about 2 weeks before the cut off date) – so should be refunded next time…. I mistakenly assumed that the “change” would be added on the last day of the collection period

    • I have this funny feeling I’ve also lost out this way recently. Problem is that I didn’t keep a record of the Avios purchase I used to generate the ‘change’.

      • You can see the value of the voucher you used and the date via Clubcard, and you should be able to search Avios transactions within a few days and tie the two up? As I found, the date the “change” is issued is earlier than I was expecting, so it may be that it is carried forward for you

  5. Great news on the Tesco –> Virgin Bonus.

    Kicking myself on Saturday as git email from Tesco and realised I’d forgot to turn off the autoconvert in advance, such a noob mistake.

    Read HFP tiday, goes checks balance, sees it’s now hit with 20% bonus, success.

    And yes I have now turned off autoconvert.

    #HappyMonday 😀

    • Ouch! Hope you didn’t have a lot of points! Our two accounts have a few hundred £££ so I diaried to change in back in Dec. Didn’t get any auto convert bonus last time.

      • The multiple virgin conversion bonus stopped working on the same account ages ago. The first 3 or 4 paid out every time. Up until about 2 years ago.

        • By multiple conversion bonus, I mean the points for switching on the auto convert and not the 20% type bonus (which is fine to have multiple times).

        • Genghis says:

          I’ve had it the last few quarters (though not this)

  6. OT,
    I’m sure this is correct. If I book a trip i.e lon- LAS 5th July returning YYZ – LON 3rd September is there any reason I can’t book journeys in between say LAX to LON and LON to YYZ in august?

    • It is called nesting and, beyond a certain point, BA will come for you because you are exploiting price differentials between two departure points. As a one off, though, you’re fine.

      • Thanks Rob. I’m basically hoping to do

        1. Dub- Lax via LHR cash BA
        2. Sea-ams -miles virgin
        3 AMS – LON cash BA
        3. LON -ams cash BA
        2 Ams-mco miles virgin
        1. Yyz-lon BA cash

        So 1, 2 and 3 are return bookings.. is this itinerary going to cause issues? I’m not too fussed on the minimum miles I would earn

      • Ah “banking” and “nesting” of domestic flights – In the past BA have had the occasional strop at me and other Scottish colleagues for that.

        If I’m going to Perth, it doesn’t really matter if I fly into Edinburgh or Glasgow. So sometimes buying a return ticket LHR-EDI (returning 11 months hence) and a GLA-LHR (returning 11 months hence) makes absolute sense. Chuck a few return trips on the Highland Chieftain into the mix – not forgetting the actual work red-eye trips to Edinburgh too and things look messy.

      • Lady London says:

        I have always wondered what the legal basis is for airlines potentially trying to stop someone do this if that’s their desired travel pattern.

        • They‘ll go after your travel agent and your Executive Club account first. Those are covered by contracts and not protected by consumer laws in the same way.

  7. Dave Barron says:

    Just to confirm I had 20% bonus applied to Virgin transfers with an Auto Convert – it shows as “Award Feb Bonus” and although dated 1st Feb appeared a couple of days after the normal conversion.

  8. 1500 freeMarriott Rewards points – I know it was mentioned in yesterday’s comments but worth reminding this morning.

    the Superbowl free Marriott points is open until 11am GMT today for 1500 free points.

    Find the Marriott twitter account and reply to the three tweets for 500 points each.

  9. I manually converted Clubcard vouchers to Virgin miles and got the 20% bonus.

    • Catalan says:

      James, can you remember what date you did the manual conversion and when it was added to your account? Thanks

    • Me too.. Did the transfer on Saturday. Points and 25% in account Monday morning.

  10. MR to Hilton 50% bonus – has anyone who transferred in early Jan received it yet?

  11. Remember that Hilton is also offering 2,000 Honors points per stay at the moment – single-night stays are therefore pretty lucrative.

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