The 90,000 Iberia Avios start to drop into accounts!

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We interrupt the England v Colombia game with this important announcement 🙂

Avios from the Iberia ‘9,000 Avios for booking any flight (up to 90,000 Avios)’ promotion last weekend have started to drop in.

Here is a screenshot courtesy of Flyertalk:

Now we need to see how convertible etc they are  …..

If you missed the deal, you can read the details in this HFP article.

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  1. only one way transfer i am getting (ba to iberia) on both the ba and iberia sites !

  2. Where are people checking? Nothing for me in the app :S

  3. So do you have to be logged into IB to transfer Avios from BA or is it easier to log into BA and transfer that way? The page hasn’t been loading for me on IB all day.

  4. Roberto says:

    Avios arrived and spend..

  5. Yay! I booked on Saturday, and they’ve all posted!

    On another note, my Welsh boyfriend is currently making loud trumpet noises and yelling Olé at the TV. How soon can I book?

    • the real harry1 says:

      That’s the Welsh for you

      • He’s slightly more subdued now, and has reverted to his default setting of cynicism and general bitterness towards the Sais.

        So Harry (me old mate) did your points come through yet?

  6. Noel Andrews says:

    Mine are in and I thought I’d check HfP for ideas on what to do with them 🙂 Now this is the kind of fun travel shopping, have absolutely no need for a trip so this is purely for fun and for a little jaunt!

    Ideas welcomed for me and the wife!

  7. Chris L says:

    I have 80,000 of my expected 90,000…weirdly

    • Harry G says:

      One missing here too. 81000 instead of 90000. Not complaining. 1x was booked on the Spanish website in Euros – I’m presuming it is that one missing.

      • Richmond says:

        I have one missing too. Bought 10 tickets, first two on Spanish website. Already sent email to Iberia, to claim missing avios.

    • David says:

      Also missing one.

  8. Paul Casey says:

    I created a new account on the Sunday afternoon to credit the avios to. I was kicked out of the app yesterday and been unable to reset the pin or gain access via the app or website since.
    Nice man in the call centre advised that a number of new accounts were suspended on the weekend of the promotion and I had to send a copy of my passport or Spanish ID to [email protected] to get it reenabled.
    Just in case anyone else is in the same boat 🙂

  9. Andrew says:

    All 90k Avios posted for me (bought tickets on the Saturday afternoon). Just redeemed for a business class return to Bogota – what a deal! Thanks for all the info Rob and all.
    Two questions I wouldn’t mind answering please:
    1) I see seat selection is free anyway… is it possible to change the IB number to a BA number, and if there any point in doing so?
    2) Did anyone else see that message about bringing the payment card with you to check in? Never seen that before… anyone know if this is enforced? I wonder what happens if the card is lost and replaced…

    • marcw says:

      Yes business class seat selection in Iberia is FREE. You can change you FF number. Use Qatar/Finnair websited to do so.
      2. Sometimes they will ask. Fraud protection. Bring the card with you, they will ask at check-in.

      • Richmond says:

        Most airline have this requirement. BA sometimes asks about it in Oslo, happened to me.

      • Lady London says:

        I’d bring an expired card with me if I’d used it for the booking, just in case.
        It would be a perfect excuse for an airline to offload you from an overbooked flight you had a seat booked on, free of charge, if they asked for the card and you couldn’t produce it.

    • mutley says:

      Bogota…. I wouldn’t show my face there for a while mate!!!!!!!

      • Andrew says:

        Haha! It’s for next May so hopefully the sting will have worn off by then. I am a little worried I’m going to be very gently nutted in the chin at some point though… I’ll be careful!

      • James says:

        Tempted to go there and kick or thump everyone going about their daily job just to see how they like it !!!

  10. All 90k dropped here, too. It wasn’t all a dream, after all!

  11. Ciaran says:

    Me too ! 90k ! Happy days !

  12. All 180,000 for me and my wife have posted and the planned trip is already booked (MAD->LIM, LIM->MAD->LHR)! Machu Picchu here we come!

    Rob, thanks so much for your calm and well-informed reporting on this! Other blogs were doing so much click baiting.

  13. I got my 90K. None for my wife as yet despite her Iberia Plus number showing on all the booking confirmations.

    Presumably still a work in progress….

    • Leigh says:

      Is your account an active account by any chance? My husband received most of his (9k short) but I haven’t received any. We booked almost at the same time. The only difference is that his account is an active one while my account is an old one with no activity for a few years.

      • Last activity on her account was December 2016. Last activity on mine was November 2017. So not that long ago in either case really, but hers was longer ago.

        I made all bookings for both of us together. If it doesn’t apply tomorrow we’ll email them.

      • Same – my 90 in, none for wife. 10 bookings each for the 2 of us. Not sure if her account ever ‘activated’ but is a few years old.

  14. Choons says:

    Cheers, got them through.
    While I am aware of what they can be spent on, I still don’t have any clear idea of what I will do with them.

    • the real harry1 says:

      That’s OK, Raffles will produce a guide on HFP

      ’90K on Iberia – what next?’

      • marcw says:

        Availability is dropping…. very fast… on some routes…

      • James says:

        Not too soon though hopefully to let those who do the legwork themselves take the best prizes 😉

  15. James says:

    Thinking I’ll use them for a trip to Columbia so I can kick & thump everyone I meet and then plead innocence when they complain !!!!!!!!!!!

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