Avios changes 8: oneworld partner redemptions may be cheaper via Iberia Plus

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Executive summary:  instead of charging for partner airline redemptions by segment, Iberia is using an ‘all-in’ pricing chart.  This will make some redemptions cheaper than booking via BA.

Key link: ‘Club Changes’ page on ba.com, ‘Club Changes’ page on iberia.com

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This article looks at the cost of booking Avios flights on airberlin, American, Qatar, Qantas etc after the forthcoming changes.  Will it be cheaper using ba.com or iberia.com to book?

Remember that, using ‘Combine My Avios’, you can move your points freely between BAEC and Iberia Plus.  The only conditions are that your Iberia account is 90 days old and has ‘earned’ 1 Avios point.  This is easily done via e-rewards or an Amex Membership Rewards transfer.

British Airways has made its position clear:

  • Partner awards will be priced flight-by-flight, like BA redemptions
  • They will use the BA pricing chart below but ALWAYS using the ‘peak’ pricing

Redemption chart 2

Iberia is doing something completely different.

They have a got a totally separate chart for awards using just one partner airline (or Iberia and one other partner airline).

This chart prices your Avios redemption based on the distance of the entire trip, return, irrespective of segments.  The rules say that you MUST book a return flight and it must return to the same airport from which you departed.

Take a look at this which is from their PDF booklet explaining the changes:

Iberia partner 2

Let’s look at a few examples:

airberlin from Berlin to Abu Dhabi in Business Class.  BA wins:

  • Current BA price:  50,000 Avios return plus tax
  • New BA price after 28th April:  75,000 Avios return plus tax
  • Price if booked via Iberia (5800 miles return):  100,000 Avios plus tax

London to Doha on Qatar Airways in Business Class.  Iberia wins:

  • Current BA price:  80,000 Avios return plus tax
  • New BA price after 28th April:  120,000 Avios return plus tax
  • Price if booked via Iberia (6520 miles return):  100,000 Avios plus tax

London to Perth on Qatar Airways.  Iberia wins:

  • Current BA price:  (2 x Zone 5 + 2 x Zone 7 flights):  200,000 Avios return plus tax
  • New BA price after 28th April:  (2 x Zone 5 + 2 x Zone 7 flights):  300,000 Avios return plus tax
  • Price if booked via Iberia (18098 miles return):  270,000 Avios plus tax

The downside of Iberia Plus redemptions is that they are non-refundable and non-changeable on carriers other than Iberia.  You may therefore prefer to see the saving you make booking via Iberia Plus as a discount in return for losing your cancellation flexibility.  It is also likely that you will need to book via Iberia’s Spanish call centres.

Coming soon:  tier point and Avios credit when flying partner airlines, a summary of the winners and losers

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  1. Out of interest… I’m planning on heading to Tokyo in October/November. I have c.250k avios and a BA 2-4-1 voucher.

    I could fly BA business/first for and pay c.£530 tax… is there an alternative way I can go business/first for lesser airmiles and less tax??

    • Oh – this would be for 2 flying…

    • With a 241 you have to fly BA so there is no alternative. You can avoid the APD by starting in Jersey but then you have to pay to get to Jersey.

      With no 241 I would suggest Cathay Pacific AMS-HKG and then a connection on Cathay or JAL. Cathay AMS-HKG is only £91 tax compared to £500+ on BA.

      • Jesus… that’s a huge difference… But I guess I’ll need to double up on Avios for 2 of us? These BA charges are quite stupidly high!

        • You will but the avios you have won’t get two of you to Tokyo without flying BA on the 2for1.

          If it were me I’d pay the tax and go in F if you can get seats…. In the end you’re saving more in the value of the avios saved through the 2for1 than the BA taxes and fees anyway, even at £500+ each.

          • I agree, we are in Bali now with a 241 via HKG F, and CX with adios, £57 return for 2 in taxes, brilliant deal, priced up normal F to HKG, huge, so def worth using the voucher, and taking the hit on taxes for convenience. However as I said earlier IB now looking good even without the 241, if heading to South America.

        • Yes you really have to be avios rich to go this way. I guess that’s why the 241 is so useful, even if we do have to take the hit in taxes. But, as rob says, if fuel duty reduces along the way, we may have even better value with the 241.

      • How do you check cathy availability on this route? Dipo you have to ring to book?

        • Look it up on ba.com BAEC, it will show the partner options.

          Meant to say Rob, thanks for all this effort you have put into this, great holiday reading for us her! Really appreciated. That’s why I am posting in the middle of the night!

      • Rob, today when I was booking our 241 long haul. I tried to book it starting in Jersey to avoid APD, and a red warning came up saying, the 241 voucher must start in the UK, thus, the taxes were still the same. Weird, or did I do something wrong?

    • Thanks for the responses all. Looks like its 241 BAEXC F tickets then. Convenience is king to me. I’d gladly pay a “full” price Economy ticket to travel in F =D.

      I have another 241 voucher coming – guess that’ll be for America/Canada next year!

      • Good luck, hope you get F tickets where you want to go. Having read Robs suggestion about Mexico City, that’s one we will now consider to use up for our second 241 later this year. Got our F for next Jan today, so plenty of holiday homework going on here. For those of you frozen ones in the UK. It’s 30 degrees and balmy here in Bali… Sorry!

  2. I’ve opened an Iberia account for my partner and wanted to do e-rewards to get some points in but it now appears you have to be invited to join by one of iberia’s parners, anyone know how to get a quick and easy free invitation?

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