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American Express and Preferred Hotels launch an ‘extra night’ offer

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American Express has launched an ‘extra night’ offer with Preferred Hotels.

You get a third, fourth, or fifth night free when you book two, three, or four consecutive nights at selected properties, paying with an American Express card.

Preferred Hotels Group is not a hotel chain, which is why you may not know it.  It is basically a marketing consortium made up of a number of independent hotels from around the world.

There are over 700 hotels represented from 85 countries.  Almost all of the hotels trade under their historic names with the phrase ‘A member of Preferred Hotels’ tacked on the end.

Preferred Hotels American Express offer

The quality is generally high.  In London, for example, they have The Beaumont, The Stafford, Royal Lancaster, Draycott Hotel and The Bentley amongst others.

Bookings can be made until 30th November for stays until 31st December.

Don’t forget to sign up to the iPrefer loyalty programme before your stay – details here.  Whilst a low profile scheme the company claims to have 2.5 million members.

Full details of the Amex promotion are on the Preferred Hotels site hereclick on ‘Credit Cards’ on the menu bar.

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Comments (91)

  • John2 says:

    AMS airport.
    Travelling Club Europe and have priority pass. Which lounge is best?

    • Lumma says:

      Food in Aspire, Drinks in BA. BA lounge was packed last time I was there and the only seats were the dining table style ones which I found really uncomfortable

  • fivebobbill says:

    O/T. I have a friend who has an Amex Plat, but wants to cancel as the £450 renewal is due. However he has over 80,000 MR points in his account and doesn’t want to move them yet.
    His wife has an Amex Gold. If she adds him as a supplementary cardholder, can he add it to his current MR account? And if so can he then cancel his Amex Plat and keep the points?

    • Genghis says:

      No and no. Possible solutions:
      – ARCC
      – ICC Amex

    • John says:

      Given that the fee is charged per day, but merely billed all at once in advance,, wanting to cancel because the next year’s fee is ‘due’ doesn’t make sense. He is literally paying £1.23 per day to keep his points as MR unless he wants the other ongoingr benefits of the card

    • Rob says:

      No. He needs an Amex Rewards Credit Card (search for our review).

  • Lumma says:

    the 50,000 Krisflyer points to the Middle East, is there a way to find out what kind of plane you’ll be on? Seems like it’s less of a good deal if you’ve got to change planes halfway across Europe and you’re stuck in European business class. Some of the routes do so a plane type but most just show ()

    • Russ says:

      Google the flight number until you come across a website FlightAware. Tells you what aircraft type is currently flying that route although nothing’s guaranteed for future flights.

    • Rob says:

      Obviously Lufty and SWISS are short haul connecting to long haul. Turkish and Egyptian vary but you can check the plane by looking up a cash ticket online.

  • faithy says:

    Travelling Club Europe. Can you take someone into the lounge?

  • faithy says:

    TY. But I can with priority pass?

    • Peter K says:

      With the priority pass from Amex platinum you can take someone for free. With a normal bought priority pass you can pay (£20?) to take a guest in with you.

    • Anna says:

      Not the BA lounge unless they are also in CE.

      • Peter K says:

        True, only 3rd party lounges with priority pass. BA lounges are for Business class and BA silver/gold members only.

  • Russ says:

    Is it still worth getting an amex international dollar card for the uplift plus, any way to get a referral bonus for that?

    • Alan says:

      Only 1.3 uplift now so not nearly as good. Never had referral bonuses on the ICC cards AFAIK.

