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Not got your British Airways Executive Club status extension or tier upgrade? This is why

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As we covered yesterday, British Airways has now processed status extensions for the majority of British Airways Executive Club members.

Most, but not all.

There are two scenarios under which you may not currently have the status or expiry date you expect.

My british airways executive account status has not been extended

Is your Executive Club year-end 8th May or 8th June?

If you have an expiry date of 8th May or 8th June, your status has not yet changed.

There is a reason for this.  If you had an 8th May or 8th June expiry date, your membership card is still valid and runs until 30th June or 31st July respectively.

If BA had extended your card year this week, it would have meant extending people who were otherwise due to be downgraded on 30th June or 31st July at the higher tier.

This is what is happening, as BA told it to me:

If your tier point year ends on 8th May or 8th June AND you have retained your status or upgraded your status in your previous membership year, your card expiry date will be extended on Monday 29th.

If your tier point year ends on 8th May or 8th June AND you did not retain your status and are due to be downgraded, your card expiry date will be extended as soon as your downgrade is processed on 30th June or 31st July. 

This makes sense.  Imagine that you had a year end of 8th May, were Gold but only earned 200 tier points last year.  At present, your card shows ‘Gold member, card expiry 30th June 2020’.  On 1st July you were due to drop to Silver.

If your card had been extended this week, along with all the rest, you would have had your Gold status extended.  Instead, BA intends to wait until 1st July when you drop to Silver and then give you a free one-year extension.  Such a person would therefore, on 1st July, see that their Silver status runs until 30th June 2022.

My british airways executive account status has not been extended

Has your British Airways status not been upgraded as expected?

There is some confusion over how British Airways is applying the new, lower, tier point thresholds.  As a reminder, these are:

Bronze status – 225 tier points (was 300 points) 

Silver status – 450 tier points (was 600 tier points)

Gold status – 1,125 tier points (was 1,500 tier points)

If you qualify by segments flown, these targets have also been reduced by 25%.

It wasn’t clear whether these lower thresholds apply to your CURRENT membership year or only your NEXT membership year.

We now have an official answer from BA.

The reduced tier points thresholds will be applied on Monday 29th June.

If you have reached the thresholds mentioned above (225 for Bronze, 450 for Silver, 1125 for Gold) your tier will be upgraded automatically next week.

These people will ALSO benefit from the lower tier threshold for your next membership year, so effectively benefit from the lower threshold for two membership years.

All other BAEC members should see the reduced tier thresholds showing online too, with the lower target applying for the rest of their current year AND the following year.

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Comments (108)

  • Seat1C says:

    I do think that it would be fairer if they had extended the end of all membership years by 12 months rather than extending card validity – or at least let those of us who have enough TPs to renew already to carry forward the excess. I have a November year end and as of March had 1800 TPs (not flown since for obvious reasons). I gain precisely nothing from this policy.

    It was the same when impacted by the IT disaster a few years ago, but since that didn’t interrupt my flying pattern significantly other than on one single day I wasn’t bothered by it.

    I can’t get too annoyed as I’m not losing anything really, but I do think that BA’s communications are very misleading – they are saying I’m getting an advantage from something that I have already earned in any case.

  • JustinJ says:

    Have earned 990 points this year so am on Silver. Usual tier point collection year ends 8 November.
    So am showing card expiry 31 December 2022.

    2 questions
    1) It is showing that I need to get 510 extra points to get Gold, not 135 which is what I expected. Assume this may change on Monday?
    2) If I get 135 points before 8 November 2020 and reach Gold will this be extended til 31 December 2022 as well?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Joe says:

    Maybe it’s Friday morning and my brain hasn’t fully activated. I retained Gold until the 8th April 2021. To retain it for the following year do I have to get 1,125 points by the 8th April 2021 or do I have to get 1,500?

  • simonbr says:

    I had a 230 TP flight to the US cancelled in May that would’ve retained my Bronze on 8 June. They’ve said hard luck, they’re dumping me down to Blue at the end of July. Seems harsh.

  • keri says:

    I have Blue card with a TP of 95 and my card expires on the 8th November 2020

    Will I have an extension ?

    Thank you

  • Anthony says:

    Has BA’s IT caught up with anyones accounts yet? Im still showing the full TP requirements and not been bumped back up to gold yet

  • onlysuites says:

    My account is still reflecting old status.

  • Mark says:

    On the app, as a lowly Blue I now have a target of 225 points for Bronze! (Or 18 eligible flights…)

    • Anthony says:

      Ok, has updated to no more TPs required and gold achieved – so looks like the usual thing where it updates partially on day 1 and then fully on day 2