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The tiny loo on the new British Airways A321 aircraft ….

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If you are flying on British Airways today, Friday 9th, check to see if you are on any of these routes.  This is where G-MEDN, the first ‘densified’ A321, is heading:

LHR-MAN BA1386 0755
MAN-LHR BA1389 0955
LHR-ABZ BA1308 1210
ABZ-LHR BA1309 1440
LHR-MAN BA1398 1730
MAN-LHR BA1405 1925

BA A321 toilet

A reader was on the Newcastle flight yesterday and generously popped to the loo on behalf of HFP readers and delivered this.  Tight is the word.  I don’t think much of the sink either and I’m not convinced purple ‘mood lighting’ adds much to the, erm, experience.  That said, the reader who took the picture said that she was happy with it, possibly because it was brand new.

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Comments (69)

  • Clive says:

    Is there a timetable for the LGW 777 refurb appearing on various routes? Hoping for that new CW on MCO in a few months…

    • Rob says:

      If MCO has first class then those planes won’t be done until 2019. If it doesn’t have First then it is hit and miss, a new plane will be arriving every 8 weeks.

  • Martin says:

    Can’t see the baby change flap in that picture

    • There’s a handle and what looks like a largish cutout behind the toilet, perhaps that’s the table. Can’t imagine it’s very practical though.

    • Paul says:

      Would be interested to know how passengers with additional needs are to be accommodated too?

      • ankomonkey says:

        Yes, the Mile High Clubbers will probably struggle in there…

        • Julian says:

          Certainly looks as though the possibilities would now be very limited for any couples who are not on the young and ultra thin end of the spectrum.

      • Rob says:

        The 2nd loo is apparently larger to meet accessibility rules.

  • Christopher says:

    Well, it’s obviously not aimed at the bigger traveller. There’s no way I could sit in that facility !

    • Si says:

      You missed the ‘H’ from word sit

      • Christopher says:

        You’re right – but I wasn’t sure how far I could go on this site ! I didn’t want to be blocked….if you know what I mean.

    • Anna says:

      It looks like you’d need to back into it if you want to sit down!!

      • Lady London says:

        Does the door even close once you’re in there?

        Oh, right… it would have to open outwards wouldn’t it?

        There needs to be some laws to actually protect standards of travel for people, and not just animals who do have some protection.

        • David says:

          Why? It’s a free market – if you want to pay for a more spacious WC, fly in Club Europe or choose a different airline. Some people will happily use this product if they save £10. We don’t need any government intervention…

        • Cate ⛱️ says:

          If you’ve worked in aviation you’ll have picked up that passengers are colloquially referred to as SLFs – self loading freight. That’s the standard you’re up against.

  • Yuff says:

    OT : is it possible to check in online, on the BA app, for an Iberia flight?
    Tried to yesterday but it keeps taking me to the Iberia site in Spanish on my iPhone

    • You usually have to check in with the operating carrier, although if the flight is from LHR then check in with the BA app as all IB flights from T5 are officially BA flights operated by Iberia (this was the easiest way for BA to handle all the flights as it meant the staff just had to learn the BA system and not the Iberia systems.

      Otherwise two options:
      Go to the Iberia site and select English and then check-in
      See if Iberia has an app

      • Yuff says:

        Thanks, I wanted the boarding passes on my iPhone for ease of use.
        I’ll see if the Iberia app has an english setting 😉

        • Stu N says:

          I have never got OLCI to work on Iberia metal when booked via BA.

          The desktop site should give you an Iberia booking reference that you can use on, there is a settings button in top right that you can set to English before you try. However, after putting API in i always get a “general error – try later” message and I end up checking in at airport.

        • Stu N says:

          (This has always been a problem ex-Madrid; usually the A340 flight. For ex-Heathrow flights have been fine as they are BA op by Iberia.)

        • Yuff says:

          Did the a340 Madrid flight yesterday, what a fantastic service with a great crew.
          Had a 55 min connection not helped by circling Madrid airport for 1/2 hr and landing 20 mins late, after a mad rush I arrived at the gate 10 mins after it should have closed but I was allowed on and also other passengers after me. If only all short haul business was like this, even had free WiFi in business 😉

  • There should be two toilets in the rear section, one bigger than the other. This better be the smallest one! It does look dreadful, even the soap dispenser looks oversized for the area.

    Has anyone here been in the new seats yet? If not I’ll try and have a go in them tomorrow (once I know the schedule for Saturday). If the seats are the same as the new easyJet seats then I won’t like them but comfort is subjective.

    • Lumma says:

      If they’re the same seats Vueling have on their A320s, then flying back from Rome the other week I was limping off the plane. The very back row, where the toilet should’ve been, also has no window.

      Saying that, I was further forward on the outbound, and I didn’t find it quite as bad, so I’m guessing the final row might have been slightly tighter.

  • James says:

    Are BA actually trying to be worse than Ryanair ? Like is that now listed as a mission statement ?

  • Paul says:

    That fare table talks about “premium catering”
    BAs catering is a lot of things but premium is not one of them!

    • David says:

      My partner and I tried all four CE main course options to and from Seville from LGW at the weekend between us and I was actually taken aback by the quality. Thoroughly lovely!

      • Stu N says:

        Yep, the catering set-up on longer CE flights is genuinely good and crews have time to deliver it properly.

      • Rob says:

        The longer meals are very good now – no-one has ever criticised those. It is the short-haul stuff which is rubbish. The only one I actually like is the chicken panini which I managed to get going out to Berlin this week.

        Flying back into City tonight so I will get a decent meal.

        • David says:

          I’m on Finnair to Shanghai later today – reindeer for me! Amusingly the A350 I’m on now (LHR-HEL) has a reindeer ‘happy holiday’s motif on the livery. I assume the reindeer won’t be quite as chuffed when it’s served to J class passengers…

        • sunguy says:

          The biggest problem I have/had with short-haul catering is the usual [email protected] (including Finnair) where they give you a choice of an egg sandwich or something plus mayo.

          So you are SOL if you dont like or cant eat eggs….

    • Tilly says:

      On our recent CE flights to Valencia we thought the food was very good. Breakfast on way out and lunch on way back. Even my low lactose special meal was nice. Tasty and very filling.

  • Nick says:

    As Rob intimates, and having used many different aircraft loos over the past five decades, I can guarantee that there will be a very wet floor and very soggy toilet rolls in this one! It astounds me how designer’s and corporates can’t see this!