      • Russ says:

        Thanks for your help Alan. Still not a bad return as I’ve a fair few long haul trips in mind over the next couple of years and a healthy MR balance. Shame about the bonus but if thems the rules…

  • Cuchlainn says:

    OT – Advice please ( priority to Avios then MRs ) :
    Currently 10 months into the 1st year of the the old PRG Charge Card – will not make the 10K bonus for £15K spend ( used spend to trigger bonuses on other cards ) and have cancelled my own BAPP last week, having referred other half for her BAPP ( and my 3,000 Supp bonus )
    Do I refer other half for new PRG CC and earn 9,000 MRs ( possibly add self on a week or so later to see if 1st Supp triggers extra 3,000 ) ? OR
    Self-refer to Plat Amex, transfer MRs to Plat card and close old PRG Charge card before I get charged the 2nd year / 1st annual fee ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Bonglim says:

      It’s a slightly difficult one:
      – I think you might be able to find a link for upgrading PRGC charge card to platinum. That is NOT the same as self referring.

      I would
      1 – cancel and supplementary cards you have on your gold card, wait a few days.
      2 – find the upgrade to platinum link and do that – you will need to spend 1000 GBP and if you do so before your get to 1 year you ‘might’ not be charged the 450 fee.
      3 – as soon as you are approaching that target refer your other half to the card of her choice. (plat or gold)

      4 – Then you will have a choice to make. If you are going to get some other referrals through soonish, then process them asap before closing your platinum card. For example if you can put through the spend fast enough, then refer yourself and partner for SPG cards, and perhaps a cash back card each or perhaps her to BAPP card and you cash back card. If your wife is getting a platinum card, it is less of an issue.

      5 – when all the points have posted for referrals close your platinum card. If you have been charged 450, you will get a pro rata refund.

      One of the main perks of platinum card is 18k MR points for referring any other card (up to 90k points). If possible try to max that out.
      In that time you can also sign up to all the hotel benefits, which you keep for a year or so after closing your plat card.

    • tom1 says:

      I think the upgrade route from Gold Charge to Plat Charge is still working (not heard anything to the contrary), and can get 20k MR for £2k spend in 3 months. You don’t have to close the old gold charge card – your account just gets changed from gold to plat (you can even use the physical god card and it goes to your plat account). You could then apply for supp cards and if lucky, might get bonus, While plat, refer as many friends as poss for 18k MR – and certainly refer OH or yourself for your next card before you close.

      If you can hit the plat spend target reasonably quickly, you might be able to close before the Plat fee gets applied (usually plat only gets charged from the anniversary of your gold charge). Even if you do get charged, cancel as quick as poss and get a pro-rata refund.

      If you haven’t spent all your MR points before you close, and don’t have a specific use in mind, I think transferring to SPG/Marriott is still regarded as the best way to go – from there you can transfer in to Avios, Virgin, IHG, Hilton and more with reasonable rates (sometimes even. better than direct from MR if you can do 60k Marriott at a time).

      • Genghis says:

        MR -> Marriott -> airline is never better than going direct now (assuming airline is both Marriott and MR partner). I would never do MR->Marriott->Virgin-> IHG / HH due to the devaluing, ie turning something worth 1p into about 0.375p / 0.25p (someone check the math, and that includes the 25% uplift in 60k batches).

        • Peter K says:

          30k MR = 30k Avios
          30k MR = 60k HH
          30k MR = 30k Virgin => 30k IHG/45k HH

          30k MR = 60k Marriot
          60k Marriott = 25k Avios
          60k Marriott = 25k Virgin => 25k IHG/37.5k HH
          NB (Virgin only can be converted with a minimum of 10k miles then in 5k increments IHG, 10k miles HH)

          Definite loss going via Marriott.

        • Genghis says:

          Almost. 30k MR = 45k Marriott

        • TGLoyalty says:

          I’d probably hedge my bets and half to avios and half to virgin. Healthy balances in both for me at the moment though so Marriott for me, even if I “lose” value ie 0.75 vs 1p for miles. I think you can end up with a lot more than 0.5p per point with of the high end hotels in some major cities.

      • tom1 says:

        ah yes, sorry forgot MR to SPG was halved.

    • Cuchlainn says:

      Thanks for all replies

  • Alan says:

    Only 1.3 uplift now so not nearly as good. Never had referral bonuses on the ICC cards AFAIK.